How To Style Victory Rolls

How to style victory rollsVictory Rolls are a classic 1940s hairstyle. This season we are loving this pretty style! Katie is here to teach you how to get this timeless look…

Victory Rolls Instructions1. Separate hair down the middle forming two sections (as if you were doing pigtails). Starting on one side of your head, take a section at the top and back-comb it from behind and then use a brush to smooth out the front. 2. Wrap the end of the section around two fingers and begin rolling in toward the scalp. 3. Roll all the way to the scalp and pin in place with bobby pins. 4-6. Repeat on the other side. You can leave the back of your hair down (like the photos above) or pull it up. 7. Take a remaining section of hair on one side, and starting at the end again wrap around one finger and begin rolling in toward the scalp. You want to roll this section tighter because there is more hair. 8. Pin in place until completely secure. Repeat on the other side.
Tips: Wetting the ends of your hair a bit will help keep the control of it while rolling. You can add a scarf to complete this look whether you wear it up or down. 
Victory roll finishedWe hope you have fun trying this pretty styling! Experiment with proportions for different looks. Thanks so much, Katie! XO. elsie 
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  • So cute and pretty! Katie should think about doing a video tutorial on some of these!

  • I really love that your up do version of victory rolls makes the look more updated. It’s more wearable for every day this way!

  • Super awesome! I recently dyed my hair dark brown from bright red and looking at her hair pretty much makes me terribly “home sick.”

    Gorgeous! I adore your blog!


  • I am most def gunna try this. I wish I could pull off some red hair, but it just makes me look like a crazy.

    -Megan Lee

  • Super cute. I’ve been wanting to try that style for a while. Thanks.

  • Sorry, but the actual rolling isn’t very well explained, i’ve been trying for half an hour and can’t get it. I’m normally quite good with tutorial hairstyling but can’t get my head around this one.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this pretty style..I just mad a video sharing a similar style.


  • Cute!!! Just mad a video with a similar look..although my hair is in more of a hair bow.
    Thanks for sharing this pretty style♥

  • Victory rolls are such a classic! I’m going try a 1940s look one day!
    Fang Ting

  • I love this – it’s definitely something to try ASAP! Thank for the hair inspiration <3!

  • So gorgeous. I love old fashioned hairstyles, they were so elegant and ladylike xx

  • Haha my boyfriend was staring at me like I’d gone crazy and finally asked me what I was doing while we were watching Star Trek last night. I kept trying your technique, but my hair is still a good two inches (at least!) too short. He agreed with me, though, the rolls looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • i’ve always wanted to do this with my hair, but i don’t know if it can be accomplished… i’ve never been that great with styling. it looks great on katie though! x

  • I soooo love your hair color. I used to have my hair exactly like that, but it didn’t look so good on me. 🙂 :jealous:
    And this style is so pretty!

  • Aces! I have been getting a little bit bored with y plaits and ribbons, this could be just the trick and is great cos you can do it with lotsv lenghts and types of hair, thank you xxxx

  • Oh goodness! Elsie, I have been so inspired by your blog and all your lovely diys. I check it daily and Clip knows that if I am squeeling while on the computer, I am on your site, etsy, or modcloth. I was reading past wedding goodies and saw that you enjoyed dinner at Nona’s and had to keep reading. Little did I know that the shop that Clip shuffles me past in speedy fashion, was Red Velvet. Tomorrow I am going to be there squeeling all over your shop. Sooo excited!

    Maybe do it while wearing victory rolls.

  • I really need to try this. They are sooo cute!

  • I love it! Might just have to try… 😉

    Stephanie May*

  • I was hair despairing, but no more. This is great, def gonna give it a go! Thanks 🙂 x

  • This is such a cute style! I feel like my hair is to thin to do this but it looks good on katie

  • great pics and I absolutely adore the dress you are in!


  • She looks so nice!
    Love the colour of her hair
    and the styling is amazing

  • Not only is this such a cute hairstyle, but her hair colour is beautiful 🙂

  • wow, wish I had hair like yours… I cut it short 2 weeks ago, no rolls for me 🙂

  • I love this look I might try that out this weekend when I go out for drinks and Katies colour hair is gorgeous it makes me want to die mine a lighter shade too x

  • Another lovely hair tutorial! Katie always has the most beautiful hair styling ideas. Adorable, indeed.

  • i like this on katie! i don’t think it would suit me but she looks good 🙂

    xoxo Stephi

  • Two days too late! I just figured out Victory Rolls on my own for a costume party as Eva Peron… this would have been super helpful 🙂

  • Question: I need a brush like this, the one that can teeze the hair I mean. Where did you get yours?

  • I’ve been looking for the last 3 weeks for a good victory rolls tutorial. Katie, once again, thanks for this!

  • Victory Rolls. Didn’t know that’s what they were called but I love the sound of that!

    And the Oscar for Hair Originality goes to…Katie!
    Catherine Denton

  • Dar dar darling!!!! Oh my, my daughter is doing a decades piece on the 40’s, I will have her share this!

  • I’m so in love with these rolls!!!!! She makes them look so good too =)

    – Sarah

  • That is so so sweet! Gorgeous tutorial,
    I love her fiery red hair!


  • Ohh, Katie, these are so pretty! I love victory rolls – and they’re so easy too!


  • If my hair was just a teensy bit longer, I’d be all over this! Love it 🙂
    xo Heather

  • Love this! I’ve always wanted to know how to do this look on myself, thanks!

  • Love this style!!! Another styling that would be good to see would be princess leia buns!! I have always wanted to try something like that!

  • I need to try my hair like this! I’d always wondered how it was done, and had assumed it would just be too complicated but it seems not!
    Wonderful, it’s smart, but with tons of personality!

  • this is so pretty!
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  • I think Katie just might have the most perfect hair. And I love this styling. So pretty!

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