Iced Chai with CBD

Recently, I have been making this iced chai recipe for myself a few times a week and so I thought I would share my (super simple) recipe with you today! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s super delicious. CBD-elicious.


strongly brewed chai tea
nut milk (or any kind of milk—I used cashew)
CBD oil
sugar or Xylitol (we only use xylitol in our home—I like it because you use an equal amount to how much sugar you would use, and it doesn’t taste weird).
cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise if you want to be FANCY.

In whatever cup you plan on using, pour in the milk and chai tea you want. I do about half and half in each glass. I find that measuring in the glass helps me waste less and I save the leftover brewed tea in the fridge for later. Pour your tea/milk combo in the blender.

Add some CBD oil. Check how much the bottle recommends for a dose and add that much in your blender.

A quick note about CBD for anyone who is new to it! CBD is made from the cannabis plant, but it does NOT make you high and it is legal in most states. It’s similar to using hemp oil in your skincare. It’s gained a ton of popularity recently because it can be used to unwind. I first got interested when my friend Annarose said that a dose of CBD was similar to how a glass of wine makes you feel. I was trying to drink less and it seemed like a good alternative. Anyway, I am not a CBD expert by any means, so if you want to learn more your friend Google can give you some more in-depth lessons.

Bottom line, I will try anything that is a natural solution for calming, winding down, better sleep, etc. …

Next, add your sweetener. You can use sugar, honey, Xylitol, or whatever you like.

After you make it one time, you will know exactly how much to add next time. But, the first time you make it, I recommend going light, tasting it and then adding more if you want!

Next, I add a pretty big sprinkle of cinnamon and a small sprinkle of nutmeg.

Add ice and blend!

I blend ALL my coffee drinks, matcha, and chai whether I intend to heat them or serve them cold. It’s just better as it gets everything really well blended and takes no time at all.

Pour and enjoy!

I love chai for a light dose of caffeine (it’s less than coffee) or an afternoon pick-me-up. I hope you like it too!

xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer.
ice chai with CBD in glass
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Iced Chai with CBD


  • strongly brewed chai tea
  • nut milk or any kind of milk- I used cashew
  • CBD oil (I like The Daily Hit)
  • sweetener of your choice
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg and star anise (optional)
  • ice


  1. In whatever cup you plan on using, pour in the milk and chai tea you want. I do about half and half in each glass. I find that measuring in the glass helps me waste less and I save the leftover brewed tea in the fridge for later. Pour your tea/milk combo in the blender.

  2. Add some CBD oil. Check how much the bottle recommends for a dose and add that much in your blender.

  3. Next, add your sweetener. You can use sugar, honey, xylitol, whatever you like.

  4. Next, I add a pretty big sprinkle of cinnamon and a small sprinkle of nutmeg. 

    Blend, pour and enjoy!

  • Have you tried Monkfruit? It’s 0(zero) calories, all natural, cup for cup like sugar. My husband is diabetic and this is a great product. We get it from Amazon as it’s considerably cheaper from them than purchasing at the grocery store.

  • I get mine from Amazon. Just purchased a 32oz bottle and got some dark brown bottles with dropper lids and just bottle up my own. Works great!.

  • I am a naturopathic physician, licensed in California. Respectfully, I think your preferred CBD product is suspicious. Cannabis oil is the last ingredient (not CBD), that could mean anything. No mention of how ingredients sourced, if grown organically, from what country, no breakdown of mg per dose of each ingredient. No attempt at standardization of constituents between batches. A huge red flag for me is that they capitalize the species name of each plant in the ingredient list. Any knowledgeable botanical medicine practitioner cringes at that. This product says to me “I want to jump on the CBD bandwagon” but don’t know what I am doing . This in no way represents responsible delivery of a CBD product (which I think can be incredible helpful healing medicine when indicated.)

      • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t mean to be rude or to insinuate that you didn’t do any research; but I looked on their website and couldn’t find much information at all and it was totally a red flag for me too. I spent a lot of time researching companies before I committed to one brand and ended up buying from Charlotte’s Web. I’m not sure if you’ve seen a news piece about a little girl named Charlotte who was suffering hundreds of little seizures a day? This company in Colorado developed a strain for her and that’s where the name comes from, or that’s how I understood the story at least. They have a ton of information on their website and are extremely transparent. They also don’t talk about pot-culture, like taking hits or getting high. I have a back issue that right now cannot be fixed without multiple surgeries and that’s not something I want to risk right now so I essentially am just dealing with near-debilitating pain daily. It’s almost offensive when a company takes my “medicine” and makes it look “cool”… If you’re paying $103 for 3.3oz and CBD isn’t the main ingredient (besides the carrier oil, charlottes web uses olive oil or coconut oil in their two “flavors”) then they are ripping you off, big time. Again, I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, I’ve heard a lot of scary things about people who use CBD brands that are importing hemp from strange sources and adding fillers to their oils and I didn’t want you or your team to have anything bad happen and wanted to speak up! Best wishes <3

  • This is genius and looks delicious! I also have been looking for a way to wind down at the end of the day without having a glass (or three) of wine. I can’t wait to try it!

  • Sounds delicious, I think I’m going to give it a try xxx

  • Have y’all used this to try a chai cake recipe? We had a customer come into our Team Room last month that made one (dairy free too) and surprisingly it was amazing!! And since I love chai tea, I was extremely impressed.

  • This sounds so good! I love chai! And I’ve been curious about trying CBD oil. Mixing it with chai sounds so good!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the tones in these photos, and I’m going to have to try this recipe!!

  • This sounds amazing! I actually own a CBD company ( and I always love seeing all of the different ways people incorporate CBD into their daily routines. I’m always so inspired by your posts, thank you and can’t wait to try this!

  • Is anyone else shocked by the price of $105 for a mere 100ml of CBD oil? That’s an expensive chai latte, even when just a few drops are used per serving!

    • 5 stars
      Yes, CBD is costly. It’s not due to being popular, or a quick fad, or even to be like the pricey pharmaceutical companies. Rather it’s expensive mainly because of the intense labor and operations costs. CBD is basically a farmers product. Then the sciences involved; research is now being done.(with incredible findings!) I can go on and on but it’s a HUGE process and many, many employees mainly of the Ph. D level. There is even CBD for pups! Although every person has their own unique body; CBD for you may or may not be as efficacious. But generally speaking, most experience, a significant (natural and healthy) reduction of pain, anxiety, and inflammation, the list is long. Enjoy my friends. ????

  • Do you mind saying how much of this particular CBD oil you used? Would love to try it but the price tag is intimidating without knowing around how much you would use in something like this.

  • You didn’t mention ice or when to add it. 🙂
    You just add a few cubes to the blender?

  • I just looked this up and I’m shocked to learn that CBD oil is still not legal in Canada… which is a surprise because cannabis itself is set to be fully legalized this fall.

    Are there any other oils or boosters for caffeinated drinks you can recommend that give a similar relaxing effect?

  • Just a reminder that xlyitol can be harmful to dogs! If you have a furry friend around, make sure they can’t access it! 🙂

  • Def giving it a go-just ordered. Battling ridiculous insomnia for last couple weeks, so may try with an herbal tea to help shutdown in the evenings. Thanks for the inspo!

  • Oh yummy, this sounds so delicious…I need to try this very soon, too.

  • That sounds so delicious and interesting with the CBD! Gotta try that sometime!

  • 5 stars
    Just wondering if the cbd oil makes you tired or calms your brain. Or both? I am the worst sleeper. My brain goes into crazy mode at night. Creativity, over thinking, happy thoughts, Sad thoughts, list making, projects, grocery lists, that embarrassing thing that happened when I was 19. It’s insane. I just need my brain to STOP at the end of the day. I am very intrigued! And this looks delicious. Side note…I have been following you Elsie since your scrapbooking days. Love seeing how you have grown and nurtured your business. You and Emma are such an inspiration. And NOVA. OMG. xxoo

    • It depends on the dosage but I usually take it before bed so I get sleepy and stay asleep. It helps me a lot!

  • Not sure if my comment went through BUT this looks super yummy and makes me more interested in CBD. My question however is mixing CBD with caffeine? If you’re trying to wind down, wouldn’t the caffeine interfere with what the CBD does? Thanks xoxo

    • Totally! I only drink caffeine in the first half of the day, for sure. 🙂 I don’t know how all the science works, but I don’t see a direct contradiction (and this has way less caffeine than coffee). xx!

    • Each person is different. CBD first thing in the morning after coffee makes me feel more alert…kind of like my brain opens up…more mellow overall though. I am NOT a morning person and have horrible allergies, so it’s a nice combo for me.

  • Just an FYI for dog owners… xyolitol is extremely toxic for dogs. Make sure you keep it safely stored away. We had xyolitol before we had a dog, and didn’t know. If she was smaller than the 80 lb lab that she is, we prob would have lost her. It was super scary and I wouldn’t want someone else to go through it.

    • I was going to say the same thing! Another alternative is Erythritol which is similar to Xyolitol but not harmful to dogs. You can buy it under the brand name Swerve.

  • I forgot to mention that CBD oil isn’t water soluable, so to really get all of the cannabinoid rich benefits from it it’s best to take it sublingualy or in something thicker like honey which absorbs through your esophageal lining. Just some CBD tips 🙂

  • This sounds amazing! And also, major power to you for sharing info on a product that is often misunderstood and therefore taboo. You girls are the best!

    • I order my CBD from Bluebird Organics and love it. It isn’t mixed with other oils, so it kind of tastes like dirt. Maybe kind of like a super strong, earth green tea does? i just drink/eat something right after i take some or brush my teeth right after if i take if before bed. I highly recommend Bluebird. It’s more cost effective than the version Elsie uses too 🙂

      • Same! I use Bluebird Organics and it does taste like dirt haha but I have started mixing it with applesauce, or I’ll just put it on a big spoon with honey and eat it. 🙂

  • This is so right up my alley! Can you provide the recipe/proportions for the brewed chai batch? I’m looking into switching from the concentrate to making my own. And I love the addition of the CBD, I use CBD infused honey for pain management and it’s been a life changer.

    • From the picture, it looks like she just brewed three chai tea bags in a couple cups of water. I do wish Elsie would post a homemade version!

      • Confirmed!!! That’s exactly right.

        What do you mean, “a homemade version”? xx

        • Maybe she means a home-mixed chai spice blend recipe? that’d be neat!

  • That sounds amazing! On a different note, what is that gorgeous nail color?

  • 5 stars
    This sounds right up my alley. I should probably try CBD. I like the way that cannabis relaxes me at the end of the day but I take just a tiny amount so that I’m not stoned or paranoid; just relaxed. Probably CBD is what I really need. I like the idea of mixing it with a slight caffeine pep like Chai too. I’ll have to try this!

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