It’s Smoothie Time!

Lately, I've been on a bit of a smoothie kick and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite flavor combinations with you! 

Favorite smoothie recipes! www.abeautifulmess.comFrozen raspberries, frozen peaches, almond milk, ground flax seed and a pinch of cinnamon! 

Favorite smoothie recipes! Frozen peaches, frozen green yogurt, almond milk. 

Favorite smoothie recipes!  A spoonful of peanut butter, spinach leaves, coconut frozen yogurt and half a frozen banana.  

Favorite smoothie recipes!
Beet juice and fresh watermelon blended into a refreshing, sweet juice! 

Freeze fruit and greens for quick and easy smoothies!! www.abeautifulmess.comI like to make pre-made smoothie packs to save time and reduce wasted preduce. Simply fill plastic sandwich bags with fresh ingredients and put them in the freezer (be sure to label them)! When you're ready to make smoothies you'll only need to add a liquid, like almond milk or coconut water, before blending! Try it next time you have extra fruit and greens around the kitchen!

xo. Elsie  

  • I make these all the time and it’s so fast and easy when you prepare them in advance. Just throw all your dry ingredients into a freezer bag put them into freezer and take one out anytime you want a smoothie just add your milk and or juice, and yogurt of your choice. They keep very well in your freezer and now you don’t have to worry about your fruits and spinach spoiling before you have time to use them up! I also like to sometimes add a scoop of peanut butter and usually always add cinnamon and cayenne pepper as the pepper is suppose to speed up your metabolism.

  • Love smoothies, but I hate putting veggies in them. I don’t mind the taste (or really, there’s usually no taste anyway), but I can’t stand the texture. I never seem to be able to get spinach to puree smooth enough. I have a pretty good blender too. But I get loads of veggies throughout the day anyway, so I don’t worry about it.

    The first one with raspberries and peaches looks fantastic! I love adding cinnamon to smoothies.

  • I was surprised, but I’ve added kale, spinach, and carrots in the smoothies along with fruit and I cannot taste the veggies…love the idea of the antioxidants and VITAMINS in leafy greens giving me a boost in the am!!NICIA

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  • if people would read the whole thing, it clearly says “put in the freezer” which means freeze. I also wonder if the spinach will stay good frozen, I will have to google that.

  • I just read about your smoothie packs on Refiner 29 and I must say what a simple genius idea. Filing that one under why didn’t I think of that!?

  • Banana+peaches+spinach+coconut milk is to die for! Thank you for great ideas!!!

  • all of these sound delicious! those pre-made packs are a really great idea.

  • loved the spinach, peanut butter and banana smoothie. Delicious. I used vanilla yogurt instead of the coconut frozen yogurt and it turned out really well!


  • pre made smoothie packs! how absolutely brilliant! i find that i always end up throwing up produce and fruit because i just simply forget about it. this will totally help a sistah out!!

    at this volume

  • These look so yummy! Can’t wait to try some of them out! Thanks so much

  • I love the idea of the prepacked bags for smoothie. Going to so use that. My family and I drink smoothies all the time.

  • Wow, you have really done a lot of smoothie-ing. The beet juice and the raspberry ones look fantastic to me. And pre-package the ingredients is such a good idea.

  • Love the idea of “smoothie packs”! These all sound really good. I never considered using frozen Greek yogurt. I’ll have to try that! I really like adding in frozen grapes to my smoothies, and I just recently discovered frozen acai puree.

  • Ahh this is actually genius! Thank you so much for doing this, definitely trying it out some time soon! 🙂

  • they sound delicious! i finally have my hands on a blender & i can’t wait to try some of these (well, when the weather warms up at least!)
    Cheray x

  • i make smoothies alllll the time and never thought about packing them in a bag! it’s genius! thanks for sharing.


  • I absolutely love smoothies, particularly green smoothies, but i’ve never tried just fruit or fruit with greek yoghurt before! will definitely give it a go!

  • Pre-made smoothie bags = genius!! And your fruit/veggie combos look yummy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I absolutely love the idea of pre-packaging and freezing ingredients for smoothies! I do the same thing with leftover veggie scraps: I place them in plastic bags and freeze them for later use, when I am ready to make veggie stock. I will definitely do the same for my frozen concoctions – THANKS!!!

  • I love the pre-made smoothie packs! I will definitely try this when I know my fruit needs to be eaten. I’m curious about where you buy your coconut frozen yogurt? Also, what is frozen green yogurt? It sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. I already pinned it and I’m going to share this on twitter! @WNWKatieLou

  • My personal favorite concoction includes frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, a spoonful of plain yogurt, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla silk. Yum!

  • omg the premade smoothie pack is brilliant! i love these recipes and need a change from my usual!

  • The smoothie packs are a fantastic idea! I’ve fallen out of the habit of making breakfast smoothies, so being able to just pull a pack out of the freezer would be awesome.

  • Holy cow, the freezer packs idea is brilliant! I love smoothies, but crave them sporadically and often don’t have all the ingredients on hand when I need them. Such a fabulous idea to always have a smoothy mix in the freezer! Thanks for the idea!

  • Please consider reusing the plastic bags too, if you do not already do so. Reduction of produce waste is good, but reduction of plastics destined for the landfill is even better! Love your blog xx

  • Oh my goodness I need to try the beet and watermelon one! I do smoothie packs in the freezer as well, such a time and produce saver.

  • I love green smoothies have one for breakfast every morning without fail. I got into the habit of bagging them veg and fruit into portions too! No fear of the fruit going off and it makes a good creamy smoothie 🙂 x

  • I love the idea of putting leftover or spare fruit and veggies in bags and into the freezer for future use. I sometimes do that with fruit that’s about to become too ripe to save it and still get use out of it.


  • I love smoothies too! Made a really tasty one from raspberries, strawberries, banana and coconut yoghurt this morning I’d really recommend blending those flavours 🙂

  • While I agree that the smoothie packs are a great idea, I’m concerned about the amount of needless plastic waste that will generate. Might you consider freezing them in reusable glass jars instead? Ball makes jars appropriate for freezing. Here is some info on plastic awareness:

  • They look so delicious and healthy. I like the raspberries and peach the most.

  • i LOVE this idea! can’t wait to make some smoothie bags for my freezer. thank you thank you thank you!

  • what a great idea to prepare smoothie packs. those all look amazing totally trying each one thanks for sharing your favs! xx. gigi.

  • I absolutely love having smoothies- they make such great on-the-go breakfasts! I’ve done smoothie packs a couple of times but would love to make it more routine. Great idea!

  • They look so nice and the pack is such a good idea! & Yum the thought of putting peanut butter in a smoothie (or anything) is making my mouth water! 😉

  • I was wondering if you could please utilize a printer-friendly option when you post a recipe or DIY project. Yes the photos are lovely, but it shouldn’t take 8 sheets of paper to print a recipe. Thank you.

  • I LOVE Smoothies.. I must try this one! Thank you for sharing.. please share more recipe! 😉

  • Absolutely looks delicious!!! 😀
    I love smoothie <3

  • My favourite is banana and kiwi + almond milk. I tried with frozen raspberries, but my husband wasn’t keen on the seeds unfortunately!
    Mafalda ❤

  • I like the idea of pre making things! I’m nooooot a morning person so this is ideal for me!

  • Love the pre-made smoothie packs. Its a great idea.

  • Oh, the pre-made smoothie bag is SUCH a good idea, I’ll be trying that next time!

  • Lovely pictures, looks yum!


  • Love this!! I freeze bananas for smoothies all the time, but I need to start freezing greens, too, as they go off too fast for me otherwise! Thanks for the hint 🙂

  • Okay the peach raspberry smoothie looks amazing. I think I need to try that immediately. And I love the pre-made smoothie packs! Such a great idea. Thank you for sharing!


  • Super smart idea about freezing ahead of time. Thanks for the tips & recipes. Have a good evening.

  • I’m so into this post! I just got my wisdom teeth out and can’t eat solid food so this gives me food to look forward to! 🙂

  • that looks so delicious! definitely should try that sometime 🙂


  • Try blending a frozen banana, almond or peanut butter, coconut milk, a few chopped dates and a little ice. I love it for breakfast before/after a morning run!

  • I make frozen bags too, they’re so convenient !

    your combos look delicious

  • Haha, we have the same method except that I dont label them. Your smoothies look delicious! Will have to try a recipe.


    Peonies and American Honey

  • Yum! Peach + frozen greek yogurt sounds amazing! And I love the idea of pre-packaging your smoothies!! Such a great idea!

    x Sara from

  • I LOVE the idea of having a pre-made pack! I’ve just been throwing my spinach and blueberries straight into the freezer. I cut the tops off my strawberries and stick those into the freezer, too. This is such a good idea, though, to have all of the ingredients in one place to put into a blender/processor at once!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • Yes, I’ve seen the pre-made smoothie packs swirling around Pinterest for months now. Very convenient and quick to whip up!

  • Ahhhh, I’m on a constant smoothie kick. Also, love the idea of the premade bags!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Yum, got to love smoothies! I really like the idea of freezer packs for them too, since it would make it much easier to make before work if I don’t have to chop fruit and veggies!

  • I’ve just started a smoothie kick myself and glad you did a post all about them! Look forward to trying some of these mmmmm!!

    Lulu xx

  • YUM!!! I love the idea of creating pre-made smoothie bags and freezing them for later when you need them on hand!

  • i’m a big smoothie maker- it’s the only way I can get my kid to eat veggies! I would love to see more recipe ideas using veggies (that don’t taste like veggies!)

  • I’ve tried making them with ice, and they turned out even more refreshing! Perf for the summer heat. 🙂

  • I’m not a big smoothie person, but I want to try more. And putting the ingredients in a bag and freezing is a wonderful idea…


  • I love that you posted this. I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie kick myself (must be the time of year…?) and I needed some new recipes!

  • Yum yum yum! All these recipe smoothies look delicious! I’ll have to try them asap!

    Simply Akshara

  • Loved the recipes. Perfect for summer. I’m gonna try it for sure. 😀

  • uh, thank you! 😀 I’m smoothie-freak, I make one every day with peaches and milk! Delicious! And I’m gonna try theese, too 😀


  • These look so tasty. Pre-made smoothie packs are a brilliant idea! I’ll definitely be implementing those in my kitchen.


  • The little smoothie packs are such a great idea! I’ve been enjoying smoothies for breakfast all summer long.

  • Such a great idea to do the packs so things are easier to make and also you know how much you are putting it!

  • I love smoothies, but I have a hard time putting vegetables in them, not because of the taste, but because I’d rather have them in a savory dish! We eat a lot of veggies, so we don’t need to supplement them in a smoothie. I make a smoothie each morning with frozen berries from Costco (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry), 1 banana, 1 orange, frozen yogurt, and water.

  • Mmm, these sound great. I just posted a combo for a blended drink of peaches, almond milk and honey today, but my version has rum in it! It’s optional of course, but oh so good.

    I love your idea of pre-making a package of ingredients. brilliant.

    I’m new to the blended drink experience so will be trying out some of your combos for sure.

  • Fantastic ideas, I love making smoothies too! Do you freeze the packs?

  • That first recipe sounds divine! Love the pre-made packs. Such a great idea! Gotta use up this fresh produce before the weather gets colder! 🙂

  • I’m not really a smoothie person, but I always like to try out new things! The one with the raspberries and peaches I’m certainly going to give a go.

  • Just like you I have been on a major smoothie kick as well. Creating packs is a brilliant idea. Right I prep everything when I return from farmers market. I love freezing my bananas and other fruits. It’s my go too breakfast this summer.

  • YUM! I love smoothies and was making them every morning for a while. Unfortunately, our bedroom is right next to the kitchen in our apartment and since I wake up much earlier than my husband it was waking him up. I love the idea of doing the premade smoothie packs! Sounds like a good way to stay inspired to keep up the habit too, much too difficult to be creative with food when I’m starving in the am.

  • I love smoothies and these sound and look delicious! I’ll have to give them all a try.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Do you freeze the smoothie packs or just refrigerate? And how long do they stay fresh?

  • I absolutely love smoothies, but I usually go the lazy route and buy the Naked brand ones. I might have to try this bagging it together trick soon though!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  • Ooh what is frozen green yogurt? Love these recipes, I’m always getting creative with my smoothies! SO much fun! Thanks for some more inspiration! x Jen

  • I love the idea to put all the ingredients in a baggy. Saves time in the morning. YAY!

  • Those look great! My favorite I make at home is spinach, kale, strawberries, blackberries, oats, and honey.


  • Yummy! Do you have to do anything special to the spinach and bananas so they don’t turn brown and witty? I’ve been freezing all my berries, but haven’t frozen anything else. Thanks!

  • This is such a great blogpost and such an awesome idea about those pre-made packs!!! OMG love this so much. Thank you for sharing!

  • Yum! They look so good. Putting them in a plastic bag is a really good idea 🙂

  • Ah I’m loving smoothies at the moment, such a cool and quick breakfast. I love the peanut butter and spinach one, it’s one of my favourites, it’s just so tasty :).
    Cants wait to try the other flavours

  • Bagging yhe ingredients together is genius. I will need to do that every time I come home from the market. Those combos look awesome.

  • They all look yummy. Such an easy way to get fruit and veg into your every day diet 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Are you supposed to freeze the prepared bags? Because otherwise, how long will the fresh ingredients last, really, especially something leave-y like spinach…

  • frozen peaches + greek yogurt + almond milk = peaches and cream heaven. yum! i love adding avocado into my smoothies because it keeps me full for a longer period of time and i’m able to get nutritious fats into a snack/meal.


  • These sound yummy! I love making smoothies.
    But maybe you should proofread your posts a bit better…

  • Sounds and looks delicious! Just one question: do you freeze the smoothie packs? And if so, does spinach stay good after being frozen?

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