Laura’s Living Room (Before + After!)

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                  Today we are going to forge ahead on the Gummerman home tour and give you a look into the space where we definitely spend the most time—the living room! Even though I love dressing up and going out on the town, we are pretty big homebodies for the most part. Most nights are spent on the couch watching old Cary Grant movies or whatever TV series we are obsessed with at the moment (Mad Men, True Detective, Freaks and Geeks, the list goes on… ). We love the space that we've created, but it took more than a bit of work for us to get it to this point!

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                             This room felt a little confused when we saw the house. The existing furniture felt too oversized for the space, and they had mounted the TV in a high corner of the room so it felt a little bit like the waiting room of an office. We had the popcorn ceilings scraped, and I painted the ceiling, trim, and doors white and walls the same color as the dining room and kitchen (Sprinkle by Valspar) so it would be one cohesive space. We also continued the dark walnut flooring into the living room and entryway—I love that floor! Even though we switched the flooring for a darker option, adding all that mint and white really brightened up the space and gave it a much more cheerful atmosphere.

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!  Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference! One of my favorite additions to the room is this amazing Normann Copenhagen pendant light. It's a light that you have to fold and put together (like a giant plastic origami project), but it was actually kind of fun to build it myself. I had been drooling over this midcentury couch and chair for a while, and I finally convinced Todd to pull the trigger when we moved in. I like having a mix of trendy and classic pieces, and these guys have been cool for a long time, so I think they are here to stay. 

I probably got the biggest reaction from people when I told them that I was going to paint the stone fireplace white. I know, I know; there are diehard people that are really not into painting natural stone or wood, but I am not that person. And it's my house. So there. The white fireplace actually ended up being my favorite change in the space. It looks so much more clean and modern painted white, and I'm so glad that I decided to do it.

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                   Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                       I wasn't sure if I would like having a mantel over the fireplace (I almost had it removed), but I found that I really did like having that space to display plants and photos, so I'm glad that I kept it.

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!          We spend 99% percent of our time sitting right in front of the fireplace in the winter, and for two people that hate being cold, it's a lifesaver. I actually made the drum floor pouf just for that purpose! I also love the black egg chair I added this past year (similar one here), and it's a favorite spot for napping kitties. Also, that photo pillow I made of our cat Charlie always freaks people out when they first come in—she looks so real!

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!        Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                          Decor-wise, it can be tough to work around a TV in a living room. You don't want to ignore that it's there, but you don't want it to be the highlight of the wall either. I decided to use art above and on either side of the TV to balance out the space. The two matching art pieces were actually a leather wrapped canvas project, and they are still one of my favorite wall decor projects to date.

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!   Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!            Plants are a must (the more the better!), and I find that it takes me a while to kill a cactus, so cacti growing it is!

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!               Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!      Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                        We scored this midcentury bar cart at a local vintage shop and gave it a fresh coat of gray paint before stocking it with our favorite bar supplies (we are big on gin and tonics and White Russians around here). I found that glass bottles on a metal cart rattle like crazy every time you walk by it, so I added grey felt to the bottom of each tray, and now it's as quiet as an inanimate bar cart should be. I bought some vintage marquee letters and attached some gold glitter paper to the back of them to add a bit of sparkle above the cart. 

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!             I love that Todd keeps his little Wurlitzer piano out in the living room so he can randomly break into song or play along with the Mad Men or Bob's Burger theme songs. He's very good.

Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!       Laura's living room (before + after) Such a big difference!                In case you're wondering, that camel teapot's name is Bruce. He just looks like such a "Bruce" to me…

Thanks for coming into our living room for a bit. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed sharing our space! Now if you'll excuse me, there's a Law and Order: SVU marathon about to start, and I need to get snuggled into the couch and wrangle up a kitty to snuggle with… xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

  • Son Geniales e inspiradoras. !!!!
    Un hogar armonioso. La combinacion de colores y los muebles,son divinos !
    Saludos desde Argentina !!

  • I love what you did with your space!! Painting the stone white definitely gives it such a clean, modern feel. And the mint looks gorgeous against the dark flooring. My dad has a Wurlizter too – it caught my eye as soon as I saw it in the corner of your “YUM” photo 🙂

  • It’s so hard to believe that changing out the colours like this makes such a huge difference. I love the aqua walls, especially with the white and black! 🙂

  • Lovely room! Quick question: as a fellow cat lover (1 cat, planning on a second), do you have any tips on cat proofing a home while still keeping it beautiful? Anything is appreciated!

  • It’s AMAZING how much a room can change with just few great ideas and some paint! I LOVE this living room- the white and light blue paint make it feel so open, cozy and bright. Thanks for the inspiration! (:

  • Love the teapot. So cute! Of course he should have a name 🙂

  • The room is beautiful! I think that painting the fireplace was the right decision. The room is so light and airy looking.

  • This is just amazing! I always wonder how you’re turning out the beauty of every room. and btw, Laura – where are you’re shoes on that first photos from? They’re so beautiful!

  • this space is gorgeous! the mint walls are perfect!


  • your living room is so full of hopes for sad living rooms like mine. thank you. <3 it looks amazing and i love that we get to see the sad before pictures. it confirms there’s a great potential for every room if you put enough time an love and it makes me feel so much better!! (i’m in kind of an organizing/decorating impass right now with my apartment!)

  • Such a lovely project, I love the make over it makes me anxious to start my own.

    I also thought the cat pillow was a real cat for a few photos… =]

  • I love the mint/blue with all of the black and white accents! So jealous. I wonder if I can talk my hubby into redecorating…? hmmmm

  • You’ve made an incredible change to this space. The change in lighting make this space so optimistic and positive. You’ve done such a great job!

  • Absolutely LOVE this room! Feeling so inspired after reading this post – looks fabulous!!

  • That first photo is so amazing! I love this living room it is simply perfect!
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  • Thanks so much Laura! Your living room looks spectacular, by the way!

  • Love your living room so much! I also love that you worked the TV into a gallery-style wall. Most home tours ignore the room with the TV which is crazy because that’s where most people spend there time. Thanks for sharing. Love it!

  • Don’t worry! It’s a process, it takes time to get a space just how you want it…It’s a floakati rug from 🙂


  • That last sentence just summed up my every weeknight…. What a lovely home!


  • I’m lucky enough to have a kitty that isn’t interested in scratching the leather stuff (and the other cat is declawed), but you can get Kitty Caps for cats with claws and those actually work pretty well although you have to keep up with putting new ones on. Check them out!

    Laura 🙂

  • Thanks! The shoes are Steve Madden and the top is Chaser LA 🙂


  • It’s from Blu Dot, I don’t think they make it anymore, sorry!

    Laura 🙂

  • It’s from Target, but it was a few years back, sorry!

    Laura 🙂

  • OMG! I am seriously obsessed with this transformation. I have that black and white pillow from Ikea, good choice! Your bar cart is adorable. I bought one but have yet to add anything to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    – Natalie

  • Oh, thanks! The plant actually came in that planter when I bought it from Home Depot, so I’m not sure where to get another one!

    Laura 🙂

  • That gold plant stand is from a flea market and the tile is from a local tile place and I’m not sure what the brand is! I think it’s porcelain, but that’s all I remember, sorry!

    Laura 🙂

  • One is and one isn’t declawed, but he never goes after the leather with his claws. I don’t know why but I’m glad he doesn’t! You can get Kitty Caps to put over their claws if you don’t want to declaw them, that’s what we did with him for a few weeks until we saw he didn’t care about clawing the leather…

    Laura 🙂

  • It just depends on the cats. Sometimes they are curious about new plants, but the most they ever really do is sniff them and pull the dirt out of them. Sometimes one will eat rose leaves, but it doesn’t really hurt them, just upsets their stomachs. That’s why I have a lot of cactus, they obviously won’t bother them!

    Laura 🙂

  • Well, one kitty is declawed and the other did attack the black fabric chair a bit until he was yelled at or sprayed with water until he learned better. But there’s no way to get around the cat hair thing unless you keep a blanket over it at all times (although it doesn’t really ever stick to the leather furniture). We just do a really good cleaning with a vacuum and tape every so often—just part of having pets!

    Laura 🙂

  • You have done such an amazing job making this place your own! I love how bright and airy the transformation feels!

  • I used a primer called Gripper that is for stone and then just a regular white interior paint overtop 🙂


    • Do you have tonprine first? Or can I just buy a paint with a primer in it? Also did you mix your paint with water, and what kind of brushes did you use?
      I want to paint my fireplace this weekend. Thank You

  • One was from Target and the other was a flea market find 🙂


  • So beautiful! Good job!

  • Such a great room! As a fellow cat lover, I’m really curious how your couch & chair hold up to the cats’ claws. I have a pleather couch and it has quite a few scratches in it, especially on the back! 🙁

  • Gorgeous room! I love every single detail of it : )

  • I love the arrow art on either side of your TV. It gives me some inspiration for my huge wall that our TV sits on.

  • It looks gorgeous! And so cozy, yet glam. Great job. Oh, and I have a kitty named Bruce!

  • Sigh…my house basically looks like the before picture. I’m jealous of your eye for style and design. Where did you get that rug? I’ve been looking for one that’s nice and fluffy like that and haven’t had any luck.

  • I love how calming it looks. Just like a living room should be.

  • What a beautiful colour for the walls! Well done!

    Maria xx

  • Love the colors! Great room! Off topic where did you get your shirt and shoes? Love the outfit!

  • I love that you painted the stone, it looks so much better in white! I’ve been painting all the original wood in my (1920s) house and I totally know what you mean with the ‘it’s my house’! I love the mint walls too, they look so pretty! I’ve been wanting to paint some walls mint in my house too but I can’t decide which ones to do, I don’t want to end up with a completely mint house!! I love how you mix retro and contemporary, it works so well! It inspired me to get a move on with my house, I’ve been doing doing the ‘boring bits’ like sanding etc and feel like it’s just dragging on and on!

  • love love love this space!!! You did such a fantastic job and you have a real keen eye for decor! I can’t wait to see the rest!


  • Can I ask where the clear tray on your coffee table is from? I live in the UK and that style of tray is so hard to get hold of. Thanks!

  • Thumbs up! Looks absolutely amazing and so fresh. I am a LOVER of painted brick and stone. I would love to know where you bought the white square planter one of plants is in on your gold metal stand. I’ve been looking everywhere for that exact same size and shape. Please share 🙂

  • Those “YUM” letters about the bar cart are to die for!

    And I’m in love with that paint color. The fact that it’s named “sprinkle” only makes it better.

    Such a great space!

  • The redecoration totally lives up the entire space! Love it 🙂

  • There is so much to love in this room. I want every single piece. Also I love that you painted the stone, do what you want. I have this debate all the time with my fiance over wood. He hates painted wood, even if the wood is destroyed he doesn’t want me to pain any of it. It drives me up the wall!

  • Oh wow. What a gorgeous space! I particularly love the walls. Please come to Denmark and decorate my place 😉

  • Oh my gosh Laura, LOVE. The white and mint is SO fresh and amazing looking. Ideas for my future house 🙂 X

  • Your LR looks great, but what really caught my eye most in this post is your awesome lipstick!

  • It’s beautiful!! Ah, I just love this space and the cools. über cool! You’ve inspired me to get on it with our flat decor!!

  • I love love love your house!!! I’m learning so mcuh about colour with yoru posts!

  • Your room decor looks fabulous!The color palette is so chic!

  • Love this! It’s like my perfect living room. So many ideas to steal!

  • That little gold table with the plants on it (by the tv) is too cute! Is it new or vintage? And I noticed the tile in front of the fireplace is different from the wood floor. Did you post what you put down anywhere?

  • Wow I am in love with this room! The colour, the decor, everything! Stunning.


  • Oh wow, that transformation is amazing! I love before and after photos so much, I could look at them all day and still be like “oh my god!”. You did a great job, it’s so light and airy while still being cosy and relaxing. I can’t wait to buy a house and be able to do things with it! Renting is such a pain :/


  • hey guys just started this blog, still trying to figure it all out! any tips? 🙂

  • I love this room! So clean and fresh love the colour pallete 🙂

  • Your living room is gorgeous, Laura! It’s so fun and it really makes me inspirted!


  • This is amazing! It’s so bright! I’m possibly getting a new room, which has so much more light than the one I have now. I really hope I get it and get to decorate it like I want to.

  • This is amazing! It’s so bright! I’m possibly getting a new room, which has so much more light than the one I have now. I really hope I get it and get to decorate it like I want to.

  • Wow great job, total makeover of your home, you truly are an inspiring source!!


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  • Love the living room! Question though! Is your fur-baby declawed? If not, how do you keep her from scratching at the leather couches? My cat LOVES destroying leather…

    Anyways, the cat pillow is darling!

  • Beautiful room! I love what you did with the TV. We are in the unfortunate situation of having the only place to hang the TV that makes sense be above the fireplace. I’ve never been a fan of that look, but art around it might be a good way to balance it out.

  • So so so so beautiful! Looks like a magical place to live.

  • LOVE the painted fireplace! I’m all for painting wood/stone/brick, I think it can really brighten up a room and I think the painted fireplace is my favourite part of this!

  • Your home is so lovely! and i totally agree with the fireplace, its beautiful painted white!

  • i love it all!


  • I absolutely love your living room, but am wondering how you can have all those plants with a kitty. Does yours not chew every living plant around there? My two kitties will eat anything green that they can get their mouths on, including vases of flowers so I just cant have any pretty nature inside.

  • I love LOVE love your house, Laura! This living room is SO perfect! 🙂 Can I ask, from one cat lady to another, how you keep your kitties from clawing your leather furniture and keep your egg chair (and the like) free from being coated in cat hairs???? 😀

  • I TOTALLY agree with you, dear Laura…that fireplace needed to be white!! You have created a lovely home here, and definitely deserve to feel proud; thank you for letting us enjoy it with you!!

  • you did so awesome with the space! the gold-wire plant holders are so beautiful. where did you get those??

  • It is! I did a post about it here:

    Laura 🙂

  • It’s hard to believe it’s the same space! Gorgeous remodeling job!

  • I am thinking about painting my stone fireplace white as well! Can I ask what kind of paint you used?

  • Looks very cohesive with the kitchen. Love it.


  • One of my favorite living room makeovers of ALL TIME. I’m so glad you shared it!

    xx- Elsie

  • They are by Steve Madden, the name is Dynemite 🙂


  • I’m not sure! It came with a skull head of vodka (it’s what the flowers are in now) and it was a gift so I don’t know…sorry!

    Laura 🙂

  • Thanks! It’s called Sprinkle by Valspar 🙂


  • I saw that in your post! Great job! Can’t wait to see more pics!

    Laura 😉

  • Such a turn around. The mint really lifts and the colours work so we’ll together. Good work!

  • The cords are hidden in the wall, an electrician friend helped us with that 🙂


  • Your living room looks so cozy and comfy and fresh… I love lotsa little things that u have used all around the room..

    xo, Hems

  • Oh wow I love how bright and how much lighter it feels!

  • I found that exact same cart at a thrift store recently and turned it into a barcart as well. Great minds, am I right? :p

  • That white fireplace is the best idea ever! It completely changed up the look of the room and it’s easier to match other colors for the wall paint. I want to try this one day! 🙂

  • This looks amazing! What a difference by just brightening up the walls and fireplace! I love all the quirky details. That is what makes a house a home 🙂

    XO, K

  • I love that Laura seems to really like cats. Just like me!

    Oh, and the living room. Duh (:


  • Laura, I just love your home. It looks so welcoming and charming. I’m loving the fireplace, the camel teapot, the Yum sign! Great job!

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star

  • This room is lovely 🙂

  • Wow! I love that color! The fire place looks soooo good painted too xx

    Susie | june lorraine

  • Ok I have to ask…where the heck did Laura get her shoes?? I keep seeing her in them in pics and I can’t get over it! They are the cutest thing ever! Lol thanks..

  • That is a gorgeous transformation! Love the colors and patterns she chose! Beautiful.


  • Those skull shot glasses…where did you get them! I have this midcentury modern morticia addams thing going on and I have some bottles and such from Target that say “Poison” or the Skull and Crossbones on it that I keep my liquor in on my bar wall! Those shot glasses would be PERFECT for my theme!


  • How beautiful! So well done! That soft blue on the walls is darling!

  • Wooow, great project! It looks amazing, bright & fresh. Now I really want to restyle my little place as well.

  • This makes me so excited to grow up and buy a house! 🙂 Hopefully A Beautiful Mess will still be around so I can get more wonderful inspiration.
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  • Love this space. Those leather wrapped canvas’ are officially on my project list. Don’t listen to what anyone says about the fireplace, it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

  • What is the name of the color that you painted your walls? I just LOVE that shade of blue – so pretty!

  • Holy smokes, your place looks amazing! It doesn’t even look like the same house!

    That cat pillow totally made me do a double take haha. Seriously love everything about your living room. Especially Bruce.

  • It’s like looking at a spread in Elle Decor!!!!! Also I painted Joel’s stone fireplace white and it looks awesome possum! Xoxo

  • I am so digging the mod look! Black and white and blue? Perfect! I don’t like just black and white – too boring for my taste, but a pop of color makes it really work. Great room Laura!

  • Wow! Such a difference. And I love the painted fireplace. The house we just bought has a HUGE natural stone fireplace that is just so dated and dark. It would be so much work to rip it out. I never even considered painting it! Thanks for the tip.

    Question….where are the cords to the tv? Did you somehow hide them in the wall? Thanks!

  • I LOVE your color palette and I could not be more obsessed with that wall color. Looks awesome!

  • That wall color is gorgeous. Your living room has so many interesting things to look at, I love the cozy modern-ness of it.

  • I really love the way the fireplace turned out, I’ve been wanting to paint mine white for ages but I’ve not been sure I think this might inspire me

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