How To Style Mega Waves

Mega Wave Hair TutorialOur pal, Laura, always has the most amazing giant waves in her hair. I wanted to learn her method, and I had a feeling our blog readers would like it too. (right? right!) So without further ado, here's Laura's styling technique for mega beachy waves!Mega Wave Hair Tutorial First, pull your hair into 2-3 sections. Start with the bottom section. Wrap small sections of hair around your curling iron starting at the root, pulling it tight and holding each strand on the iron for five seconds. Work your way up through each layer, finishing with the bangs. Run your fingers through the curls, loosening them a little. Tease your roots around the crown of your head. Be sure to tease layers under the top layer, so all of the fuzziness is hidden underneath layers. Spray a little spray wax on your fingers and use it to define the ends of your hair. Spray with a finishing spray and enjoy your big beachy waves all day long! 

The spray wax Laura uses is Sexy Hair Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty Texturizing Hair Spray.Mega Wave Hair Tutorial  Now I'm off to try it on my own hair! And be sure to check out Laura's brand new blog, The Band Wife. xo. Elsie 

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