How To Style A (Double) Waterfall Twist

Lovely Double Waterfall Twist via A Beautiful MessHey, guys! It's Katie here again! I'm a gal who has always loved fixing hair. When I was a kid, I could do any braid, twist, or knot that I laid eyes on. My dolls all had the best hair on the block, and when I got a little older, my friends would always beg me to do their hair. I probably missed my calling as a hairstylist, honestly. Even with my love of braiding, I have to admit I've always had trouble with the waterfall (or cascade) braid. With so many pieces in the back of my head, it just beats me every time. I had thrown in the towel and waved the white flag until I realized just because I couldn't conquer the braid didn't mean I couldn't do the waterfall twist! So, here we go! 

Waterfall twist- Step 1 & 2Step One: Gather a section of hair and divide it into two pieces. Twist the bottom piece over the top piece.

Step Two: After you have completed the twist, take a new section of hair from the top and lay it over the piece in your top hand (my left hand in the photo above).

Waterfall Twist- Step 3 & 4Step Three: Okay, so let's go really slow here. Do you see that piece coming from the top that we just added? We are going to simply lay or drape it and leave it there. So now you will cross the bottom piece from your original twist OVER the new draped addition piece (as well as your top piece), and we're going to repeat.

Step Four: The goal of this hairstyle is to have pieces cascading down like, you guessed it, a waterfall. So let's repeat what we just did. Take another new section of hair from the top of the head and drape it between your twist pieces. Now, cross the bottom piece over the draped piece (and the top piece) to twist again. 

Waterfall Twist- Step 5 & 6Step Five: We are repeating the same motion over and over until we reach the other side of the head. Continue your twisting and adding new pieces, keeping in mind that you will add another new section each time you twist.

Step Six: Once you reach your desired stopping point, clip the hair in place or finish it off with a simple braid or twist.

Waterfall Twist- Step 7 & 8Now, if you are feeling really ambitious, let's turn this into a double waterfall twist!

Step Seven: Gather another starting section, just as we did in the very first step, and do your first twist.

Step Eight: Instead of gathering a new section of hair from the top for the waterfall pieces, we are going to use the original waterfall pieces. Take the first waterfall section and lay it between your new twist pieces. Twist over.

Waterfall Twist- Step 9 & 10Steps Nine & Ten: Continue around, using all the original waterfall pieces. Once you reach the other side, braid or twist the section from your first go-around and second go-around. It should look something like this:

Double Waterfall Twist (click through for full tutorial)See how the original cascade pieces are used in the second twist? You can do this style as tight or loose as you want. I love the soft look of using big pieces and making it a little loose, but using small sections pulled tight creates a neat look as well!

Lovely waterfall twist hairstyle via abeautifulmess.comDouble Waterfall Twist Tutorial on A Beautiful Mess*Sigh* Doesn't Sarah have the prettiest hair? 

Anyway, who would have guessed leaving out one section of hair would make an impossible (for me) hairstyle totally doable? Now that I have the hang of the waterfall twist, I think I'm going to have to give the waterfall braid another shot. It will definitely feel like a small victory once I can do that style on my own hair! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Petal and Celeste from the Fresh Collection.

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