Is the Beast Blender Worth It? An Honest Review

If you didn’t know what it was, you may think a “Beast blender” is a giant and bulky hulk of a blender, but it’s actually a trendy, sleek, and stylish compact blender that’s probably been popping up on your Instagram feed.

I actually hadn’t seen the Beast blender yet, but when my husband surprised me with one over Christmas, I have to say that I was so excited to try it.

The price tag made it a bit more than other new blenders I was considering, so I really wanted to find out if it was worth keeping the Beast based on performance and other qualities I was looking for. Did I end up keeping mine?

Here’s how I would review the Beast blender and rate it on looks, size, performance, and optional accessories ...

coffee and smoothie bowl in front of beast blender

Looks: As far as the visuals go on this system, I would give the Beast blender a 10 out of 10. It comes in three colors (Carbon Black, Pebble Grey, and Cloud White), and the slim upward body is complimented by the fluted design of the vessels to create a countertop appliance that you won’t want to keep in a cabinet.

In fact, they designed it to look good enough to stay out on the counter all the time, which is something I can’t say I wanted to do with my previous blender.

beast blender with vessels

Size: At less than 5″ wide and under 16″ tall (with the 1000ml blending vessel attached), this blender not only looks good enough to stay on your counter, but it’s slim enough to take up very little space there as well.

Besides looks, saving space on my countertop was a main reason I put my previous blender in a lower cabinet when I wasn’t using it.

But the footprint on the Beast is so small that I’ve left it out all the time for the last few months and it hasn’t been in the way at all. The only con for the size is if you are looking to blend extra-large amounts at a time.

The biggest vessel size is 1000ml (about 4.25 cups) so it’s perfect for smoothies, drinks, and sauces/dips, but it won’t be big enough if you are trying to blend whole batches of family-size soups (which to be honest, an immersion blender is really what you want in that situation rather than a regular blender anyway).

Since I mostly wanted it for smoothies, drinks, sauces, and dips, the size of the Beast is great and I would rate the size a 10 out of 10.

The Beast has three different size vessels for blending: a 1000ml, an 800ml, and a 500ml vessel so you can make individual or larger size portions (the 500ml vessel is perfect for a morning smoothie bowl, etc.).

beast blender blending a smoothie

Performance: The Beast’s 1000-watt motor is powerful enough to blend the smoothest smoothie, but also has a pulse mode to easily chop dips or other concoctions that just need a quick burst of blending.

To pulse the blender, just press the main button in short spurts, and to blend, hold it for longer than one second to start a timed one minutes blend cycle (although you can stop it short if you need to).

The blender vessel should have at least 25% liquid for best blending results, and they suggest you add ingredients in the following order: liquids, ice, produce, leafy greens, powders, seeds, nuts, nut butters, and then honey.

I would rate the performance a 9 out of 10 as the blender works great as long as you have enough liquid in it (otherwise it will struggle like most blenders) and the pulse mode is great to make things like quick salsas, but you have to be short with the button pushes or it will turn into salsa soup.

beast blender with salsa and chips

Optional Accessories: For your blender and vessels, there are various accessories that you can get to enhance the experience like a special-shaped brush to clean your vessels (which has a cool mini brush in the handle for small spaces), an 800ml vessel for an in-between size option, and a grooved spatula so you can get every last bit from your blender before washing.

I didn’t get any of the accessories for mine and you can get along OK without them, but I may get the spatula since you aren’t able to scrape it clean with a regular spatula due to the unique grooved walls of the vessels.

I would rate the accessory options a 9 out of 10 as it’s a plus to have different size vessels and specific shaped tools to clean the system, but I wish they had a travel lid with a straw for the water and a travel vessel size for a smoothie-on-the-go that would fit into a cup holder without having to transfer it.

Q: What’s the optional hydration system that can accompany the Beast blender? The hydration system is a 750ml glass vessel shaped more like a water bottle that has a stainless steel infusion chamber where you can add fresh fruit like strawberries, veggies like cucumber, or herbs like mint that will infuse your water with natural goodness.

 beast blender with blending vessels
coffee and smoothie bowl in front of beast blender

Q: What does the Beast blender come with? The standard package comes with the base, blade assembly, 1000ml vessel, storage lid, drinking lid, and carry cap.

You can also get all that with the hydration system version but you’ll add on a 500ml vessel, another storage lid, 750ml hydration system vessel, hydration system drinking lid, and an infusion chamber and mount for the hydration system.

You can also just buy the hydration system by itself without the blender if that’s your main need.

Q: Does the Beast only make smoothies or smoothie bowls? No! You may have mostly seen beautiful smoothies or smoothie bowls in ads or on someone’s feed, but the Beast is also perfect for other things like drinks, sauces, or dips! I’ve used it to make a bullet coffee-type drink in the morning and it gave me whipped-up-frothy-coffee-goodness in no time.

You can also use it to grind grains like rice, wheat, or corn, or even coffee!

Q: Do you have any complaints about the Beast? My only complaint so far is that I wish they had a drinking lid that just had a small opening for a straw. I would always rather use a metal straw with my water bottles, and you have to drink from either the open lid with the hydration chamber in the water bottle.

If you take it out once the water was infused, you still have a big opening where the straw kind of rattles around and it doesn’t feel that spill-proof if it tumbled over.

So, did you keep your blender??

Did I keep my blender after all my testing? Yes, I did! So far it’s been totally worth the price tag and it’s got me back into make smoothies and smoothie bowls again which I love. Hope this helps you make up your mind if you’re on the fence or haven’t heard of it yet! xo. Laura

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How loud is the Beast blender?

While it does make noise when blending, I wouldn’t say that it’s a “loud” blender. My coffee grinder makes more noise than the blending mode does, so I consider it an average amount of noise.

Can you put ice in the Beast blender?

Yes! The Beast is made to handle ice and they actually recommend you blend with ice or frozen fruit/veggie for the best texture.

Are the vessels plastic or glass?

The blending vessels are made of Tritan™ plastic and the drinking hydration vessel is made of glass.

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  • I’d be curious how it compares to a Vitamix. It’s so pretty, but I have to admit I hate the name 😆.

    • Haha, yeah the name is funny for such a pretty blender! I don’t have a Vitamix but I have used them before, they are definitely larger so can blend closer to 1500 ml vs 1000 in the beast, so it depends on the volume you are trying to make and how large your family is.


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