Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)         Are you looking into getting into working with leather? I have been wanting to for a long time now. This mason jar sleeve is a perfect way to dive in and learn a bit about the craft. We have a great leather store here in Springfield, and the supplies and possibilities are endless. If you don't have a sweet leather store in your area, there's always the Internet, which has everything. This project was super easy, didn't require many tools, and would make a great gift! I'm already looking forward to trying other leather projects. Sorry, family and friends, you're all getting leather stuff for Christmas. I'm not really sorry.

Let me show you what I made!

-heavy-duty leather (the kind I used is about 1/8" thick)
-snap fasteners
-waxed cord

-leather punch
-X-Acto knife
-metal ruler
-setter tool or snaptool

 Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY                       (click through for tutorial)Step One: The first thing I did was do a bit of measurin' and figurin'. I knew I wanted to make a sleeve with a handle. So I cut out two rectangular pieces of leather, the first being the sleeve. To get the length, I just wrapped the leather around the mason jar I was using and marked the length with a Sharpie (you can also use the X-Acto to make marks, which I did for the design). I measured the height I needed on the mason jar, then marked out the rectangle. I then scratched in the design and handle holes and cut those out. The first design I cut out was cool, but I found that when it was wrapped around the jar, corners stuck out (dumb!). So I stuck with a diamond shape. Then I cut out a piece that I thought would work for the handle. I wasn't totally guessing; I made a mock-up with paper, which helped in figuring out right proportions and measurements. I'm sure all mason jars are not created equal, but here are the measurements for the Ball wide mouth jar I used:

  • sleeve: 11 1/8" x 3 3/8"
  • handle:1 1/4" x 10 1/4" 

Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)      Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)      Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)
Step Two: After I had the pieces and designs cut out, I punched holes on the ends of the sleeve piece for the twine. Then I punched a hole on either end of the handle piece and attached the snaps. (We later added a second snap for better aesthetics.) Adding the snaps was a snap. When buying them at your hobby store, you'll get four pieces per set (the bottom, socket, eyelet, and stud.) All you do is set the button in one side of the leather, then the socket on the other end (making sure that the button side is where you want it). Then you place the setter onto the socket and give it a good smack with a hammer. Repeat with eyelet and stud on the other end.

Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)        Step Three: Once I had the handle threaded through the sleeve and the snaps set up, it was just a matter of lacing up the two ends of the sleeve together. I cut a couple of feet of the waxed cord and went at it. The cord was stiff enough that I didn't need a needle; I just cut the tip into a sharp point. I started on the inside, knotted the end, and using an "x" pattern, worked my way across. The only thing that I had to worry about was keeping the laces snug. Once you've done that, you're done! Put it on the jar and you've got yourself a handsome sippin' mug. Enjoy!

Side note: This is something extra I did to make it a little bit more customized: I scratched some designs in with the X-Acto knife. Feel free to experiment with that as well!

Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)            Such a good gift! leather mason jar sleave DIY (click through for tutorial)            Let me know if you have any questions! -Josh

Credits // Author: Joshua Rhodes. Photography: Joshua Rhodes And Laura Gummerman. Thanks to Todd Gummerman for modeling. 🙂 Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • This is great, I just tried it and it looks awesome. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  • Hey Melissa, your right, it was 1/8″, 1/4″ is way too thick. I used something called a crop-a-dile and it worked great! I only used an x-acto knife. The surface you’re cutting on may be dulling it quicker, or try using a utility knife blade. I’m glad you’re doing this! Share pics when your done….unless you want to keep it a secret, hah!

  • In the process of making 9 of these for all the guys on our Christmas list! Thanks so much for the tutorial! Just a note: I couldn’t find 1/4 inch thick leather but the leather shop recommended 1/8 inch. Is that what you meant? 1/8 inch is super thick cant imagine working with 1/4 inch. Was wondering what you used to make the tiny holes for lacing? I ended up using a hammer and a tack and was wondering if there’s something better and faster? Also I haven’t cut out all the pieces yet and was wondering if you’ve found a better tool to cut leather than the exacto knife? It is a really slow process cutting with it and I’ve already gone through a few blades. Thanks so much 🙂 Cant wait to give these this year!

  • This came out really well and would work great for my travel mug! I have a Cuppow lid for my mason jar. They work great. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  • I absolutely love this! This would make for a fantastic Christmas gift!

  • i haven’t worked with leather in such a long time, but this is a great idea, because i keep using mason jars for my tea in the morning, but can barely hold it because it is so hot!!! this would be a perfect solution!

  • Hello! Featured here http://citronmarbre.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/web-wandering-and-coffee-sipping-pt-3/! Hope it’s fine!

  • I love this! I’m probably going to be giving it to a TON of people for christmas!


  • when i was in elementary school we had to write speeches. i started every speech with: “have you ever wondered about … well i have”.

  • I am in love with this!!!! It came out so perfect!! I will add this to my ever growing list of projects I want to try!

  • I have to come up with gifts for both my FIL and real father (who have birthdays a week apart; rude!); one of these with a Cuppow lid will be perfect! Thanks!

  • Ah, this is the neatest idea! I love using mason jars, as cups, candle holders, etc. Now I can use them for hot beverages too, awesome.

  • This is so beautiful! I love leather works but never thought to do it myself… My imagination is going already! Thanks for the tips!
    xoxo Laura

  • This is so cool! What a great idea! Love the tutorial!


  • Hey Janel, Glad you like it. I didn’t treat it, I’m sure there is some kind of treatment for moisture, but that’s next level. If you plan on using it a lot I would recommend looking into it, maybe?
    How’s that for a non-committal answer!

  • Hey Sydney, that sounds awesome! Can you ask your husband if I can join on the next one, I have some knives I could trade 😉

  • Hey Sarah, the handle is super sturdy. You can hold the mug with it all day long!

  • This is so bad ass!! I have another excuse to expand my mason jar collection 🙂

  • Great present idea for men I think! Maybe something for my coffee addicted brother.

    Best wishes!


  • I have to make one of these for my husband. He and my sons go to winter camping events where they wear mountain man clothes and trade knives, furs and skins and camp in negative ten degree weather. This would be a great vessel for hot cider!

  • I think my husband would really like this. Can you use the handle? With no bottom?

  • How amazing is this!! I want one:) I’ve tried working with leather a few times and it’s never come out so well, but it may be worth another shot for the gem!


  • How cool and what a great gift idea for men – I really struggle with ideas for the men in my family at Christmas! Really love the rustic look to this.

  • This is such a great and simple idea! I see Christmas presents written all over it 😉


  • Wow what a clever project! I think I may have to do some leatherwork soon 🙂



  • This is just awesome! I love it! By chance, did you treat the leather for moisture at all? Or are just leaving it be?

  • Super freaking awesome because I was JUST looking through Huckberry today trying to find this exact thing! Odd or God, hmmmm?? I noticed in the pic the cup is being held by the sleeve… is the handle strong/sturdy enough that the jar’s weight can be supported by it? I am fo sho going to attempt to make this for my hubby. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  • this looks lovely!


  • This is will be a unique gift…such a fun idea… the handle is so cute..


  • Love, love, love! Leather work has always been a fascination of mine, but I’ll admit it is a lot harder than it looks. This turned out stunningly. One of my favorite projects of yours yet, Josh!


  • I never thought of using rather as a jar sleeve, but this looks neat! I love all of the detailing you’ve put into this project.

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