How to Shop Vintage You’ll Really Wear

I loooooooove vintage, but I find I don’t wear it as much as I think I do—especially in day-to-day life. I do a lot better when we’re on vacation, or we have a special event like Easter or Laura’s yearly Mad Men party.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share the vintage pieces I get the most use out of! I love how they add so much personality to my closet. My favorite thing about vintage is how unique it is. Especially in a day and age when bloggers shop at a lot of the same places, it helps to make my closet feel unique and special.

Scarves – My number one vintage collection is scarves. I collect Vera Neumann scarves in every color. There are so many pretty colors and patterns to collect. I usually find them on Etsy.

Jewelry – Gold jewelry is another fun collection. Anytime we go to a flea market, I head straight for the jewelry case. I love finding vintage charms that I can add to chains I already have.

Denim – Denim is so fun to collect. I love denim from the ’70s and ’90s—especially vintage Levi’s and skirts.

Dresses – Vintage dresses make it so easy to get dressed! I usually have to get them tailored, but it’s worth the extra $10 to have them be a flattering length and fitted at the waist.

Coats – Vintage coats and jackets are so fun. One of my most prized vintage pieces is my mom’s letter jacket and Buffalo Gals sweater from high school. I wear them every autumn, and one day I’ll pass them along to Nova and Marigold.

What vintage clothing or accessories do you get the most wear out of? xx – Elsie

P.S. Looking for more tips? Check out my post about understanding vintage clothing sizes!

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  • I’ve been vintage and secondhand shopping since high school! My best tips for shopping wearable vintage is 1. use sites like Poshmark and Ebay so you can search for EXACTLY what you want, and 2. know your measurements! The sizes mean nothing, always ask the seller for measurements. My fave things to buy include printed skirts, button up shirts, oversized sweaters, and of course jewelry.

  • $10 tailoring, that’s amazing! Where I live tailoring is always way more expensive than the cost of the vintage item. Even a simple skirt hem costs $20 – 27, waist and other adjustments are more. I love the article, but tailoring isn’t always practical unless a piece is super wearable or special.

  • Enjoyed all the vintage hints, I am 71 and have been doing vintage for years some of mine is orginal, lol

  • The next time you are in Springfield, check out my friends shop Homewrecker Vintage. You can follow on insta or FB.
    I love your style.

  • Hello ! I just love when I read about people like myself, who love vintage clothing, I’ve had a love and passion for vintage more than 34 years…. So much I was planning to quit my job some 28 years to open my own shop . I now plan to open my own shop very soon, due to retirement???? P.S. you are right I all started because people love my flair of dressing????

  • I love your tips and often tend to read your old posts again to use your many good ideas. Thanks a lot!

  • These are all awesome tips! I’ve always loved how thrifty you guys are!


  • I love going vintage-shopping, but I usually never buy anything. I’d love to find tops, bottoms and dresses that fit me, but I’m tiny so it’s near impossible. I do like looking at accessories though! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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