Try This: Wrapping Gifts with Fabric Lace

Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!Hi guys and gals! It’s Mandi here, from Making Nice in the Midwest. Finding the perfect gift for my creative friends is quite the tricky task. But once I’ve found the gift, the fun really begins! Gift wrapping! I’ll be honest, I don’t put too much thought into gift wrapping for Christmas presents, unless it’s for someone who will appreciate it. It’s just too much work for an already busy time of year, so I just stick with basic wrapping and a bow. But for my friends who are designers, wedding planners, and artists? They get the good stuff.

This year I thought I’d try out something especially decadent and wrapped a few special gifts with gorgeous jewel toned lace fabric and coordinating satin ribbons. It wasn’t the easiest wrapping job I’ve ever done, so I’ll share some tips I figured out along the way.Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!

Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!Tip #1: Use similar color paper and lace. This keeps the overlapping layers of lace on the sides of the package from drawing too much attention. Otherwise, it can look a bit messy. If you already have paper you like, bring a little square of it with you to the fabric store. Or, if you already have scrap pieces of lace on hand, bring those with you to buy wrapping paper.

Tip #2: Use straight pins to hold the lace in place. As you might imagine, tape doesn’t stick too well to lace. In fact, it really doesn’t stick at all. So I wouldn’t recommend using tape on the lace layer of wrapping. Instead, where either side of the lace meets, use a straight pin to keep the fabric together until the bow is put into place.

Tips #3: Use a wide ribbon for a neater presentation. Make sure the overlaping lace is in line with where the ribbon will be. It’s helpful, to keep things looking tidy, to use a wider ribbon for this lace wrapping technique. After the bow has been tied tightly, don’t forget to remove the straight pins, so your special recipient isn’t stabbed while he or she opens the gift! That would make this gift memorable for all the wrong reasons.Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!

Make your gifts a little fancier by wrapping them in lace!My favorite color combo was the small gift with dark fuschia purple paper covered in hot pink lace with a matching fuscia ribbon. I think pink and red would be a great color combo to try too! If you don’t like the idea of buying lace fabric from the store, you might try seeing if you can find some nice old lace dresses or curtains at the thrift store and do a little snip snip to the get right size pieces you need.

Happy gift wrapping! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson

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