How to Use Drawer Knobs as Wall Hooks

How to install drawer knobs as wall hooksWhen you live in a small space, nothing beats the joy of vertical storage! I’m always finding wall space to hang things on, but typically am not fan of hooks mounted on a backboard. So I thought I would make some hooks that mount directly to the wall—no backboard required!

This project is very simple. It’s easy to transform drawer knobs to useful wall hooks by changing out the screws and utilizing drywall anchors. They’re cute, streamlined, and totally practical.

How to use drawer knobs as wall hooks, without using a back board. So cute and practical!Tools:
-power drill
-hammer (not pictured)

-drawer knobs (I used these big and these smaller wooden ones.)
#10 2″ hanger bolts—this size worked for my knobs, but you will want to verify by comparing the screws that come with your knobs to the hanger bolt diameter.
12-14-16 ribbed plastic anchors (The one shown above is the incorrect size. I used the ones I linked to.)
-primer and paint (optional)
-masking tape (optional)

How to use drawer knobs as wall hooks, without using a back board. So cute and practical!Step One: Use pliers or locking vice grips to screw hanger bolts into the holes of your drawer knobs, making sure you have the right size hanger bolts for a very tight fit. These hanger bolts worked for my drawer knobs, but if they’re too loose for yours, you can find larger ones at the hardware store. Also, if you’re using wooden knobs, you can use a drill to make the hole a bit bigger to accommodate larger hanger bolts. Just be sure you have drywall anchors that will fit the larger hanger bolts.

Note: Be sure to only grip the non-threaded part of your hanger bolt with the pliers or you will strip the screw. If you don’t have a non-threaded part on your hanger bolts, then you can twist two nuts together onto the threaded part and grip the nuts to twist the hanger bolts into place.

Step Two: If you aren’t using pre-finished knobs, stain or prime and paint your knobs the color of your choice. I had considered staining these beautiful wooden knobs, but in the end I decided on a sleeker, more streamlined look that matched the trim and wall color of my room.

How to use drawer knobs as wall hooks, without using a back board. So cute and practical!Step Three: Arrange your knobs according to your liking on the wall. I attached the front of mine to the wall using masking tape, just to get a feel for how they would look before committing to their placement. Then, drill a hole ever so slightly smaller than the diameter of your drywall anchors. My drywall anchors suggested using a 5/16 drill bit.

Step Four: Use a hammer to tap the drywall anchors into the holes. If an anchor begins to crush rather than sink into place, your hole is too small. Drill it one step larger and try again.

How to use drawer knobs as wall hooks, without using a back board. So cute and practical!Step Five: Screw the knobs into the wall anchors. Because of the drywall anchors, your knobs will be very secure and will hold up to the weight of the items you’ll most likely be hanging on them without pulling away from the drywall.

Just don’t get crazy and start hanging 50 pound weights from these little guys.

Cute wall storage ideasThe wooden knobs I chose have a wide enough front that they nicely accommodate thicker items like jackets, multiple scarves, and purse straps. 

How to use drawer knobs as wall hooks, without using a back board. So cute and practical!It would be fun to do this project with multi-colored knobs or decorative antique knobs too! It’s so easy to customize to your personal style and home. –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Spring, Valentine, and Stella from the Signature Collection.

  • Which color did you use to paint the wall & knobs? It looks great!

  • Thanks for this. Wife wants me to attach drawer/cabinet pulls to the wall. You gave me the name of the part I need (had no idea)…hanger bolt. Now I just have to figure out what size, thread count the pull is (it is metal, has a machine screw hole). The wall is circa 1935 wood paneling, probably half inch, so that part is easy. Old house weird bathroom…sink in corner, medicine cabinet offset left between studs, want to hang mirror over sink. I give her credit, she wanted a house with a bathroom which is a glorified closet under the concave ceiling, at least it has a dormer window.

  • My husband and I just moved into a small space for the summer as well. I’ll definitely be using this!

  • Wow. So much cuter/more personalized than those stick-on removable hooks… Can’t wait to try!

  • I absolutely love this idea for small spaces. I also think it would be cute with painted drawer knobs (such as daisies for a girl’s room or superhero logos for a boy’s room). Really, the possibilities are endless!


  • I love how subtle these look against the wall. Much better looking than any of the hooks I’ve seen on the market.

  • Cute it

  • Such a great idea and they look so much prettier than hooks!

  • This is an amazing idea. My husband is obsessed with hooks (also small space, and we have three kids). The utility type metal ones don’t look great but these look fabulous.

  • Love this as I am always finding great antique or vintage knobs but don’t have a use for them. This will make vintage shopping so much more fun! Plus, I can see doing this as a way to display great handmade jewelry. Will have to tell our readers at Inbal as they are always up for new ways to display jewelry.

    Deni – blogger for Inbal Designs

  • I’ve been thinking about this idea for so long!! I think it would be fun to also paint things like flowers, hearts or initials on the knots to make them even more personalized =)

    Juju Sprinkles

  • This has come at the perfect time! I just wrote about organising my small craft space and have been pondering what other vertical storage solutions we could use in our small home. I have always been intimidated by drywall anchors and have often asked my husband to install them in the past, but I think it’s time I stepped up and tried this myself 🙂

  • Thanks! It’s just a little bag I picked up on clearance at Kohl’s. I think it was last Fall or Summer, though. I’ve seen this style a lot at TJ Maxx and Marshalls too, FYI. 🙂 -Mandi

  • That is a great idea! I’m tempted to use these in my closet for hanging purses

  • This is great. Ikea has something similar.

  • Been thinking of adding hooks to the entryway to hang my bags and scarves, this DIY is right one time..


  • I hate to admit it, but when I read the title before scrolling down to see the photo, I thought, “OK, these’ll be some mismatched shabby chic looking thing, probably not for me.” I should have known better. These look so sleek, modern, and unobtrusive. They’re reminiscent of some Normann Copenhagen wooden hooks I absolutely love. Now, I’m just disappointed I didn’t think of making these first 😉 Definitely on my to-do list now!

  • What a great idea! The finished project looks great! And it doesn’t look to hard to do. Thanks for sharing.


  • Love this idea! I might have to try in out in our closet for all of my scarves!

    XO Sarah

  • I love this! We did a solar system in our kitchen to go with the “space-y” theme.

  • Love this! Such an easy and simple idea!


  • Amen to vertical storage! I really love the way these blend right into the wall – they look awesome!

  • Love this! I actually did this in my craft room. It was a small space (really a glorified closet). I painted our old kitchen pulls and hung wreaths and embroidery loops on them! Not only was it a great way to store my extra crafting supplies, but it was a beautiful and inspiring way to decorate my space.

  • This is heaven sent! My fiance and I found an adorable apartment for this summer – but it’s tiny!

  • You have always so great ideas! This looks easy to make! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  • Such a cute idea! I bet this would also be great with a mix of vintage knobs.

  • That looks absolutely great! I would probably go for a different colour from the wall though. This still looks amazing! 🙂


  • This is such great idea! I am forever coming across drawer knobs that I love but no where to really use them, so Im totally going to have to give this a try!

  • I adore these! I love the way you painted them the same color as your walls – but could definitely see glass or crystal knobs looking super cute – or art deco! I am so inspired! xo

    Warm Regards,

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