How To Style A Chain Braid

Lovely Chain Braid (click through for tutorial)We are all completely in love with Emma’s new blunt cut! As soon as I laid eyes on it I knew it would be perfect to try out some new hairstyles. The first style I chose was a chain braid, because it’s great for her particular length. Gals with longer hair, this will work for you too!

Lovely Chain Braid (click through for written steps)Step 1: Divide a section of hair in half and tie in a knot.

Step 2: Pick up a smaller section of hair on either side of the knot and add it to your strands (just as you would in a french braid).

Step 3-4: Tie in a knot again. Each time you tie a knot, add a small section of hair to each strand before you tie another. Continue tying and adding until you reach just behind the ear.

Step 5: Pin the chain braid in place with bobby pins.

Step 6: Create a pigtail, incorporating the braid. Pin into a bun and repeat all the steps on the other side of your head!

Darling Chain Braid (click through for full tutorial)Darling Chain BraidChain Braid Tutorial (click through for steps)I found that dampening the hair before you start really helps keep the knots looking smooth. Thanks, Emma, for letting me play around with your hair. I can’t wait to try it on my own! xo. Katie

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