How to style a braided crown

Crown 1This is my favorite new way to wear my hair. I am obsessed with a braided crown! I love how it looks pulled together, yet still laid back. In essence you french braid your hair around the crown of your head, let's take a closer look…

Crown steps1. You want to start by pulling the majority of your hair forward (in front of your face) from nearly the back of your hair line. This is going to feel very Cousin It but you want most of your hair to be toward the front of your head before you begin. Start on one side of the base of your neck and separate three strands of hair. 2. Begin braiding these three strands together. 3. As you braid, follow along the crown of your head and add a little hair to each strand as you braid around. 4. Once you've braided around the front of your head finish the braid and use an elastic band to secure it. Pin the braid in place, tucking and pinning any loose pieces.

Crown 2Crown 3If your hair is not long enough to braid all the way around your head you might consider adding hair accessories, such as bows or pins to where your braid ended, to sort of disguise any loose ends. Oh, and don't be discouraged if your very first braided crown is a little messy, mine was too! It takes a little practice to get it looking just right. Have fun! xo. Emma

  • You look so gorgeous!!!!Check out my latest look on:

  • i will try this at home 🙂

  • I did it!! I’ve been practicing for awhile now but definitely wanted to share that I’ve mastered it! I wore it like this to work and even to work out after. It totally held! Emma. You. Totally. ROCK. 🙂 Many thanks!!

  • This is gorgeous! I got so many compliments after doing my hair like this and going into town; one man even said that I looked ‘like a Greek goddess’! Thank you <3

  • This is the PERFECT look for summer .. casual and ooh so chic!

  • Obsessed! Can’t wait to try this!

  • This is so pretty. I have tried many times but I can’t make it look that good…:( Greetings from Finland!

  • Do you have any ideas for mid length hair? I’m Asian, so my hair is naturally straight and THICK–there’s really nothing I can do.

  • It has been a while for me 🙂 Loving the hair girl. I am going natural melysf and, let me tell you, it’s a test in patience for me. I am hanging in there though. Have you ever tried Kiny Curly Curling Custard? It works like a charm.

  • happy easter !! with this braid, it crilaenty is a happy and delicious holiday for you. love your creative spin on the classic. always such good ideas. your braid looks just perfect, gorgeous photos above. in the top photo, the slices are just calling out to the butter next to them, looks so inviting and ooooh, i just want to grab a slice and spread it right now ! and i love that tag on the knives too !

  • Ah, she’s so cute. My girls had hair like Sophies. When they finally grew their hair I still coludn’t put clips in there cuz they just ripped them out. Oh the frustration, ha ha ha. I like the snow up against the door in the pic. I’m guessing that was from your trip.? lol

  • Oh Amen to that! If it makes any difference, Carley will be two in March and I am just sitratng to notice her bangs growing. She’s got the same baby mullet going on. I was going to take her for a haircut (in the back) a few weeks ago, but my family seemed to protest. I’m thinking this is a normal growth pattern, but it sure makes it hard to put in those hairbows!

  • Oh yeah. I believe babeis and toddlers can get away with just about any look. She looks great! Especially with those Clifford slippers!Fly’s hair came in very slowly and unevenly, so I let it grow just for the reason you mentioned — I felt bad taking away any of it because he actually had so little hair. It’s usually wild now, and I really should take him to get a “real” haircut rather than just trim it now and then with my own scissors.

  • You look like Julia Timoschenko, she’s ALWAYS wearing this hairstyle. Do people in the United States know about her? She’s certainly famous in Europe. I think every one here would immediately think of her when seeing this

    Looks nice anyway 😀

  • Very beautiful hear-cut, she seems very fresh like an early morning. And also she looks like Timoshenko a little.

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  • I’ve been doing all sorts of cute new braided styles recently, (like your maiden braids) and finally tried this one tonight. I have medium longish hair and it definitely took me a few tries but I finally got it to work! It was a little difficult changing angles and the position of my hands as I went around my head but I figured it out and it looks great! I’m going to practice more and experiment with placing it further back or further forward on my head. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  • I have long hair but i can’t do this i end up doing some weird hair-in-my-face thing. I give up lol

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  • i was wondering if you have ever done any hair styling tutorials for short hair. I have a chin length graduated bob and am dying to have more ideas as to what to do with it! any thoughts?

  • This is lovely! Although I did find that it helped to be semi-judicious about how much hair I was pulling forward to start, otherwise I ended up with a very thin braid in some places and very thick in others. Also, as someone with shorter/layered hair, it really helped to do it while my hair was wet/damp. Hope that’s helpful to anyone else having a hard time with it.

  • i just did this! I showed this to her, and she said that it was really cute 🙂
    I usually just throw my hair into a messy bun, but at the end of school, the word “messy” really shows. So this is a better alternative for me 🙂

  • I’m in love with your ombre hair. It looks so unintentional!

    Kisses and Cupcakes!

  • Really cute !
    Thank you for those beautiful hair style ideas, i wish to have long hair !

    French eco-friendly fashion

  • that’s awesome! i wish i had longer hair…mine might be a bit too short, but when I grow it out I’m trying that style first!

  • Q linda esta trança!
    Fiz um passo a passo aqui tb:

    xoxo e feliz 2012!

  • Although my hair would never do that…….it is soso cute!


  • So beautiful! This is such a unique and awesome touch. I love it.

  • wow I always wanted to do something like this! I doubt I can pull it off but it’s worth a try!

  • I adore braids and am always excited when you all incorporate them here. This looks gorgeous on you, Emma.
    Catherine Denton

  • Unfortunately my peanut head + my fine hair does not for a good look this maketh!!!

    Emma xx

  • This is beautiful and looks decently simple (although I’m sure I will have to practice a few times to get it right). The back drop is what has really caught my eye, though. I’m a sucker for floral!

  • I don’t think I’ll ever have enough hair (fine strands) to make it look like this, but I, too, have been obsessed with braiding back my bangs lately. I love how it always turns out a little bit differently, undone yet work-appropriate.

  • Oh my – it would be pretty no matter what but the COLORS. So gorgeous with the ombre hair!

  • I love doing my hair like this, have been doing it for a while now but I like how you started right at the back of your head! I usually start just behind my ear. I am going to try it like this next time!! 🙂

    I also like doing a small braid, shake things up a little!

    Ngaio May xx

  • that is a stunning look for you emma! beautiful! i love how it looks dressy but not super fussy.

  • Just lovely!!! I hope I can make it with my medium length hair… I think it’s marginally ok…

  • This would look beautiful with a vintage floral dress and oxford heels! LOVE.

  • You make this look SO perfect! Love your hair!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


  • I want to try this! I am a little challenged when it comes to french braids, though. But I am going to try!

  • I wish my hair was long enough do do cool things. xo, rv

  • Very sweet! It seems like a lot of effort to do on a daily basis, but I think I have an idea now of how I want my hair to look for next year’s Homecoming! Do you think it will look okay if I leave the rest of my hair down?


  • Heidi braids are my favourite ever! <3 (I even did a tutorial for them a while back – ). You look gorgeous, Emma! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  • My goal is to grow my hair out long enough to do this! I’m in love with the way it looks! <3

  • I really love your blog!!! I see many japanese people doing this trendy braids at my college and streets. If you’re free and want to check out my blog, please be welcome!!!!!!

  • SO SO pretty! I still haven’t figured out how to french braid, but I’m dying to try this.

  • This is making we long for the return of my lengthy locks… I will be back… with a little more hair, to try this one out!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  • Sooooo pretty! I really like the light and dark colors in Emma’s hair!

    Stephanie May*

  • It looks GORGEOUS on her! Me? Not so much! Jealous!


  • Adorable!!!

  • I’ve been loving this look on other people lately and have wondered how to do it. My hair is now long-ish for the first time in like 10 years, so I’m still figuring out how to style it – right now all I’ve got is variations of a ponytail and putting it up in a clip. I need to play around with braiding techniques though!

  • We need a tutorial for mid length hairs!! Love this style, a little Bavarian, I just dont have this possibility.

  • Gorgeous! Mine is nowhere near long or thick enough for this, but I’ve wished it was ever since I watched Heidi as a kid.

  • I always love your hair, Emma! This is one of my favorite styles, too! And the added arm workout while getting it just right is a lovely bonus 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning! You look gorgeous with this hair style. It’s no wonder it’s your new favourite!

    Loulou Downtown

  • So cute 🙂 Have been trying to do this myself lately (without a tutorial) and I’m so glad I have a reference now!

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