Katrina’s Honey Themed Baby Shower

Honey Themed Baby Shower by A Beautiful MessThis weekend I hosted a baby shower for my beautiful sister-in-law, Katrina. When we first started planning the shower Katrina asked if we could have the peanut butter and honey cupcakes that Emma made for my wedding shower (they are pretty amazing). I loved the idea and decided to use the honey theme for her baby shower! Katrina is expecting a daughter in September and we could not be more excited! Here are a few snapshots from her baby shower… 

KatrinaKatrinaKatrinaThe invitations were illustrated by my pal Kelli Murray (you can order them in her Etsy shop). I'm in love with the little honey details. 

Peanut Butter and Honey Cupcakes by A Beautiful MessPeanut Butter and Honey Cupcakes by A Beautiful MessThe shower was held at my favorite local restaurant, Aviary Cafe and Creperie. They have the most delicious food ever. 

Mama + papa + baby bear : Baby Shower Detail by A Beautiful MessMama + papa + baby bear : Baby Shower Detail by A Beautiful MessMama + papa + baby bear : Baby Shower Detail by A Beautiful MessPicking a favoriteHere's the cutest story of the day… My six year old nephew was told by my mother-in-law that he was going to stay home for the shower because "baby showers are only for girls". He was a little upset that our niece was invited and he wasn't. He disappeared into the other room and came back with his own hand drawn invitation to the baby shower. It was so cute that he got to come to the shower… and all our hearts melted! 

Honey Baby Shower detailsHoney Baby Shower detailsHoney Baby Shower detailsKatrina had plenty of help opening her gifts… ha! 

Elsie + katrina + shariElsie + katrina + shariElsie + katrina + shariElsie + katrina + shariThe kids loved filling their bags with candy. I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part… 

Honey jar topsHoney jar topsThe grownups took home honey favors. I made mason jars with vintage textile details on the lids and honey bears with feather bees. 

It was a very fun sunday afternoon. I love Katrina so much. I will never forget at my bachelorette party she told me about her baby fever and then the day we found out the good news! It's so special to see our family growing and it was wonderful to celebrate together. XO. elsie 

  • This is so beautiful! My friends daughters name is Honey, this would have been a wonderful baby shower for her 🙂

  • I LOVE this little set up that you all have. My husband and I are about to open a store (with food and snacks) and I could so see something like this selling honey bears, sticks and local honey in it. I love how you make these little shabby table set ups and I remember Emma you had pictures of them on your old blog but I can not find that now..

  • Whoops, the above comment should have read, “Baby showers are for girls….” typo!

  • Baby showers of for girls only when the mommy of two little very active boys would like a little “grown-up” time to relax and visit with other adults.
    But mommy relented at their disappointment at not going, and the boys were very good and it was all fine.

  • ahh! i love this theme! i’ve been keeping kelli in mind to do my invitations for a couple years now. hopefully i won’t have to wait too much longer!

  • It is so awesome when people do something original. I love every aspect of this theme.

  • looks gorgeous and so yummy, what a lovely shower.


  • Soooooo cute!!!!!
    All the best to the future mama :)!


  • I stumbled upon your blog after reading your DIY from TresChicMama and boy, am I glad I did! You have a beautiful site, and this is one of the coolest baby showers I have seen- hands-down. I love the entire concept.

    Really well done! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts in the future!


  • what a sweet(no pun intended) looking party, Elsie. You’re sister-in-law is glowing and I love the story about your nephew. 🙂

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  • If I could have had a shower for my second baby this winter, I would have wanted you to design it! My baby’s nursery theme is black and white (I made b/w polka dotted curtains myself) and I have my own handmade bib and burp cloth roses (https://www.etsy.com/listing/103578824/3-bib-and-burp-cloth-roses-create-your) on his shelf. They have little felt honey bees on honey sticks planted with them. Now all I need is to indulge in a delicious peanut butter honey cupcake 🙂

  • I’m wishing all the best to Katrina. Your honey themed shower is simple beautiful, Elsie.

  • Love this idea! Especially the papa, mama, and baby bear bottles. Saw it on Pinterest and thought it was too cute! Themes showers are the best! And what better theme for summer than honey…

  • What a cute idea! I love it!!


  • All the shower details were so sweet! And the stationary… ABSOLUTELY adorable!

  • This is very sweet! I love all the photos, and the stories put a smile on my face!

  • This was the cutest and tastiest theme ever! I love love love honey, especially local ones (we have a local college that sells delicious honey) and honey sticks always remind me of childhood and sticky memories.

  • This is absolutely darling. I’m filing this away for the next time I need to throw a baby shower! (or any kind of party, really!) Too cute!

  • I really like this idea; so simple but so well done and put together with all the details.

  • You are a beyond-sweet sister-in-law! The party is beautiful and it looks like a great time! Love the off-beat theme and all of the special details 🙂

  • Love everything i see in this posts


  • Omg this is sooo cute! Makes me want to throw a shower. Come on friends now, someone get pregnant asap! 🙂

  • Super sweet. – I love the idea of putting fabric onto the caps of the mason jars.

  • This is absolutely fabulous–I’m planning a bridal shower for one of my best friends and she wants a Southern-style wedding and so I’m going to use some of your decorating and use it for inspiration to create a chic, Southern style bridal shower. Thank you!!

  • Looks incredible! I love all the special touches. -Heidi

  • What a lovely baby shower, you did a fab job, love the honey bee theme 🙂

  • This looks like such a great time! I love that your nephew wanted to go so badly! That’s so sweet 🙂

    xoxo Sarah

  • yummy honey ! i love these pics, congrats for your blog !!
    have a look on mine,


  • every single detail is just amazing. Way too cute and eye-catching. I just cannot take my eyes off those beautiful pictures. I also admire how you guys take effort preparing that well.


  • Guys, this is TOO cute! So many things I am loving in these pictures, the little bear bottles with the labels-sweet touch xx

  • I love the honey theme! Such a creative and original idea!
    And everything looks delicious ! Those golden colors are so beautiful!
    love, Saar!

  • You should show is the hand made invite by your nephew! so so sweet ha! nice shower…so much inspiration..i want my friends to start getting married and having babies so i can throw them parties like this~

  • Everything is so cute! This makes me want to throw a baby shower if only I had some pregnany friends 😉
    I love the Rock candy swizzle sticks. I recently purchased a heap for my next cocktail party. Apparently they work instead of sugar for tea and coffee too. So cute!
    Great post as usual

    Becky, K.


  • I’ve never been to a women only baby shower, but rather unisex ones where even the husband can enjoy it all (rightfully so!). Honestly it’s 2012… boys should be allowed to attend!

  • Elsie, you’re going to HAVE to do one of my showers someday. Just too pretty!


  • This is so so cute! And I’m a total honey addict! Creative props 🙂


  • What a sweet theme & set up!
    looked like you ladies (& your little nephew! so cute) had a wonderful time

  • what a cool theme and cute little details!
    Those invites were really sweet.


  • What a great idea!! The honey theme couldn’t be cuter- and so original! Love it!

  • I have been friends with the Larsons since Mark and I were in Kindergarten together…can’t tell you how much fun it is to see them all on your site. Just beautiful for a baby shower and I am so excited for Katrina!

  • this is such an original & darling shower idea! the journal girl inside me hopes someone saved his made by him, handmade shower invitation. that story is sweet.

    i like the photos of your past & present rooms on everyday elsie. congrats on your new home. 🙂

  • You are a genius, Elsie Larson! The Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear honey bottles kill me!
    Love all the sweet details here. How loved your sister-in-law must feel!

  • That is absolutely lovely!


  • Lovely….this would be a cute theme for a wedding shower too!

    Twintage ~ twintageblog.com

  • I am drooling over those cupcakes…do you think there’s a chance Emma will ever share the recipe or make them for the Red Velvet shop? They look absolutely delicious! And that looks like an adorable baby shower; I’m loving the invites 🙂

  • Aww I wish I could have been there. Glad I got to finally see a picture of the baby bump. Everyone looks wonderful!

  • Awesome. I love the black and white striped candy paper bags, and letting the kids fill them up themselves! Will save that one up my sleeve for my big boy’s birthday later this year…
    Ronnie xo

  • That is such a beautiful idea! I love all of the wonderful afternoon themed (tastefully) type parties! I bet she had a fantastic time and what a great story to tell your new niece!

  • I’ve been away without internet for a Whole Week! I’ve soooo missed my daily catch up over here :o) this party looks totally gorge, would love to know how you made those fab honey jar lids … xx

  • I really love theme parties! This one is such a fun idea and you executed it beautifully! It was all in the details. Great pictures.

  • this is beautiful! i love the idea of a honey-themed shower.


  • Very nice! beautiful setting.


  • i thin you might throw the cutest parties i’ve ever seen!
    i love the theme, such a great idea for a shower 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • Yum!! Those illustrations are too die for! So cute! I may just have to jump over and visit her stuff.
    I also love all the black and white stripes of the bags and her dress. Very graphic.
    Gracie B

  • Aww, this looks like a wonderful time!

    Jennie x

  • Have you submitted this to Kara’s Party Ideas (http://karaspartyideas.com/)? It’s so fun!

  • Love everything about this shower! So cute!


  • Absolutely adorable!! Love the glittered letter and the bear honey family!! Super idea!!

  • What a great idea! It’s so cozy and fun; and I’ve never seem another baby shower like it. Best wishes to the whole family!

  • Love it! There is something so cute and breezy about bee related things. I think it is the classic yellow and black stripe. I love the idea of honey as party favors, because honey is the most versatile, delicious thing ever!



  • I love the honeybee theme and the tricked-out mason jars. Lots of ideas swirling in my head.



  • I love the theme and setup! Everything looks great; y’all are so creative. (:

  • you should do tips for your followers who (like me) are just getting out into the real world. I’m going to college out-of-state and moving out (from north Louisiana to south Florida) very soon.

  • those invitations are adorable…did you create them yourselves or find them and fill them in somehow?? i love the idea of taking a simple item…like honey…and creating an entire shower around that idea and color scheme. i have a baby shower that I am throwing coming up and i want the theme to be paper cranes….thanks for getting my head ticking in the right direction. I love the honey as the shower favor too-super sweet;)

  • What a beautiful Shower. I’m throwing my sister a baby shower next
    Into and need to up my game… Lol. Is your friend sharing her cupcake recipe perchance? I’d love to bake those!

  • Your attention to detail is really inspiring. I love that small details can help to make an event like this even more special. Also love the invitations!

  • This is the sweetest theme (PUN!) and I want to eat all of the goodies. Congratulations to the future mother 🙂 GAH! So. Cute.


  • Your get-togethers always are so special. You are amazing at planning these things – love the theme!


  • Baby showers are definitely not just for girls. Why shouldn’t little boys be included in the process? They’ll probably be dads one day. But I also think dads should be at baby showers.

  • Oh my goodness what a cute set up! Everything looked so great. I threw my sister in a law a bridal shower this weekend also! You can check my blog out for the pictures, also I wish they were as nice as yours!

  • Incredibly creative, I love it! The honey bears are so cute – they were my favourite thing when I visited the US when I was 5 🙂

  • What an adorable idea for a theme! I love the papa bear mama bear baby bear honey bears 🙂 SO adorable! The invitations are too cute… Everything looked so beautiful as always, Elsie! Great job!


  • This is so super cute- such a good theme too! Honey would also be an awesome name for a little girl x


  • This soooooo sweet!!! Like honey sweet! 😉


  • It’s nice to see an out of the box (blue for boy, pink for girl) shower party !

  • oh how sweet! I just may have to steal that idea in a few years 🙂

  • Everything is prepared in every single detail! It s beautiful great job!


  • Abby- the invites are by Kelli Murray. She sells them in her Etsy shop. 🙂

  • This is such a unique concept for a baby shower, and the execution is lovely!

  • I was in Springfield for a job interview about a year ago and had lunch at Aviary! Sadly, it did not end up being the right opportunity, because I LOVED Springfield and Aviary!

  • Love honey theme (especially the decorate jars and the honey bear family)! You put on quite a party! My heart melted a bit when you told me about your nephew drawing up his own invitation! How incredibly sweet!

  • Elsie, you have really outdone yourself on this one! Such a different theme that turned out to be really sweet. Love it all!

  • It looks amazing, I love the honey theme, and those invites are beautiful! You are incredible, you always seem to create the most magical parties!

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