Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) While there are lots of pros and cons about moving from one place to another, it certainly becomes clear very quickly what you miss about your old place. For example, I didn’t realize until we started the moving process that we had an extraordinarily large walk-in closet in our last home. I mean, it was bigger than the bathroom it was connected to! I got used to having the extra space and I even made a little jewelry station in the old closet that kept all my accessories organized. I. Loved. It. However, the days of my walk-in closet are gone in our new 60s ranch, so I have to be a little more creative when it comes to organization. A jewelry station hidden behind a full length mirror was just the fix I needed! It takes up only inches more space than just the mirror would, but it keeps all my jewelry neat and tidy. Wanna make your own?

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-6′ x 3 1/2″ boards (I used 3 boards that were 3/4″ thick)
full length mirror
-wood screws
-super glue
D-Ring hangers (x2)
cabinet catch
2 1/2″ brass hinges (x4)
cup hooks
-removable wallpaper and X-Acto knife (optional)

So, basically you are going to make a frame that is the exact same size as your mirror, and your mirror will act as the door to the shelves inside. You can either have your wood cut at the home improvement store or use an inexpensive jig saw if you don’t have access to a miter saw. Cut two pieces of wood that are the exact length of your mirror. Cut four pieces of wood that will measure out to the exact width of your mirror once placed between the two long boards. (So if your wood is also 3/4″ thick, your short board measurement would be the width of mirror minus 1 1/2″ that accounts for the two 3/4″ boards on either side). Two of the boards will go at the top and bottom to complete your rectangle, and the other two can be placed anywhere in between to divide the space into three areas. If you want more shelves, just cut more boards!

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Once the boards are cut to size, use a power drill and wood screws to screw the boards into place from the outside edges of the long boards (you may want to pre drill the holes first if using hardwood to make it easier). Once your frame is complete, you can paint or stain your frame with as many coats as needed.

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) For hanging purposes, install your two D-ring hangers on the back of your wood frame about 4″ from the top of the frame.

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Before you hang your frame, install the right side of your brass hinges onto the left front edge of your wooden frame (or reverse the side if you want your door to open the opposite way). Close the hinges and place a few dollops of super glue on the top of each hinge. Quickly place the back of your mirror on top of the frame and let the glue set. The super glue will keep your hinges in place when you open the mirror as you would a door. The glue is only temporary, so once you know the mirror is placed right and the “door” opens well, screw the hinges into the back of the mirror to fully secure. Now you can hang your frame!

If you use a line of painter’s tape at the top (use a level to keep it straight) you can measure down 4″ from the top so you know where to put the drywall screws to hang the frame on.

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) To give the storage cabinet more personality, I added this adorable removable wallpaper to the back of the mirror. I used an X-Acto knife to trim around the hinges and cut parallel to the outside edges.

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Now that your cabinet is up, you can install your cup hooks into each shelf and a cabinet catch on the side to keep your mirror door closed when not in use. Add all your jewelry to the new hooks and pat yourself on the back!

Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) Totally Need This! Jewelry Storage Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial) It’s amazing how little space this system takes up on the wall, and yet when you open the door, there’s a whole world of accessories inside! I was excited to do this project to simply solve my necklace clutter problem, but I have to tell you that once it was all put together, it came out even better than I hoped it would. Hooray! I love that it’s also really customizable for how many compartments you want, how big each one is, how many hooks there are, etc. If you could use a little more storage space and organization in your bedroom, definitely give this one a try! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Love love love! Any suggestions on how to incorporate storage for stud & hook earrings?

  • Hello,

    I was very excited to tackle this project. I got all the way to the point of attaching the mirror with hinges. Unforunately, the Target mirror that you had a link for does not have a wood frame, making it impossible to drill in to. I doubt that the mirror will stay attached on the hinges with just glue. I hate to scrap the project so far in, but I may have wasted a lot of time and money : (

    • Hi! A frame doesn’t have to be wood to drill into (I drill into LOTS of materials), the original mirror that I linked and used is holding up just fine with the screws I used so it should work on that mirror even if it’s not wood 🙂 Laura

  • Love this idea and thinking could add shelves and a mirror inside for makeup.

  • Thank you so much for posting a step by step!!! I have been looking to do this inside my walk in closet. I would have never have thought the paper it either!!! Brilliant!

  • Hi Laura,

    Great post as always. Very much space saving it is . How much cost it would be for this jewelry storage?

  • I have already wanted to created something like that, but I’m so afraid that I will destroy the walls! Your result is seriously awesome!

    I like the leaf paper too!

    Best Regards,

  • In six weeks, we are moving to a new house that is big on space and low on storage options. This is exactly what I needed.

  • That’s actually a bookcase but we will be posting a DIY blanket ladder soon!

    Laura 🙂

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! I really need this since my necklaces always get tangled up on my tiny jewelry tree.

  • I am not crafty at all, but may attempt this super cute project. What are your bracelets stacked on? I have too many bracelets and don’t know how to store them! This jewelry cabinet is great. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! Such an amazing idea!! AS always great post!!


  • Hey guys,
    There’s a cool leaning ladder storage in the mirror — is it DIY?
    Could you please create something like that?

  • This looks SO good, Laura! You did an amazing job!

    x //

  • This is such a good idea and looks really nice.

  • This is seriously cool!!! Have to make it immediately!!
    xx, Kirsten

  • This is amazing! Also, I am entranced with those necklaces <3!

  • I love this!!!
    I really want one of the free-standing ones, but that isn’t very practical in our current home! I might have to have my boyfriend make me one of these for my birthday!


    Beth Mac Designs

  • very tempted to do this in my limited NYC apartment. Just as a side note, where did you get that planter from?

  • Wow, I love the palm leaf paper.
    – Becky x

  • Love this brilliance. Any way you can say what your cool shades with the pink lenses are? They are perfect!

  • I’ve actually seen something like this being sold at a shop but it was extremely overpriced! This DIY looks even better and doesn’t seem to cost as much!

  • Best of bothe worlds hers. A full length mirror and basically that much room jewelry safe too!

  • Have you thought of putting hooks on the inside of the jewelry cabinet door? Although mine was store bought, I love the extra hooks on the door as they almost double the amount of jewelry the cabinet holds.

    Hope this helps,

  • This is AMAZING. And inspirational and something I want to do!!! AHHH! LOVE IT. xoxo

  • OMG Laura you are a genius, an ABSOLUTE genius! I absolutely love every DIY you’ve done and your house is so perfect!
    I love this idea so much, can’t wait to try it!

  • OMG! Ok, so i never ever undergo any activity or DIY that could potentially require me to actually like…exert my effort and go out of my way. But this is so worth it! Definitely trying it out!

  • This is awesome. I love how you explain the steps – simple enough for someone who’s never worked with wood before to understand. Thanks for sharing!

  • wow
    amazing post and i hope more

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  • Love it! And that wallpaper is just amazing!!!

  • Such a wonderful idea as always – I love how you matched the pattern of the cabinet to your palm leaf pillow!

  • Love how the inside of it is papered. Little details like that the best!

  • Gorgeous, and I love that you incorporated the palm print again! You guys seriously need to check out The Greenbrier…their use of that print is absolutely fantastic 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • This is beautiful and so functional! I want to DIY this for my bedroom too, a must pin! I love the added touch with the leftover wall paper

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