Lola’s First Christmas Photo Book!

Does anyone still miss Christmas?? As soon as I take down that tree, I totally get the winter blues and count the days until summer hits. One thing I did this week that brought the magic back a bit was make a photo book to document our first Christmas with our little Lola! She was only 7 months old for the Christmas season, so not quite old enough to appreciate all the holiday fun, but she sure did make the season extra merry for us this year. I usually document the month leading up to Christmas in a photo book so we can look back on the whole holiday season, and here’s a few highlights from our Christmas this year!I wanted a fun cover for my album so I took a chipboard 6×8″ binder and covered the front with this awesome holograph vinyl. I just spread it over the whole front and then flipped it over onto a cutting mat and trimmed the extra with an X-Acto knife—it turned out so cool! I had some large gold chipboard letters left from a previous project (here are similar stickers), so I did a shortened last name on the front (“Gummerman” never fits on anything!) and used some other gold stickers from Hobby Lobby to complete the front.I like to decorate the inside of the album as well, so I did some snowflake stickers scattered on the inside for a seasonal look. We went up to PA for my sister’s baby shower at the end of November, but it’s such a special event that I slipped it in even though it didn’t technically happen in December. Hey, my album, my rules! Lola got to meet some new friends this month too—Nova and Phoenix! She’s gonna have some great friend options once she knows what that actually is! We do a monthly photo to see how much she grows every month (SO MUCH!!) and the one from December is one of my favorites! Had the Larsons (all three of them!!) over for Christmas Eve dinner. So funny to have two high chairs at our meals with them now. Life is changing for sure in such a great way! Cutest. Santa. Ever. Also, those are Hobbit slippers that Todd put on her. Totally completes the look, don’t you think?I love to just put gold letters onto a photo in albums—super simple but adds a fun touch. I see now why people love Christmas even more when you have kids—it’s so much more fun to open presents with (or for!) them. Our NYE was pretty low key. Just a frozen pizza and a movie while Lola was asleep, but it was just what we wanted this year, so no complaints there! I like to keep our Christmas cards from our friends in the back pocket of my December albums so we can look back on those too over the years.Overall, it was certainly a different holiday season for us, but one that was so special in a lot of ways. I’m sure that holidays get even more fun as kids realize what’s happening and start to get excited too, so I’m looking forward to that in our future! Hope your holiday was one to remember as well! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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