Laura’s Guest Bathroom (Before + After!)

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) When you have a whole house to renovate, it can be kind of tough to decide which rooms to do first. I mean, it’s a pretty big to-do list but you eventually have to start somewhere, right? I basically tried to do our bedroom and front living room first so that we would have a finished space to sleep and hang out in. Good idea. I eventually started to realize though that while we had a good hangout area for guests, they were also most likely getting to see our guest bathroom while they were visiting, which was by far my least favorite room in the house. Once I had that realization, I decided that the bathroom should be next on the list for a makeover — for sure!

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) You can probably see why the bathroom felt a bit depressing in the “before” stage. Brown walls, yellowed cabinets, stock mirror and light fixture… you get the idea. I just wanted it to feel brighter and have more personality. To be honest, I REALLY wanted to change the tile floor (it goes all the way into the shower/tub area), but it just wasn’t in the budget. I know it may look like a perfectly fine neutral tile to some people, but I really hate brown/tan, so it drives me kind of crazy! I just keep telling myself that it’s at least better than a really bright color that I hated, right??

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) I gave the existing cabinets a fresh coat of bright white paint (just untinted high-gloss white) and switched out the cheap looking silver handles with these beautiful simple brass pulls from Schoolhouse Electric. The bright white feels so much cleaner with the pretty brass accents, and it creates a nice contrast with the existing black stone countertop.

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) It was really hard to find a long bathmat runner that was the right length for the room, but this black and white runner fits perfectly and adds a little more pattern to the space as well.

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) I always like to keep cotton pads out for nail polish removing, but it’s nice to have some cute canisters (from Target) where you can hide those types of bathroom items. A gold soap dispenser doesn’t hurt either!

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!)The original bathroom light had a single light centered over the mirror. That’s not really my favorite placement to begin with, and I couldn’t find a light that I liked for that configuration either, so I thought it would be worth it to move the setup around a bit. I had the existing light box removed and covered over and two more added so the lights would be on either side of the mirror. That giant mirror was glued to the wall (pretty common so they won’t fall), and so I had to have it broken off the wall and the wall patched before I could paint anything. Even though it cost a few hundred dollars to do, I am so much happier with how it looks now. It was definitely worth it!

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) I knew if we were removing the old mirror, I would obviously need another one. I chose this simple round mirror to replace it and I really love it! It’s simple and clean and the black rubber edge helps balance out the black countertop too. I wanted the new lights to be sleek with a touch of gold, and after hours searching online, I thought I’d give these sconces a try. I like that they fit the gold and white trend but have a different shape from what I’ve been seeing lately — YAY! To compliment the brass pulls and lights, I found an inexpensive gold faucet. I was a little worried because I know other people that have had terrible plumbing problems with cheap faucets, but ours seems great so far!

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) For a touch of color (and to break up the wall print a bit) I hung this vintage-looking art print. Of course being the matching nerd that I am, it makes me so happy that the blush in the sunset just happens to match the towels perfectly. GIVE ME ALL THE MATCHING!

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) I am still obsessed with these DIY lucite towel holders from a few weeks back. They were probably the easiest DIY I’ve done in the whole house yet one of my faves. Don’t you love when that happens??

Love this guest bathroom makeover (click through for before + after photos!) OK, so you are probably wondering, “YEAH, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PATTERN ON THE WALLS??” Well, first, thank you for asking, and second, they are a DIY that I’ll be sharing with you soon! It’s obviously one of my favorite things about the room, and the cost to do it was almost nothing (maybe that’s also why it’s a favorite). I’m so excited to finally have a bright and happy space for guests to use and the transformation still makes me smile every time I see inside when I walk down the hall. I definitely have some work to do in our master bathroom. I can tell it’s totally feeling jealous now! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Ok, so I know this is a late comment, but when re-painting cabinets like this, did you have to sand them in place and then paint? Or did you just paint over what was there? I have a cabinet I want to repaint but the material is wood but a bit glossy.

  • Such a wonderful makeover! I love it.
    And I totally get your feelings about beige/tan tiles. I had them in my bathroom, too. I used up the tile paint from my kitchen-reno in the bathroom – and it worked on the floor, too! So far, it held up to the daily wear.

  • Wow! The difference is outstanding! I love how all the colours are complemetning each other. The desing looks so ‘fresh’ and girly at the same time, love it!

    Have a lovely day

  • Okay I don’t know what’s up with everyone else but I am OBSESSED with the eyes on the wall!!! I’ve been checking back every day to see when the DIY post goes up so I can do it in my own home.. I’m tempted to try it myself this weekend but I know I should wait for the directions and do it the right way 🙂

  • Very cute! I love that is a little quirky, and still pretty. 🙂

  • So did I. But I love the rest. Painting the hinges made them disappear. I didn’t notice them till I read a comment someone else wrote. Great job on your bath.

  • I love it! The eyes on the walls are so cute!! The rug is amazing also:)
    xo dré

  • ooooo I love the finished look, the gold detailing is amazing!

  • You are right of course, thank you for the reminder. I do love everything else about the room though. 🙂

  • Yep, it is a personal taste thing. I find pure white to be clean and fresh and makes colors pop, it’s tan and browns that make me feel boring and sterile 🙂


  • This room is lovely! I happen to like those eye details. It’s quirky but makes the space all the more interesting.

  • I think the eyes on the wall look really cool and kind of Aztec. It never even occurred to me that they could be seen as ‘creepy’!

  • amazing job! i love the runner in front of the vanity.

  • Guh! So beautiful! It’s amazing how white paint can really brighten up a space and I am just in love with the round mirror!

  • Love this. You can really transform a space. I love that you have a definite style. It’s very cool seeing something and immediately knowing its one of your projects. 🙂 and pay no mind to the mean comments about your wall. So rude, especially after you said it was one of your favorite parts of the room. I think it’s great!

  • Everything always looks so nice but I have noticed that you often paint everything white. Personal taste of course but it just seems so sterile to me. Like a surgery or Dr.’s office.

  • How did you paint the cabinets? Did you have to stripe/sand the originals?

  • I love the transformation. However, I’m not a fan of the eyes on the wall – though, they are a quirky/interesting feature.

  • I love what you did with your bathroom Laura. Especially the pattern on the walls.. Can’t wait for the DIY!!

  • YOU GUYS! There is no right or wrong in decorating. It’s ok to have your own taste, but using words like “creepy” or “distracting” is super rude. This isn’t just a project for your to critique, this is her actual home that she’s inviting you into on a tour.

    Please filter your comments with the courtesy and respect that you would use in real life. #manners

  • Whoa!! I’m so jealous! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the white brightens everything up and makes the room look larger. I can’t wait until I have a house. My bathroom seriously looks like it’s from the 70s! (Well, the building was from 1920 sooo. . . )

  • What about the toilet paper holder? I’m on the hunt for my guest bathroom 🙂

  • Oh my goodness PLEASE come and decorate my home! I am so obsessed with this blog, these rooms are looking beautiful. I’m so jealous, student problems!
    Lucy xoxo

  • Same! As soon as I saw those I was thinking of all the comments people would make about being watched in the bathroom. I think my hubby’s friends would find it especially, uh, charming.

  • What a big improvement! I especially love the rug.
    The first thing I noticed are the floors, though, because our bathrooms have very similar tile. It might even be the same tile, and I’m with you–yuck! We can’t afford to replace ours yet, either, so I sympathize. Just tell yourself that no one else who visits your home will notice the floor as much as you do.

  • True! I could paint it but the tiles goes all the way into the shower though and I didn’t want to take the chance it didn’t work out well because it would be major $$ to replace it all if it didn’t wear well and I don’t have $$ right now! It’s in good shape so I just left it 🙂


  • True! The tiles goes all the way into the shower though and I didn’t want to take the change it didn’t work out well because it would be major $$ to replace it all if it didn’t wear well

    Laura 🙂

  • Well, I never paint the hinges, I always take them off, but they were already painted so I didn’t really have a choice! They seem to be ok though 🙂


  • Some plants are fake around the house (especially the hard to reach ones) but they don’t really care about plants, just treats, so they don’t bother the plants at all. Sometimes they dig in the dirt though!

    Laura 🙂

  • I love the gold fixtures she used! They’re so pretty and give it such a modern look!


  • Very creative! I’m just curious how you did those patterns on the wall, but I have to wait for the next post;) Good job Laura:)

  • Really beautiful Laura. You have such an awesome rockerish/fancy vibe going on. I always love your posts. And you have inspired me to really start liking light pink. Can’t wait to see more of your space!

  • This is such a beautiful change…I love reading posts like this and seeing the before and after… it really is just the smallest changes that make all the differance!!


  • Oh my god, what a transformation! I love it – and you honestly don’t notice the floor tile with all the other beautiful stuff going on 🙂

  • love this bathroom! It’s so quirky and chic at the same time! I’m totally with you on buying a house and having so much to do and no idea where to start. We did our guest bathroom first as well as it was totally hideous. I posted the renovation below if you want to check it out. It’s a little dark still but I’m much happier with the final result!

  • Stellar post! This room looks fantastic, such a gorgeous makeover!

  • Could i please vacation at your house and sleep in your bathroom?!?! This is so gorgious! Loving the wall design!


  • Wow!!! Love it! It’s amazing how some new walls, new fixtures, and a new mirror can spruce up a room!!

  • Great job Laura!

  • Laura, it’s a very cute room. My style is not like yours (all the browns!) but I really like how you have a streamlined aesthetic and the ability to stamp everything with your ‘signature’ so to speak. I keep going back to your house photos again and again because I really want to copy your ability to have rooms flow and the house to be cohesive! I loved the tile in your bathroom too, but would you ever consider painting it? Is that too much work? It looked so cute in your kitchen but maybe on floors it looks monotone. Since grout lines are my nightmare, at least you’d never have to clean those! Great work though – the room looks amazing, and you really did a beautiful budget makeover!

  • WOW! this looks so pretty! love the “eye” details on the wall 🙂

    x Lilli |

  • Just wanted to mention you can also paint the floor tile if you don’t like it. I know there are primers that make the paint stay and you can choose from a variety of colours. Just sayin’ 😉

  • This dream of black, gold and white looks simply stunning! I especially love the eye decoration on the walls. I have some white tiles, maybe I’ll paint something on them as well. Thanks for the inspo!

  • Love it all except for those eyes on the walls. At first glance I thought they were spiders and did a double take. Otherwise it’s a lovely room. I would probably do a black and white or a grey and white stripe on the walls, or perhaps only on one wall.

  • Great job! Love how the mirror brings it all together. Amazing how just changing the hardware on the cabinet made it look better. Not loving the pattern on the wall though; looks like spiders!!

  • How are the painted hinges holding up? We are planning on painting our kitchen/bathroom cabinets and they all have exposed hinges! We don’t want to spend the money on replacing them but I’m afraid they will look worse if the paint gets worn down! Thoughts?

  • Sweetie, I love everything except the super creepy eyes on the wall 🙂

  • Okay, I HAVE to ask. How do you keep your cats from eating plants around your house? I love the look of the air plant with the canisters and soap dispenser, but I know it would be a goner in less than an hour if my cat had anything to do with it.

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