Laura’s Bedroom (Before + After!)

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) It’s finally here — my first room tour of our new Nashville house!! We moved in 8 months ago, and I’m just starting to get to the point where a few rooms are “done”, and while I have so many more rooms to go, it’s great to have our bedroom finally put together. Wanna see what it looked like beforehand?

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) While I am a big fan of midcentury houses, I have to admit that some of the ranches can be tough to work with. Our house has the classic 60s bedroom characteristics of low ceilings and small windows that are placed high on the wall. I guess they did that so people would have more options of where to place their furniture in the room, but it’s not my favorite feature. You’d be amazed at how much character high ceilings and large windows add to a room, so when you don’t have either, it just feels like you are standing in a boring little box. I have to say that I was pretty stumped for a while on how I was going to add some life and charm to the space, but based on how the room makes me feel now, I would say I did a pretty good job (pats self on back)!

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) I love the palm print wallpaper I chose for the accent wall (it’s from CB2 but no longer available), and it’s removable. So it’s an easy switch if we ever change our mind. I got two giant fiddle leaf figs for a steal a few months back, and this guy was the perfect size to add some greenery to this corner.

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) I built this shelf box to be the same size as our awkwardly placed window and to balance out the wall. I’m so glad that I did. It really helps the bed feel centered on the wall, and I get a place for plants and knickknacks (gold hand is from Hobby Lobby and The Royal Tenenbaums prints are from Etsy). Isn’t sleeping Mac the sweetest? I didn’t even have to coax him to be in the photos. He just jumped up on his own and fell asleep…

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) These midcentury-inspired brass task lamps (similar here) are perfect for the nightstands (which also got a makeover when we moved). I love how the brass stands out against the black and white palm print and the shape is perfect for that throwback feel.

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) It’s been fun to collect vintage books for the house (in the right colors of course), and I give myself extra bonus points for funny/cool titles. My favorites right now are my Encyclopedia Browns (totally read those growing up), the French version of The Little Prince that I got when I was a teenager, and my very own copy of Do Cats Think? from my future sister-in-law, Sarah. I believe the short answer to that one is, “Duh, but that doesn’t mean they will listen to you…” Still love the skull bookends I made a few years ago too!

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) One of the biggest changes to the room came whenever we replaced the ugly ceiling fan with this beautiful brass chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric. Changing out a basic light with something more fun makes such a difference, and it’s always one of my favorite moments when renovating a space. Also that pink hand print is probably my favorite art in the house right now.

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) I can’t tell you enough how much I am in love with our closet doors! This DIY of adding trim to plain wooden doors came out even better than I could have dreamed, and they are first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning. LOVE! The faux sheepskin rug is actually two rugs that I combined to make one big one. The scalloped edges bring some nice curves to the space.

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) One of the first things I wanted to do when we moved was get a new mattress. When I saw what poor shape our mattress was in once we got it off the moving truck (it was already super old, not the truck’s fault!), I resolved to remedy that situation quickly! We got a new mattress from Casper, and I love it! It’s the first new mattress I’ve ever had, so it makes me feel like a real grown up. I was trying to find the perfect duvet cover for our new bed for weeks when I found this abstract print cover that was just what the doctor ordered. Those fluffy pink throw pillows are basically a dream come true — pink and fluffy for the win!

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) How cute is this little face vase? It just makes me so happy (the other items are Target FYI).

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) This hanging jewelry storage DIY (with a mirror on the front) has been such a lifesaver for me! I get the full length mirror I need on the front and lots of space to hang and store jewelry and sunglasses inside. You know I love that palm print!

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) These pastel cactus prints help add that extra Palm Springs vibe to the room. When in doubt, add a cactus, amiright??

Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) Laura's bedroom tour before + after (click through for more!) I had to restrain myself from adding like 10 more sleeping kitty pics. He’s was such a good kitty model that day!! And to answer the question I always get anytime I share my house, I’m lucky enough that my cats are not interested in eating our plants or flowers. They are, however, interested in my Greek yogurt and pizza, but not plant eaters, so I don’t have to worry about where I place plants around the house. Anyway, refinishing the floors in a dark stain and painting the walls a bright white really helped give the space a fresh look as well (all the white in my house is just untinted paint BTW — it’s as white as it gets!). I know white can feel a little boring at times, but having the white walls helps the color that is there (like the mint doors) really stand out and pop! Hope you guys have enjoyed this look into our new house! I can’t wait to show you more rooms soon! xo. Laura

Credits//Author: Laura Gummerman.Photography: Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Niice !! I love this room so much! She really did an amazing job ^^

  • Ok I mentioned that my taste was very different than yours on your office chair post but damn! this bedroom is gorgeous! I mean, the wallpaper is so cool, love the shelf you made to match the window (genius idea and visually stunning), I’m still not a fan of pink but mint on the other hand, can’t get enough of it so those closet doors are lovely! Plus I love cacti. surprisingly, I only have a tiny little one from Sedona I got as a gift! Those cactus prints are just great (want!). Anyway, I love that room!

  • Wow, I simply love the talent that you have to change an atmosphere with a few things. It look so nice !

  • How adorable! This gives me such a great idea for our guest bedroom!

  • What an amazing taste you have for design! I wish you could come and design my whole flat. This is gorgeous 🙂
    Lucy xoxo

  • I love the idea of using the shelving unit as a counter to the window for an even backboard above her bed. Great idea. Loving this room a lot.

  • The wallpaper with the pops of gold. We are swooning here.
    The bedroom is just fantastic. Simple and bright.

  • Where is the plant stand that the cactus is in from? Love the room it’s beautiful, now to convince my husband to paint our closest doors;).


  • Thanks for the tip! I want to buy white paint soon for a house I’m buying and I’m going to use just the base color, so I don’t end up with a tint.


  • What a beautiful room! Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for the tip about the white paint. I’m buying a house and I want WHITE walls. I think I’m going to do the same thing, so I don’t end up with a tint.


  • I LOVE this and would like to thank your cat for honoring me with his appearances.

  • I have been looking for plant stands like the ones you have. Can you tell me where you got them please? Thanks!

  • My husband loves it! He’s not intimidated by pink (he loves soft fluffy things too) and besides, pink used to be a super masculine color anyways:

    Laura 😉

  • I usually just use the valspar untinted paint! Easy peasy!

    Laura 😉

  • Good question! We have curtains that go over the windows the sun come in (over the dresser) but I do want to get some slim pull down shades eventually 🙂


  • I love this room so much! She really did an amazing job!


  • I put plants in lots of different light situations and even if I know there’s not enough light for it, I’ll at least enjoy it as long as it lives! You never really know how they are going to do…

    Laura 🙂

  • Gorgeous room Laura! You might have mentioned this in an earlier post, but what color / brand white did you use? I’m constantly struggling to find one that makes the room look as bright as it does here!

  • Hi Laura, where did you get the wood tray that holds bags of coffee on the bottom of the ABM coffee cart you featured in March 2014?

  • Hi Laura! I can’t tell from the photos, but did you do a window covering? We have this exact same room setup in our ranch, with high small windows and I don’t want to cover them exactly, so I can let in light, but need some sort of privacy. The window shape is hard to deal with! 🙂 What do you use? Thank you and beautiful room makeover! Looks so cosy.

  • I’m having serious room envy right now! Wow Laura. What an amazing job this is. It makes me want to redo and redecorate my room stat.

  • Laura, you are my idol! I couldn’t even tell how small the windows were till I saw the before, and the mint green doors are just dreamy!

  • Great job, Laura! You really have a knack for making a house into a home. The room looks fantastic, in keeping with your personal style, very well put together and also warm and inviting.

  • OBSESSED with this!!! Love all the details and thought. Its inspiring me to redo my bedroom 🙂

  • Love it! My favorite parts…the closet doors, the pillows and the light fixture. You did a great job!

  • Hey Laura,
    Needless to say that your style is impeccable. I am a fan of golden/bronzy things myself and might be stealing a plenty of your projects. In my opinion this style is super girly and feminine, so how do men react to it and how does your “SO” like it?

  • Clicked on the ling and literally said WOW! I love it, such a big difference. So many DIY’ed things to balence out some of the more expensive items like that awesome, splurge worthy ceiling fixture. It feels so light and airy with perfect high contrast items like your dresser. Yes! I love it, puts my bedroom to shame. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go make my bed right now so I don’t feel too bad, ha!

  • Its nice however it feels over designed to me. I would have liked to see some natural wood elements to warm up the space. Maybe sanding the floors and sealing them in their natural state.

  • Such a pretty bedroom. Love the combination of the pastels, gold and green of the plants. And yes, you certainly did well in a room with small windows and low ceiling.

  • Laura, are you ever tempted to colour in your wallpaper. Maybe just a corner?

  • This looks simply amazing, you have such a great talent! I love the golden details!

  • Ah! Room makeovers! My favourite! I love all the little details and the DIYs. And the room looks so light and bright despite the high small windows. I always worry that my plants won’t get enough light unless they’re right next to a window, although I suppose it depends on the plant. How are your plants doing?

  • You freakin aced it! Personal favs are wall/window box idea, wallpaper find, and trimmed (I did that to plain closet doors too!) green doors. Love your cactus prints. Those are so very In right now!

  • This is such a minor detail, but where did you get the pictures of the Tenebaums? I love how you have them in two separate frames!

  • Yep! He likes pink too and I don’t think colors should be limited to gender. Pink used to be considered more masculine color for boys anyways:

    Laura 🙂

  • Oh, I love that you used a wallpaper..that’s my new infatuation 🙂

  • Looks like you are having a lot of fun with your blog! Keep it up!

    Laura 🙂

  • It is really comfortable! It’s been fall and winter but so far I don’t find it hot and you do sink in (but not as much as memory foam toppers I would say). We like it a lot!

    Laura 🙂

  • I love this wall paper! The rug looks so comfy and the throw pillows are just right 🙂

  • This was such a great before & after! Her bedroom is so pretty and bright now! Haha I need to use this as inspiration to actually decorate properly.

  • Oh my gosh, I love your room!!!! I’m in love, I wish I have a room like that!

  • Beautiful transformation! So thrilled to see my Margot and Richie Tennenbaum prints featured! You can link to my Etsy shop here


  • Love the room transformation! Great idea to add that shelf! Can I ask you how low your ceilings are? That light looks amazing in there with lower ceilings.

  • I have a bedroom similar to yours with the low ceilings and small windows. It’s the only bedroom in the house with the small windows. I’m not a fan of them either. I absolutely love what you’ve done with your space, right down to all the little details. It’s not exactly my design taste but you’ve given me some ideas to work with.

  • you’re giving me inspiration to put more plants in my room!

  • Obsessed with those skull bookends. I also have a blog and I really think it will resonate with you ladies. Would love to get your feedback 🙂 xoxo

  • Those pink throw pillows have totally pulled on my heartstrings and I adore the wallpaper!

  • Love your room and also your cat 🙂 I wouldn’t have minded more sleeping cat photos, I know how hard it is to resist the urge when your cat curls up like that.

  • My favorite feature of the room was the wall paper until I scrolled further and saw the closet doors!!! I love everything about them – the trim, the color! Pure perfection!!

    XO – Sarah

  • So many amazing details <3 I love it ;9 its sooo much better that before ^^
    I love the mint details and the wallpaper is gorgeous … just to too sure about those cushions 😉
    Great work ^^ I really like the colours

  • Great job Laura, I love the floors! The duvet is cool, really similar to a style Kip & Co did awhile back.
    For some more cacti/ desert prints try these:

  • Where is the bed from!? Looking for a simple upholstered bed, and this one fits the bill.


  • Laura, what a beautiful transformation. I’m not a fan of low ceilings and small windows either but you did such a great job in this room that those two things aren’t even visible that much. I’m in love!
    I was very curious to check out Casper mattress. I have never heard of them before but I’m actually on the hunt for a USA-made mattress without all the chemicals. I was nicely surprised that the price isn’t as high as I had expected! How is the new mattress though? Is it comfortable, hot, does it sink? I’m not sure if you wrote anything more on it before but I would be interested to hear more!
    Thanks so much!

  • This has to be every little girls dream room. Love the mint closet doors. Adorable. Great work!

  • Wow
    love the color palet of this bedroom and the details,
    Jewelry organitation is amazing

  • I love how bright the room turned out! Great job with those high,small windows!

  • Wow, this is amazing. So instagram worthy! You’re giving me so much inspiration girl!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • Love the wallpaper and the plants 🙂

  • Such a pretty colour scheme! Everything fits together so beautifully. I love the plants and the gold accents!

    xo, Rowan

  • This is so cute, love all of the pastel colours

  • Wow this is amazing! I love the colours in this room and the lovely closet doors! 🙂

  • I am in love with your new bedroom, such a transformation! The wallpaper is stunning and all the little details are just perfect, I’m feeling really inspired to decorate mine now! xx

    Chloé Harriets
    a href=””>Chloé Harriet

  • Oh man. My cat doesn’t eat plants, but will happily knock anything off anything. Swatting at my necklaces, pulling books off bookshelves, and basically wacking anything wackable is her favorite way to wake me up

  • Her bedroom is gorgeous! Love it so much! It looks so bright and and that definitely makes the room look more spacious! Love it! That purse hanging from the closet door is so cute! I would love to know where she got that! 🙂

  • The mystery of the duvet SOLVED! Love it!
    Know what you mean about white! I just picked out a white the other day and it is definitely in the PURPLE white family. You can’t really tell unless you get it on the trim. Which I did. Ugh.

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