How To Style Pin Curls

How to style pin curlsHave you ever wondered how to style vintage inspired pin curls? Just follow these simple steps! 1. Pin up all of your hair except for a section at the bottom. 2-4. Spray with water and begin taking small sections (about 1 inch) and rolling the hair up to the root. Pin in place. 5-6. Once you finish with the bottom section, release a new section from the pinned hair and continue as before. Do this until all hair is rolled and pinned in place.  If you have any shorter hair left on the side, take it and pin it around one of the curls. 7-8. Finish off your bangs by wetting thoroughly and rolling to the hairline.

Tips: If you have shorter bangs you may need mousse or gel to hold them in place. These curls are also great as “no heat” curls, but using bobby pins will create a dent in the curl.  Instead, use 2 prong curl clips (also known as pin curl clips).

Pin curls finishedThank you, Katie, for this beautiful hair how-to. Happy Monday to everyone. XO. elsie
  • I like to change different kinds of hairstyle in the summer. Just like a hairstyle designer. It makes me happy.

  • I love just putting one pin curl from my grown out bangs to the side of my head. It adds a vintage touch of cuteness and elegance at the same time, totally my style
    xo, Lydia

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  • It depends on how hot your srehigatentr gets when it’s on mine is warm but not hot, so I can hold it like she does. But if yours gets too hot, there’s also gloves to protect your hands, I believe.

  • I really like this photo. You were an adaorble baby. I like the pin curls in your mom’s hair. I am a few years older than you but I don’t have photos of family like you do. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo.

  • Valerie Pearson – Cassie These are amazing. And I don’t mean I’m your frneid amazing or wow, great camera amazing. I mean girl, you have an amazing gift amazing. Professional quality with creative backbone. Love them!

  • That is some good hair! My boys have long hair, too. They look delightfully Californian. But ask my Mid-western retvilaes and they will say um, your boys need haircuts.

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  • haha.. yeah she was so careful as to NOT letitng people see that she already has wavy hair!!’s how to tell what’s real and what’s fake:real- using a curling iron OR holding and twisting a straightener in a loose spiral..fake- holding a hot straightener at the tip!..

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  • It looks really gorgeous! I have to try this.
    Visit me on:

  • I wish my baby would stop hanging on me like a koala so I could try this!

  • Congratulations for being finalist, but you worth it! your blog is the best!

    About the post of today, i only can say… wow!
    love it, but i think i am not able to do it…
    the red colour is amazing!

  • Great pincurls tute, and as always, Katie is just stunning!
    I voted for you gals the other day – keeping my fingers crossed for you – you deserve the big win!!
    Sway xx

  • Ah, Katie’s hair how-tos are just a gem. I can’t keep saying it enough. Thank you!!!

  • so adorable! god what beautiful orange hair <3


  • GORGEOUS! It makes me think of the Moira character on American Horror Story

  • Oh wow! I may just have to try this out for prom! Stunning!!
    xo Heather

  • so cute! i’ve been only wearing vintage hair styles the past couple months and its been so fun! everyday something different, there’s so many different ways to style them!

  • This is one of my favorite go tos {rag curls are another}– the classic ways are often the best, eh?

  • Sweet Pea!



  • This is so cute, i really do love all your posts!.

  • Super Cute! I might have to try it sometime this spring or summer. I’m always looking for cute ways to keep my hair out of my face.


  • Gosh my Mum and her older sisters were teenagers in the ’40s, living in Sydney when the Americans were stationed here. They had servicemen billeted in their house too!. Your pincurl look is exactly what my photos of them look like during those years.
    If you’ve never seen the movie ‘Rebel’, a love story movie based on that time about Sydney burlesque showgirls, find a copy you’ll love it and the look. I think Matt Dylan was in it looking very young and very sexy.

  • I’ve always loved these 🙂 and finger waves. Makes my heart pitter patter ♥ Linz

  • Love pin curls! I used to do those. I seriously look like a grandma though.

  • These are lovely! I’ve never tried doing pin curls, but after seeing this I might just try.

  • Hahaha, pin curls is the very few ways that my hair will actually keep a curl. My mother would do this every night during musical season in high school. It took forever, because my hair is very thick. After that week, she swore she would never do it again. 🙂 It does work very well though.


  • I love vintage hairstyles, but I have trouble getting my hair to cooperate. My hair is long (like to my waistline) and really thick, would pin curls hold? I hope they will. 🙂 I’m loving your hair tutorials Katie!

  • great post, i always wondered how to do pin curls!

  • This is gorgeous and works really well with that shade of hair- I wish mine were long enough!Rx

  • such a lovely hairstyle!!
    gorgeous and classic!

    <3 Lindsey

  • I love this! Katie, you make it look so easy:)

    Stephanie May*

  • Love this post! I love retro hairstyles. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you have more of these wonderful hair styling tutorials in store!
    P.S. I voted for you – good luck!

  • This was super helpful. I love pin-curls, but never have much luck doing them. Katie wears them so nicely =) I totally voted for you on Best DIY blog. I hope you win!!!

    – Sarah

  • This is so adorable!! I have a super old picture of my grandmother with her hair just like this. Not to mention Frenchie from Grease. Great turotial!


  • I love this hairstyle, its adorable! Think I’ll be trying this when I have some spare time!

  • it is such a sweet look.. and your hair will look amazing the next day!

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