How To Make Leather Stud Bracelets

How to make leather stud bracelets! abeautifulmess.comI'm not sure when it first happened, but some time this summer my go-to accessory became a little stack of bracelets on my right arm. There's always something gold and something with studs. I started collecting more and more bracelets before realizing, "Um, duh. I can totally make these!"Wearing a DIY leather studded bracelet!(Here's a recent outfit where I was wearing one of these fun homemade bracelets!) 

Here's a super simple tutorial for making your own collection of colorful leather studded bracelets.Supplies neededSupplies Needed: Leather scraps, studs, snap components, hammer, scissors. 

Sourcing Tip: Leather can be very expensive, and a lot of places won't sell smaller quantities. To source a variety of smaller leather pieces we tried craft stores and the scrap bin at our local leather shop. You can also purchase remnants on Etsy! For a vegan alternative, try high quality synthetic leather and vinyls from your local fabric store. When sourcing studs you can find all the basic sizes and shapes at a local craft store, but more specialty designs try a leather store or Etsy under the "supplies" categoryHow to assembleHow to assemble each bracelet: 1. Cut out strips of leather about 3/4-inch wide and an inch longer than you wrist's circumference. At each end, round the edges of your leather strips. 2. Take a stud and push it, prong side down, onto where you want it placed on your leather. The prongs will leave a small indent in the leather. 3. Take an X-Acto knife and make a small incision where each indent appears (make sure to have some cardboard or a cutting mat underneath your bracelet). 4. Push the stud prongs through the incisions and fold the prongs flat once the stud is in place. Continue until you have added all the studs you want. I usually use 8 or so studs. 5. Make another small incision at each end of the bracelet and attach the snap components on each end. 6. Double check to make sure your snaps are facing each other correctly and use a snap setter and hammer the snaps together.How to make leather stud bracelets! How to make leather stud bracelets! Have fun making something studded! For a slightly different take on a leather bracelet see our painted leather bracelet DIY. We made those two years ago, and I still wear the black and white one all the time! xo. Elsie 

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