Introducing Nova Winter Larson!

We are over the moon to introduce you to our daughter, Nova Winter Larson! We are absolutely in love with her … she’s our Christmas miracle!

We became a family two weeks ago on December 4 at 10 a.m. in a government office in Changsha, China. We spent the first 11 days of our new life with Nova in China finalizing paperwork and waiting for her Visa before we traveled home last Friday and she became a U.S. citizen (woooo!!!!!). I feel like if we can survive that 14-hour flight together, we can survive anything … haha!

We had an amazing time in China. We fell in love with the country, the food and, of course, the wonderful people who took such good care of our little girl for the past two and a half years.

This photo was taken the first night we were “home” (in our hotel room). China adoptions happen all in one day, so when you meet your child, you are back to your hotel within hours and they are in your full-time care from that time forward. As you can imagine, this comes with so many advantages and definitely disadvantages as well. It was the most emotional time in our lives. The highs were so high and the lows were very low. At some point when we feel fully transitioned and settled here at home I’ll be able to put all that into words. But for now I’ll just tell you that adopting Nova was by FAR the best choice we’ve ever made in our lives, and we couldn’t feel luckier or more in love with her.

Today (when I am writing this) is our 15th day together and I swear to you that almost every day I say, “I think this was the best day of my life” … and it’s true every time. It just keeps getting better and better.

We are still getting to know Nova, seeing new sides of her personality every single day. She’s so hilarious. She loves music. When we first met her, the orphanage representatives who brought her to us told us that she is like a little adult, and that is so true. She copies everything we do, which is both adorable and terrifying. Haha!

Here’s a photo of Nova getting to know her gǒu gǒus (doggies). We’re so relieved she doesn’t fear them (that was one of our biggest fears) and they are warming up to each other slowly.

Now, to address a few questions I keep getting …

Yes, her hair was buzzed in the orphanage. Some orphanages do this to make it easier to care for the kids and I’m assuming to prevent lice. You can see her hair more clearly in this photo. It has already grown quite a bit in just two weeks. Nova’s hair and eyelashes are white, and yes that is the natural color she was born with. She was born with albinism, which effects the pigment in her skin, hair and eyes. Her eyes are extremely sensitive to bright lights (both natural and artificial) and that’s why we are teaching her to love her sunglasses (which she is doing GREAT at!) You can read a little more about albinism here.

I have also been getting a lot of questions about food. We know what she ate in her orphanage and we are still eating those foods everyday (she’s LOVES noodles), but not exclusively. While we were in China, we ate at a lot of hotel buffets and they’d always have a mix of Chinese and western foods, so we were able to try a lot of things in small doses, and so far we’ve only found a couple foods Nova DOESN’T like. She’s not picky.

Nova started to speak English words after four days of being with us. She currently speaks a ton of Mandarin. We felt lucky to have Mandarin speaking people all around us for 11 days to translate for us (and we still have people we can send videos to to translate, which is so wonderful to have!). We want Nova to continue to learn Mandarin. She loves her Chinese kids songs that we listen to every day. It’s so cute!

As far as English, her first word was “Dada,” which was crazy because we were saying bàba (Chinese) and papa, but then she just started saying dada on her own. One of her other first words was “Nova”! Today, she said her first three-word phrase (“Here you go!”).

Right now, she’s walking around our house all day saying, “Hello dolly. Hello dolly. Hello dolly.” Haha!

Watching her pick up language is honestly the most mind blowing thing I have ever watched. We’re keeping a journal of new things she learns each day and her milestones in bonding, and it’s been encouraging to zoom out and see how fast it’s all happening.

(From our first morning at home. I’ve never loved a grainy photo more!)

The most meaningful part of sharing our adoption story is hearing that other families and individuals are becoming aware, curious or interested in adoption. During our process, I became aware of so many little faces who are still spending this holiday season in their institution. It’s heartbreaking and it inspires me to do anything I can to spread awareness and support the children who are waiting. Some wait for longer than others. In our adoption group, there was a family adopting an 11-year-old boy and it was so incredible to see their family united!

Holt International (the adoption agency that connected us with Nova) has an incredible opportunity to give to these children during the holidays. You can choose all different things to give them, from education to food to blankets and coats. It would mean so much to me if you’d consider supporting children like Nova with a donation.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the kindness and love and support you’ve shown to our family!!! Love you all – Elsie

P.S. You can read all my previous adoption story posts on my family blog. I am still on my maternity leave, but I’ll be back to regular posting here on ABM in January!

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson.

  • Im new to your blog. Just read about your beautiful daughter and your adoption story. Congratulations!
    We adopted a friend of a friend’s newborn at 3 weeks old. We had been married for 19 years at that point. I have Crohn’s disease so we couldn’t have our own. She just turned 10 and it went so fast. ???? Treasure every moment.

  • Congratulations! She is lovely! Welcome to the world of adoptive momma’s from China. You probably don’t realize it but not only did you gain a new daughter, but you gained a whole new family of other families who have walked the same road. The best decision our family made 2x 2014 and 2016!

  • Congratulations, this post warms my heart. Your little girl is beautiful! By and by our youngest daughters name is Nova Rayne I found the similarity enchanting 🙂

  • Hello! I just wanted you to know that I am sooo happy for your family, and Nova is adorable!!! I wish your family all the happiness in the world as you watch your new daughter grow into a young woman! I have been watching your adoption process, so I was super excited when I saw this. I love that you decided to adopt her, as I have 5 cousins that were adopted as well! I know how happy I was to finally have them all come into our big family, so I can only imagine how happy you are right now. Again, I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I can’t wait to see how she grows into the amazing girl she will be!

  • Congratulations family! So happy for you. Merry Christmas and happy new year! What a wonderful way to begin 2018!

  • This is totally beautiful and amazing. I’m in tears. You can’t change the world but you can change someone’s world. Have an amazing life.

  • I love how secure and confident she looks already. More power to you and Jeremy, Elsie!

  • Oh this is wonderful. What a beautiful little girl. Huge congratulations & wish you all the happiness in the world x

  • Thank you for sharing your journey. It is so uplifting, inspiring, and heartwarming, and I wish you all happiness and joy in your new family unit. With love from Brussels, Belgium

  • Elsie, everytime I read your adoption story I always get teary! I’m so happy for you guys and I can’t wait to see/read all the beautiful adventures you’ll go on together! Love from a big fan of ABM in Montreal, Canada.

  • This is my first time commenting… reading your story, and going over to your blog to read the full adoption story bought back so many memories of our own (China) adoption: the ups and downs of getting pregnant, doing adoption paperwork, references and background checks, waiting for referral/matching, waiting for visa, waiting and waiting for the trip out, waiting to come home finally… all of it. We didn’t specifically ask for a SN adoption, but as it turns out, after a year home, it turned out to be that. That was 12 years ago for me and my family, and experiencing each stage of our daughter’s life seems to be the best, even those moody tween/early teen moments. Thank you for bringing back such special memories of our early years. All the best to you and your little family, she is a beautiful girl, and you’re all so lucky to have found one another. May your days ahead be bright, and your nights always peaceful.

  • Definitely teared up a bit reading this. I’ve been following along on instagram and I am so so so happy for you and your new, sweet little family. What a magical time in your life! Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  • I love reading every bit of y’alls story and I get so excited to see little Nova on your instastories! It brightens my day! I wish y’all all the best in the adventures to come! What a blessed little family y’all are!! Merry Christmas!

  • She is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. She is so fortunate to have you, and you her. You seem to be soaking it all in and thoroughly enjoying these precious first days.. it really does go by so quickly ❤️

  • How beautiful. I spent five wonderful years in a relationship with a man with albinism; though we parted as a romantic pair, we remain dear friends. I saw the challenges of albinism firsthand, but also how enterprising and resilient he became in order to succeed. Your little girl is so lucky to have parents like you in her corner. It’s going to be a wonderful ride!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. It was a beautiful read. I’m happy Nova is transitioning so well. I hope God continues to bless your beautiful little family.

  • OH my heart!! Tears streaming from my face I am so over the moon excited for you guys! Im even more excited for this Angel because she just got blessed with the most amazing family! Happy Family Happy Life

  • Congratulations Elsie! And let me tell you, it’s beautiful that you chose a child affected by something that it’s quite demanding when you could obviously chose another child.
    And her name is beautiful!
    Have a super merry Christmas with your Christmas miracle!

  • I am in absolute tears at how beautiful she is! You will make wonderful parents. Both she, Jeremy and you are each other’s miracles. Love to all

  • What a beautiful little lady! Children are wonderful, and they are such fast learners. They are much more clever than you can ever believe. I wish you all a great time and a wonderful family time. What a Christmas present!

  • I took a linguistics course in college and learned that “dada” is actually the easiest sound for children to make when learning a language. That is why it is often a child’s first word. Just a fun fact I thought I’d pass along! 🙂

    As someone who has been struggling with infertility for years now, I am so blessed to see your story. The road is so long sometimes, but what a destination!

  • I tear up a little every time I see one of your new photos of Nova. She seems like such a sweet person, and I couldn’t be happier for you guys! It’s wonderful to see these happy endings. Enjoy your time together and your first holiday as a family! She’s so lucky to have you 🙂

  • CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful! Enjoy every minute as a new family and new holiday traditions!

  • Party of 3!!!! Congratulations!!! I am just so moved watching this whole story unfold. Ive followed you for years, thank you for taking on this journey with you. Elsie you are always so honest and vulnerable only good comes from that despite what others might say.9 Jeremy just is the sweetest with her the pictures of you guys especially them melt my heart! Merry Christmas wishing your little flock Peace and Joy in 2018!

  • What a beautiful daughter and wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Every Mom has rough times – don’t feel bad if sometimes it is overwhelming or you are struggling. That too will pass. Re: Nova’s albinism, I guess you are also getting her used to daily applications of sunscreens on her skin? (I’m a ginger – it is a way of life)
    Best regards!

  • Thank you for sharing your story and congrats on officially becoming parents! Love that Nova keeps saying “Hello Dolly” – so fun! My husband and I have talked a lot about adoption the past few years and it’s been incredibly heartwarming and inspiring watching your story unfold. Sending lots of love to Nashville!

  • Oh what a beautiful Christmas story! As an adopted baby, I cant tell you how much I love your courage. Growing up, we learned in our family that families grow from love whether by adoption or giving birth. My wish is that many of the stupid adoption comments lessen as Nova grows and people learn about how families grow. Such a great photo at the end too. And I must tell you this, my first words were Dadeeeeeee! My mother never let me forget 🙂

    Sending much love from Oklahoma, Fran

  • What a happy and beautiful post, so full of emotions. I teared up a bit looking at the pics and reading through this. Most heartfelt congratulations on becoming parents <3

  • Nothing like sobbing in to one’s eggs first thing in the morning. 🙂 Your story is so beautiful and seeing you open your hearts to Nova gives me faith in humanity. Truly such a special, beautiful, inspiring story. And I’m glad you’re documenting it – not only for others, but for Nova. One day she is going to love to read about how she came to her family.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey online. It has been so lovely and beautiful to watch and read about.
    Have a fantastic first Christmas as a growing family, I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  • This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing your journey and story. It looks like everyone is so happy. I’m pretty much crying at my desk! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday together!

  • Many Congratulations! This will be such a special Christmas & New Year for your new family! Wish you loads of good luck, blessings & smiles all the way 🙂

  • It is difficult for me to put into words how your story makes me feel. My husband was very reluctant about adoption because he was not sure if he could love a child that was not his own as much as he loves his own child. I shared your story with him, and we followed it together, and he totaly convinced now. From my family to yours: we wish you all the love and happiness in the world with your beautiful little Nova, and thank you so much for sharing your story, in all its vulnerability.

  • Dear Elsie,
    I’m so happy for you and your adorable family. The most wonderful adventure of your life is beginning ! Thanks for sharing these amazing instants of your life.
    I wish you all the best,
    Jolies pensées depuis la France,

  • Oh Elsie, I’m sitting here and crying. IT melts my heart that you are finally Home with your beautiful daughter, Nova! Can’t find words what that makes me feel. I know we dont know us in real, but after followers your Blog & your Story over 10years, it feel like I know you a little bit. And now you are a Mommy and I couldnt bei more Happy with you. Thanks for sharing so much, thanks for being so honest and letting so many people be a Part of your Life. Welcome in your forever Home, Nova!
    I’m so proud of you all, Elsie.
    Your doing ist so so good!
    Best wishes & warm hugs for you.

  • My friend adopted 2 girls as tots from China. She has incorporated their culture throughout their childhood with Chinese cultural and dance classes. The two girls are now young adults and these girls will tell you how important it is to them to keep these traditions along with their family’s traditions. Double blessings!

  • Beautiful baby congrats!!

  • Nova is incredibly adorable! I’ve been following your adoption since you started and I’m so happy for you guys are finally together! I can’t wait to watch her grow up! ♥

  • Hi, Elsie! My in-laws adopted a baby from China. She is now 15! My father-in-law is a physician and they opted to save her baby teeth, because they are not the biological parents. Her parents DNA can be read with the stem cells from her teeth. My in-laws did this as a precaution, in case Jenai was struck with a chronic illness. This also works for parents who are the biological parents as well. Here is a link to an article, but you can speak with your pediatrician about this as well:

  • So beautiful xx Your story warms my heart and you have your baby girl in time for the holidays. I can’t wait to hear more about her and the new milestones in her life xx

  • This is a beautiful story and I look forward to hearing more as you all grow as a family! 🙂

  • So inspired and grateful to you for sharing your beautiful story! My husband and I just chose some gifts through the Holt International link that you provided, and we’re hoping they will make a small difference for some little ones just like your Nova. She is one lucky girl!

  • I didn’t read all the comments so I may be repeating others. God Bless you and your darling girl. I know you will give her a lovely, warm life. Read The Lettered Cottage on adoption stories, maybe you have many resources. I will look forward to your happy posts in the future, you are changing our world.

  • Thank you for sharing, Nova! And congrats because this is simply amazing. I hope you and your family will stay this happy forever.

  • Thank you so much for coming back on here and giving us a full blog update!!!!! Ever since you guys went to China I’ve been waking up and immediately checking Instagram (lol) for any new pictures of beautiful Nova. It’s been wonderful to follow along.

  • Congrats!! She’s beautiful!! I’m so happy for you and your sweet family!!! Yay for Christmas and little ones to make it even sweeter.

  • my love for this post and your fantastic family on the amazing journey you are now on together melts my heart and it’s so fantastic that after being lucky to watch and follow your journey through your blog and instagram, that’s you are all finally united. Bless you and your adorable family, nova you are a lucky one to have such fantastic people love you. Merry christmas! From Chester, Uk! X

  • Oh man, I’m a cynic by nature but this is just beautiful. I wish you all the best, you’re doing an amazing thing. You and nova are so lucky to have found each other ❤️❤️❤️

  • It’s been so beautiful watching your adoption journey and I’m so happy for you, Jeremy and little Nova. What a gift you’ve given us all by sharing your story.

    Re Nova’s hair- my hair looked about the same in terms of length at her age- not because it was being buzzed but because hair grows really, really slow for babies in my family! Ha! I had just assumed that Nova was the same!

  • So happy for you guys What an amazing time it must be all the best. Bet it’s the best year ever!

  • It’s the end of my work day and I saw your post on instagram earlier and have been waiting to read it all day. I’m BALLING at my desk imagining how you guys must be feeling having her home, getting to know your daughter, and hearing her little chatter. I don’t even think I can comprehend the amount of joy you must feel. I also can’t imagine how daunting some of it may feel (language barriers, fingers crossed that she likes the food, a 14 hour flight with a 2 year old!!) and I don’t have children nor have I adopted (yet, to both), but I do want to encourage you guys to take things day by day, moment by moment and to not let those daunting things get too big. And I’m so glad you’re keeping a journal, that sounds like such a fantastic way to celebrate and cherish all of these little moments. I’ve been following your journey and I know that Nova is the absolute luckiest girl in the world and, again, I’m over here BALLING just thinking about this beautiful world of yours that you’ve welcomed her in to, the unconditional love from her parents that she is probably experiencing for the first time, and this chance at life you’ve given her, that she may have never known, if it weren’t for your courage and perseverance and great big heart. Welcome home, Nova Winter!

  • Hi Elsie,
    After reading your sweet post, I’m making a donation to Holt International in your honor. Would you share your business email? It’s required to complete the form.

  • Congratulations – so happy for you. I hope that your family has a beautiful Christmas! Nova sounds like a smart little cookie, the way she is picking up English words already.

  • Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your beautiful family with us. Reading this post gave me goosebumps (in a good way). Wishing you and your family an amazing holiday season!

  • I love your adoption story! Thanks so much for sharing! My brother and sister were both adopted through Holt International. My husband and I would also like to adopt at some point in the future. Can’t wait to read more about your story!

  • She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us…I’m brought to tears every time I see your posts about Nova. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful new family!

  • I’m SO excited for you and your family! Reading about and watching your adventure here and on Instagram has definitely been a highlight this year. Thank you for your transparency! <3

  • Thank you so much for introducing us to little Nova! She is so precious. I’m glad she is here and you are a family of three this holiday season.

    I wish I could get a book to you – it’s the sweetest thing. It’s called ‘Babies Come from Airports’. I love that families are made so many wonderful ways – international adoption being one of them. <3

  • oh my heart!!! this is the most wonderful Christmas story! she is beautiful and so lucky to have you guys as her parents. my the blessings continue to flow to you and your little family!!! can’t wait to add her to the list of blog kidsi can watch grow over the years!!

  • Elsie!!! I am so incredibly excited for you and Jeremy!!! I have so loved seeing all the pictures and videos on your stories and feed! It is fun to see all the new things you all are doing and learning! This was the cutest sweetest post and I am so glad things are going well! Also- she is adorable and I love the outfits and fun things you have been dressing her in!!! ????????❤️ Can’t wait to keep following your journey!

  • My 25 year old daughter introduced me to your blog when you were renovating (although I don’t read it regularly-just when she shows me something). She has been sharing your posts about getting Nova with me and it is so fun to watch you become a family. We adopted from Russia 17 years ago (a 3 1/2 year old) and so much of what you are sharing is familiar territory. The difference for us was that we had 4 older bio children from 8-16 years old. It is a blessing to watch you bonding with your daughter. You WILL be amazed at how quickly she learns English and are smart to continue keeping her native language a part of her life. Our daughter forgot what little Russian she knew in about 3 months! Congratulations on your adoption and I will enjoy “watching” you grow as a family.

  • I am so happy for you! Just watching this process on instagram is so heart warming. Here’s to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family! <3

  • Your posts have warmed my heart during a super sh***y time in this country. I wouldn’t have my two oldest sisters if it weren’t for Holt. They were adopted from Korea in 1975 and 1977. I just made a donation to the orphans in Korea – thank you for the inspiration. Little Nova has brought joy to well beyond your family. What a precious little bug.

  • Congratulations, you all look so happy. She looks so chilled you are clearly natural parents!

  • Elsie, I am so overwhelmed by this post. As a pregnant lady you have made me think about adoption and how important it is. Would love to consider it as a future option for us! I am so so so happy for your family and can’t wait to watch this beauty grow with the love you will give her.

  • Congratulations to you, Jeremy, and Nova! She’s beautiful and clearly so loved. You’re a wonderful family, and I hope you make many joyful memories together!

  • I check in to all your social media (and Jeremy’s as well) every single day because I just love following your heartwarming story. Nova is so beautiful – what a treasure. Makes me wish I was younger so I could do the same for another child. Wishing you the most wonderful holiday time and I know it WILL be. So happy for your family and for Nova Winter to find the love and belonging every child deserves. <3

  • This was such a gorgeous post. I am so, so happy that this has worked out so beautifully for you all, especially that you can all be together this Christmas! Ahh, so much love!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  • Congratulations Elsie on becoming a mother. Nova is beautiful and I’m glad you’ve found each other. You have a beautiful family!

  • I am very happy that finally the family is complete, Nova is beautiful, you will be the best parents in the world, I am sure. Giving love and a home to a child is the best thing we can do in life. Many congratulations and all my admiration.

  • You both have done an amazing thing for Nova! She is as lucky as you two are to have each other. I’ve worked with “orphanages” opened by Christian missionaries in China, and they are “borrowing” the children from the government orphanages with really bad medical conditions to take care of, until they are hopefully adopted. I don’t know Nova’s story, but you two have really saved this child!

  • Wow, thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful gift for the holidays, a family finally together!

    -Grace | The Keen Kind

  • I have followed your journey every step of the way and watched you make a full circle adopting Nova. As I have already said in one of your IG posts – Nova is blossoming with each new day and she is lucky to have you as parents!

  • Am loving hearing all your updates and seeing all your photos, Nova sounds like an amazing little girl. Thanks for sharing such a special time! X

  • I have tears in my eyes! I love this so much–for Nova, for you and your husband, for your community. What a beautiful new chapter of life you’ve begun writing! I love that you’re hoping to help her keep her connection to her Chinese culture. She’s adorable–I can’t wait to see more photos and hear more stories!

  • Nova is absolutely beautiful, congrats! My middle daughter has albinism as well and it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Reach out to NOAH – National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation – they’re incredibly helpful! What a wonderful thing you have done. Best of luck!

  • Like so many others, I’ve followed your blog for years. Watching this beautiful story unfold has been so amazing. I’m so happy for you. Thank you for these little glimpses into your family. God bless!

  • Okay I’ve held it together until this point!! ???? I never thought I could be so happy for someone I’ve never met before (but really I feel like I know you…weird) Keep enjoying all the little moments and thank you for sharing your family with us ❤️❤️❤️

  • I should have known better reading this at my desk, I can’t hide my tears in an open office! Seriously, so happy for your family. Have a magical holiday.

  • Wow, congratulations! The three of you are so lucky to have found each other. My two young sons are in the next room playing as I read your amazing story and cry my eyes out! Welcome to parenthood! Get ready–it’s a wild ride. And even better than you can fathom. xo

  • You know how much I love this, but still need to thank you for sharing your story! I’m so very excited for all of you!! 🙂

  • Congrats to both of you! I’m loving following along on this beautiful story of yours. My cousins are Chinese and I learned so much about the Chinese culture from them.

  • Since you went to china I literally open Instagram the moment I open my eyes in the morning (im in a different time zone) hoping to see an update of you and nova. You are truly inspiring and it is so heartwarming following along your amazing journey and now your beautiful family. Nova is pure magic. Have the most wonderful Christmas, can’t wait to see what is in store for you guys next! Love all the way from Israel ❤️

  • It has been such a beautiful thing to follow along on your Instagram. Thank you for sharing these little snippets and continue evolving into this lovely little family! xo

  • I’m so happy for your family! You gave Nova such a beautiful name. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’ve felt so much trough your updates. You are so inspiring.

  • Beautiful. Heartwarming. Crying like a fool at my desk. Good luck on your parenting journey. It will be the greatest moments in your life. Such a wonderful story! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story! I was adopted from Colombia when I was only a few weeks old, and I love hearing about other peoples adoption stories. It is truly a beautiful experience, full of ups and downs on both sides, and I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world! Adoption is such a beautiful gift, congrats!

  • Thank you so much for sharing, Elsie. So inspiring. I’m sitting here in tears both in joy for you, Jeremy and Nova, as well as sadness for kids without families. Wishing you all the best. I hope you’ll continue to share how it’s going. With love, Maria

  • Thank you so much for opening up this part of your life to your readers – it’s an incredible story. I would love to hear more about how you will help her keep her Mandarin – raising children multi-lingual is fascinating to me (as someone raising her daughter bi/tri-lingual)!

  • I am so absolutely happy and full of joy for your family! I love popping in on instagram to see little updates from you and Jeremy 🙂

  • I mean this just makes me so happy. She is amazing and so beautiful. You can tell she is a super smarty pants. It blows my mind what kiddos can soak up in a few weeks.. Can’t wait to hear more adventures. Happy Holidays to your family

  • Thanks for sharing your journey (both physical and emotional)! What a wonderful holiday gift your family has received–and what a lucky little girl. All the best to you.

  • Hi Elsie,
    I’ve been following along with your adoption story so to see this post is utterly heartwarming. Nova is such a sweet little thing and I wish you all the luck in the world with becoming parents.
    I do hope one day to adopt myself so this journey has been an inspiration to me.

    Jade xx

  • was so not ready for this post! Its unbearably beautiful, magical and heart warming. the love just pours from the photos and your words. you guys were MEANT to be parents, and she was meant to be YOURS. She is one brilliant, beautiful little gal and I hope we can continue to be so privileged and honored to cheer Nova along side you with her milestones. Happy Holidays to your family!!

  • i tear up every time i read about nova bonding so well with you guys. i’m so happy for you — and for her. ????✨

  • There is nothing sweeter than watching love being shared between a child & it’s parents. Thank you for sharing your amazingly love filled adoption story. Nova is so beautiful and your family is awesome. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

  • Congratulations! She looks adorable! And she is picking up English quickly!!
    My child is like a gift, like the sun that rises every morning, and I am forever and continually grateful (even now, in the terrible teens). I hope Nova will be that for you (pretty sure she will be).

  • Congratulations!! I love that y’all want her to keep up her Chinese fluency. I lost mine after starting daycare/school where the only spoken language was English =\ I hope you have some friends or teachers who can converse with her in Chinese!

    • Me too – I lost my Chinese within 6 months, and I was already 6 years old. I hope you will find a Chinese tutor asap, or she will loose it shockingly quickly. Congratulations!

  • Reading your daily updates is like opening a new Christmas present every day! So very happy for you all!

    • Awe that’s so nice. It definitely feels like Christmas every day in our world. xx

  • Nova is beautiful! You’ll have such a Merry little Christmas, you. 🙂
    PS. I fall in love with her name more every time I read your posts about her!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • It has been so heartwarming to ‘tag along’ with you all on this journey. Motherhood is a trip. So many feels. Haha. <3 🙂 Congratulations a million times over.

  • Elsie, I have watched your story from the beginning and I am so thrilled for you. I know you don’t know everyone who sees your story but I feel like I’ve grown to love your family through your sharing. It’s so amazing. Congratulations on becoming a mama. It’s the most indescribable feeling. You will never know a love more pure or staggering. Merry Christmas to you 3!

  • I mean, you guys already know how we feel, but this is just so incredible to finally see come full circle. All of our love to Nashville this xmas 🙂

  • Oh, Elsie! I could not be happier for your family!! Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your adoption journey and being so inspiring!

  • Thank you for sharing Elsie and congratulations on your new little Mini! I love “Hello Dolly Hello Dolly!” it was my favorite thing in your stories to hear her go “Dolly!”
    Children are so amazing what they pick up! Have fun!!

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