Laura’s New Home Mood Board

We’ve been working on our new home for almost seven months now, and I feel like we are juuuust starting to turn a big corner where things will be falling in place and rooms will start to look like real completed rooms in the next few months.

We had a lot of boring grunt work and repair jobs for a while and then we had the big project of having all the flooring on the main floor of our house replaced. So now we are ready to start making some real design decisions and make it a welcoming place where we can do some relaxing for a change—ha ha! I thought I’d share with you some of my mood boards for the main spots in the house and my wish list items for the spaces so you can see what my vision is for our new cozy home!

First up is the living room! I think we are going to go for some neutral colored furniture in here (how amazing is that boucle curvy sofa and swivel chair?!), but add in a pop of color and pattern with that terrazzo rug, some velvet pillows, and maybe some pom pom pillows. I got some of these planters for our shelves and I love the ’70s vibes and colors of these glass candle stick holders.

I’m super into the fluted furniture trend so I want to add that texture in somewhere for sure (this credenza is pricey but amazing and this piece is really pretty too!). I’m not sure which art print I want in this space yet, but something fun like this could be a good option.

And before you say it, I totally realize that light colored furniture is always a gamble with a kid, but we’ve done it before and we keep my favorite stain remover handy (it’s never failed me yet, it’s amazing!!) and it’s worked out fine so far. It’s just stuff. You live your life, clean up where you need to, and realize nothing remains perfect forever … it’s OK!

We are also going to paint our stone fireplace a lighter color (maybe white, not sure yet). While I love that the fireplace continues to the outside of the house through the window, the sun has bleached the stone on the outside a much lighter color over the years than the inside is, so they are kind of two separate walls now anyways and I think some paint (and maybe a mantle) will help make it feel more fresh.

I’ll probably add some hanging planters near it since the greenery will really pop with the white behind it!

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Next is our bedroom! I’m really excited about this room because we we have had the same exact bedroom furniture since we were engaged (I’ve given the pieces several makeovers through the years) and we will be married for 11 years this summer, so it’s time for something new!!

I chose a beautiful marigold velvet bed frame (maybe with this duvet?) and I think mustard velvet curtains along with the bed will make the room feel extra luxe (love these gold curtain rods for all over the house).

I also wanted white furniture since it’s not a huge space to help the room feel bigger, so this beautiful dresser and these matching nightstands will be perfect! Some globe lamps for reading in bed are a must (these are fun and retro), and I’d love to use this print in the room—it makes me so happy!

I’m still a fan of the classic brass sputnik light, so I’m picturing some retro lighting choices (like this lamp!). I love having a small chair in a bedroom when possible and I’d love a chair like this.

You definitely want a cozy rug in a bedroom, so something like this arch rug would be perfect. I would love to do either a wall or the whole room in a terrazzo pattern for some print and color, but I can’t decide on wallpaper (this is so pretty!), decals, or making my own decals so I can choose the exact colors and size scale for the room.

The double closet doors take up a lot of the wall by the bed, so I feel like colored doors with some wooden details and bold hardware would be really fun with a full length mirror against the wall nearby.

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The dining room! I have some really fun ideas for this room that include some painted wallpaper ideas in kind of that ’70s wave pattern—I can’t wait! I usually go for all white furniture but I’m trying to add some wood tones into our scheme this time around to bring in some warmth and this oak dining table that extends for up to 12 people is perfect for when my whole family will someday come over to the house for hangouts.

I had these bucket chairs in white at our last house for a breakfast nook and I loved them so much I’m getting them in pink for this dining room—they are really durable and easy to wipe down which is a plus with kids.

It’s so helpful to have a place to put serving items and extra glassware (like these amazing tumblers and this flatware for parties/special dinners!) so that it doesn’t take up precious space in your kitchen cabinets, so this sideboard will be great for that and gives you a good spot to put out a spread for parties and decor during normal days.

This brass cactus lamp would be so cute on top of it!

I’m basically building the room around this Freddie Mercury print … it makes me so happy. There’s also this cool leaning shelf that has storage at the bottom, so I’m excited to use it for lots of cute decor items/photos on top and put a cute record player on the shelf as well since we like to listen to records during dinner (Lola usually picks a Queen record—we’re raising her right, haha!).

I usually do a cowhide rug under a dining table for easy clean up, but this time I’d like to try something like this and see how it goes. Lola’s past that stage where every meal time is a total mess under her chair, so I think I can risk some spot cleaning on a lighter rug like this cutie and see how it goes. 🙂 I love the look of a statement globe light, so for me that’s a must in a dining space!

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So there you go! The goal is to make a space that feels cohesive and warm and cozy with some ’70s glam touches to make it all a little more fun. I’d love to find a space for that geometric or arch tile in the first photo, so I’m keeping those in mind for our tiny back patio entrance. I’ll be sharing each room as we finish them so you can see how close I stuck to the mood board, so stay tuned for those reveals as I complete each room! Which item is your favorite piece from my wish list? xo. Laura

P.S. If you’re in a new home, check out our podcast episode on bonding with a new home (even when it doesn’t come naturally)!

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop
  • If anyone could DIY that credenza, it’s you! Could you add 1/2 round (if that’s even a thing) to the front of a plain piece? Regardless, looking forward to seeing your home come together!

    • You know it!! Blog post on that one coming at you soon!

      Laura 🙂

  • This is SO pretty and so *YOU*!!! I love all the yellow too! Excited to see your rooms.

  • Loving this new color scheme and 70s glam style! I’ve been following along on Insta so I know the nightmare it’s been at times. Hope you get into relaxing and enjoying phase of your home soon!

    • Haha, YES! It has been very difficult so far but really hoping that finished stage is worth it and I think it really will be!


  • Pink orange and yellow are my fave color scheme! Can’t wait to see how it turns out

    • Oh yeah! Then hopefully you will love it!!

      Laura 😉

  • That sofa makes me swoon. Gorgeous! I’d go with the blue because I think it highlights the lines of the sofa better and because it’s just more my style. I love all the upholstered pieces you’ve selected. Can’t wait to see them come together. (And I appreciate your thoughts on living with what you love and not expecting it to be perfect forever.)

    • Yes! Nothing is forever, especially with kids, but it’s fun to let things last as long as they can every so often and go for what you really want!

      Laura 🙂

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