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Laura's Modern DIY TableMy pals, Todd and Laura, built a table for their dining room using the same method we used for our DIY table. They had a similar frustrating experience when shopping for a new table. I am so glad that they chose to "go for it" and create a DIY table even though they had never built a piece of furniture before! 

What I love is that even though we used the same supplies and design, our styling choices make the tables look completely different! They used a super dark stain for the table top and silver hair pin legs (they are "brushed stainless steel from They also created a smaller table that that seats four. It fits their space perfectly and suits their modern aesthetic.  Laura's Modern DIY Table Minwax Wood Finish in EbonyThe stain that they chose is Minwax Wood Finish in Ebony. They used a wood pre-conditioner, five coats of stain and five coats of polyurethane. I asked them if they had any special tips to add after reading our tutorial. They said that using clamps could really help with the screwing steps and to use a very fine sandpaper when sanding the boards before staining. Triangle Statement WallPS. Here's a photo of the awesome triangle statement wall that Laura painted while Todd was away on tour. She surprised him with a bunch of house updates! It was really inspiring to see her working so hard and taking on so many ambitious DIY projects by herself. Go Laura! xoxo. Elsie

  • Those dining chairs r amazing!!! Where can I find them??? If u dont mind sharing.

  • I’m really loving the dark surface of their tabletop, with the fresh burst of color on their walls, it’s a surprisingly amazing combination.

  • Wow… It looks like a magazine shoot! I love the chairs too. Any idea as to where they got them from?
    Ps: hi Elsie and Emma!

  • Taht pics are great. Very nice style. Have a great day.

  • I’ve seen so many beautiful hairpin leg tables on your blog these past couple of weeks. I’m so inspired that I might just have to give it a try!

  • This is awesome! I am going to be building a big desk soon and will use this method! Love the triangles too!


  • Wow… It looks like a magazine shoot! I love the chairs too. Any idea as to where they got them from?
    Ps: hi Elsie and Emma!

  • So funny!! I will love that on my living room…but I absolutely fell in love with these chairs!!!

  • The table is cool but wow, that wall is AMAZING!


  • erm, while we’re at it, what’s the deal on that little fox? Is he origami or ceramic?

  • It looks so amazing and professional! Awesome job!

  • Love all these great table ideas you’ve had lately!

  • I’m aboslutely in love with that wall statement, definitely something I wanna do for my new apartment. Do you know which method she used?

  • That wall is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to have a house of our own where we can create a great statement wall (let alone paint at all)!

    ~ Megan

  • Wow! I definitely will make one as well, I haven`t find a table form my home yet and this looks great and also very cheap 😀

  • Ya know, I just love this! Table, wall treatment, and all.

    And I agree with your statement on how you can do the same diy but personal aesthetics make it so different.

    I think that’s why some trends can last so long. It’s not so much if something is overdone so much as what a person does with it in their own space.

    I’ve seen my share of chevron, and frankly was over it. Until I saw it recently in metallic gold. Just changing it up can make all the difference.

  • The table is really beautiful. I love the chairs too. Where did they get them from?

  • I love the triangles very modern,colorful and fun.
    And I love the dark stain they chose for the table it really is a versatile design.

  • This is amazing! All of the hairpin tables that have been posting have left me breathless. I really want to try it when I get into my new place.

    PS… That wall is to die for.

  • Those chairs add the perfect touch to this amazing space.

  • Love how geometric the wall is, but I love love love that everyone is getting crafty and making their own dream tables!

  • Stunning table and wall decor…..and hello chandelier! Great combo going on here!

  • They’re so obnoxiously attractive and stylish! (as in, amazingly so). I love everything about her style and house–Any info on that terrific chandelier?

  • Their table turned out so well, and I especially love the stain they chose! They’re such a beautiful couple. I love the triangle wall design too. The blues are such pretty colors!


  • I’m looking at building a dining table, so it was nice seeing this! But, that wall is awesome! Can we get a DIY on that?!

  • Here’s info on the cost: The wood was $140 (it’s poplar wood), legs were $160, and the pre-stain, stain, polyurethane, and brush were $50. So $350 overall!

  • Ugh! I am so in love with their style! She’s so talented! Modern, yet homey! I love it! ♥

  • Wow, looks great! I’ve been searching for a great table for years… perhaps I should take the plunge and make my own!

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