It’s Happening Again: We’re Writing a Book!

ABM cookbook announcementLast night Elsie and I hosted a Live Stream (you can watch it here in case you missed the live version), and we made a pretty special announcement. Here it is (drum roll….): we're writing a book again!!!

I remember when we announced our first book deal (which was for two books). It was 2012 and for some reason I seemed to have really sweaty looking hair in those photos even though it was March. What was I doing before we took those photos? Moving furniture? I guess we'll never know, but it will be forever documented (sigh). 


So, what kind of book, you might ask? Good question. It's a cookbook, guys. Finally. I cannot tell you how excited I am to write this book. I LOVE cookbooks. Like, seriously, I own way too many (ask Trey). I love food photography and sharing recipes and I've been doing it for years right here on the blog, with all of you. And I feel so honored, excited, totally scared, and completely humbled that we will get to one day have a book sitting on the cookbook shelves in bookstores. It's seriously a dream come true and something I've been working towards for a really long time now. 

Will it be a best-of type book with the same kind of recipes we share on ABM already? Excellent question. This is actually the question I've been asking myself for quite a while before I started working on my pitch. Many other websites and food bloggers have come out with cookbooks that feature recipes from all the categories they usually cover. Which is totally cool, as I've bought many of these books myself. But for us, I didn't want to do a big blogger cookbook. And here's why. This could be the only cookbook I ever get to write. You guys might LOVE it, or you might not. I don't really know yet. You've certainly requested we write a cookbook many times, but this doesn't necessarily mean it will be a bestseller. So, I started thinking, if someone from the future came and told me, "Look, Emma, yes you will get to write a cookbook but it's going to be the only one you ever write. So make it a good one." what would I want to write? It could be super specific, like all ice cream, or it could be all my very favorite recipes that span over every meal. It could be anything. So what would I really want to write if I only got one? What would be the most useful and exciting thing that I could put out there? And that's how we approached this cookbook concept. I promise we will share more later. For now I'm just gonna leave you with those thoughts. 

ABM cookbook announcement ABM cookbook announcement  (Here's some really attractive outtakes for you! Ha!)

We've already started work on the book. Elsie and I have different sections and roles that we will be working in while we complete the content this next year. Then we edit and print for a year. Well, not us, our publishers (Chronicle—yay!) will edit and print it. And then it will come out. It's a lot of work and a lot of time before we'll actually get to show you this thing—but I am seriously SO excited. I think I've said that about 50 times in this post already. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your encouragement and support. xo. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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