Loveless Cafe Hashbrown Casserole

Loveless Cafe copycat hashbrown casserole As most of you already know, my sister is moving to Nashville soon. I’ve been feeling a little down for some time now, and I think it’s mainly because I’m worried about missing her (and Jeremy—love you too, Jeremy!). I think the rational side of my brain is fine with everything, I know I’ll still see her a lot. Work won’t change. But my irrational side (or maybe that’s my heart?) is the emoji face that has its teeth gritted together…you know that one? I’m just a little nervous and sometimes change can be hard.

But anyway, recently we traveled to Nashville together to do some work stuff, some house (her house) stuff, and some sister/friend stuff. It was a great trip. On our way out of town Saturday morning, we stopped in at the Loveless Cafe because I had never been and Elsie kept saying how awesome it was.

Loveless Cafe cookbookShe was, of course, right. It was SO good. I could have eaten WAY more biscuits and hashbrown casserole if I hadn’t been afraid of going into a food coma directly after, which is not helpful on long road trips when you’re driving first. 

I also immediately picked up both of their cookbooks (because they have a gift shop right by the restaurant). I was excited to make a few of their menu items–and pies! I grew up with a lot of country cookin’, so I love to make dishes now and again that reflect those super comforting tastes…although I added a few slight modifications to their recipe to reflect my own preferences. If you want the real deal, you’ll just have to buy their book. 🙂

Plus it’s all totally vegan, low fat and carb free. 

JK. It’s not—don’t eat this everyday even though you’ll want to after the first bite. 

How to make the Loveless Cafe hashbrown casseroleLoveless Cafe Hashbrown Casserole, serves 5-6 as a side.
Slightly adapted from Southern Country Cooking from the Loveless Cafe

15 oz shredded russet potato (if you use frozen, thaw first)
1/2 yellow onion, chopped fine
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup sour cream
4 oz. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 can cream of potato soup
salt + pepper, to season

This recipe is super complicated so pay attention: dump all the ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Then dump everything in a square baking dish and bake at 375°F for 28-30 minutes.

Serve warm topped with a few chopped green onions or chives. You can easily mix this together the night before and pop it in the oven the next day for brunch. 

Loveless Cafe copycat hashbrown casseroleNow I’m just itching to host some kind of weekend brunch at my house with friends or family soon. I’m going to double the above recipe and make a 9×13 pan size. (These are the things I daydream about). 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Loveless Cafe Hashbrown Casserole


  • 15 oz shredded russet potato if you use frozen, thaw first
  • 1/2 yellow onion chopped fine
  • 2-3 cloves garlic minced
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 4 oz. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 can cream of potato soup
  • salt + pepper to season


  1. This recipe is super complicated so pay attention: dump all the ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Then dump everything in a square baking dish and bake at 375°F for 28-30 minutes.
  2. Serve warm topped with a few chopped green onions or chives. You can easily mix this together the night before and pop it in the oven the next day for brunch.
  • I could just sit at the Loveless all day and eat biscuits and jam and sip sweet tea. I’d love to try this recipe.

  • Hey Emma,

    that sounds very delicious! I love anything with potatoes and garlic and there’s even cheese in there! Heart-eyes-emoji!! I’ll make this as a treat for brunch after finishing my exams next week! I’ll just have to find cream of potato soup in the supermarket, but I’m sure we have that in Germany, too.

    Lots of love <3


  • Hello! What if I don’t have an oven? Any alternatives?(: I wanna try this recipe and share with my kids (:

  • Yes, you are correct. Sorry for the confusion! It most definitely is NOT vegan, I was just trying to make a joke. (Apparently I did a pretty poor job though)



  • Yes, sorry for the confusion. I was trying to make a joke. It TOTALLY has carbs, as you are correct that potatoes (especially russet) are full of carbs. It’s also not vegan or low fat, just for the record.

    Still really tasty though. 🙂


  • This is seriously my husbands favorite thing that his mom makes! I’m going to have to try your recipe soon!


  • This recipe looks delicious however you state that it is vegan and it is not because of the sour cream, cheese, and potato soup. It IS vegetarian however 🙂 I hope you can clarify this for your readers because I got SO excited when I read it was vegan and that excitement quickly disappeared when I read the ingredient list. Thank you!

  • I am so sure that this recipe is vegetarian, but it is not Vegan. Cheese, sour cream, cream…and whatever else is hiding in the soup… That being said I am sure it is delish. I will try it, but it would have to be modified a lot before I would be able to serve it to vegan friends.

  • Thank you for the yummy recipe!
    You made me miss my sisters more than I already do! Treasure what you have!! My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. She just had her last chemo this week !!!! Yippee! She has her mastectomy on August 18.
    She’s going to make it through this…..I just know!


  • I was actually more drawn into the beautiful countertop. Sorry! I’m just no good in the kitchen but I want to have a beautiful looking one, even if I can’t cook – yet!

    Anyway, did you happen to feature this beautiful space somewhere around here? We’re DIYing our future home so I would definitely love some inspiration.

  • Oh my. I’m not normally a hash brown person, but this might convert me!

  • This looks amazing! I think I’ll have to try it this weekend.

    xo Ida

  • I’ve never heard of this dish but it sounds lovely. Surprised to see it served with oranges!

  • Hi Analia! It’s cream of potato soup. I would try doing a Google search to find a substitute if can’t find it. So glad you are enjoying the course! 🙂 -Jacki

  • Hey! i love and try lots of your recipes, all with so much success at home!!
    Love them.

    Now, i’m wanting to give this a try, but… what would be a good substitute for the tomate cream soup?
    (… i gues i could make one… but… i mean, something easy – or packed…)
    just can tomates?

    … oh! by the way… i also took the sewing course… couldnt be more happy about it…!!!
    i’m going thru a very complicated personal phase, and keeping busy , and doing productive nice things is awesome!


  • Aww all the best to you and Elsie!

  • This is super similar to Mormon funeral potatoes – the BEST way to eat potatoes! 🙂 Wiki –>, Tratitional recipe –>, MY recipe (no cornflakes!) –>

  • I use that same recipe and make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas! This makes me want to make and eat it more often.

  • She was being sarcastic when she said it was carb free. That’s what JK means- just kidding. 🙂

    “Plus it’s all totally vegan, low fat and carb free.

    JK. It’s not—don’t eat this everyday even though you’ll want to after the first bite. “

  • LOVE the sound of this recipe. Am gonna have to try it asap. However, it’s not carb free. Potatoes are carbs and plenty of it. I did a quick google to make sure I wasn’t being delusional (I wasn’t) and here’s one of many many links

  • Yeah, it’s pretty popular from what I can tell. We were on our way out of town so we had gotten up a little earlier so we got to avoid the wait. I think we got there around 8am on a Saturday morning and we got a table right away… but of course, then you have to get up that early on a Saturday which is sometimes tough. (Or at least I think so!)


  • Oh yes, we have Cracker Barrel in Springfield too. Much closer, but no I don’t think they can quite replace those biscuits! Too good!


  • Ha! Yes, I think this would be perfect hangover food. Well, that and a big glass of water. 🙂


  • I could not agree with you more. Thank you for taking the time to write me some kind words of encouragement!


  • This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    And I totally understand the worry about being away from your sister. I’m the sister who moved away and it was hard, but we just had to be more creative about seeing each other and keeping in touch. Best of luck to you both!

  • This looks sooooo appetizing! <3

    xo Trisha

  • Oh my goodness… yum! I am totally making this tomorrow. Looks amazing!

  • Yummy! I’m terribly hung over today and this looks like the perfect cure 🙂

    Love from Germany and a beautiful day to you,


  • This looks so good! Despite living in Nashville my entire life, I actually have never been to Loveless. My friends and I tried once, but the wait was 2 hours long, haha. I guess I’ll try this recipe instead!

  • Hubby and I have been trying different breakfast recipes for our Saturday mornings and he was just telling me he wanted to find some type of hash brown recipe, so thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • The hashbrown casserole at Loveless IS really good, but if you ever need a fix without cooking, the hashbrown casserole at Cracker Barrel is equally as good as Loveless. Cracker Barrel can’t replace those Loveless biscuits and jam, though.

  • Yum, looks so delicious and pretty. I love the food in Nashville too. Thank you for this wonderful Casserole recipe.:)

  • I’m definitely excited about this recipe–comfort food for the win! I think I’ll enjoy this for breakfast, but it’s also an amazing option for dinner. Thanks Emma! I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    Happy Thursday

  • Dear Emma,

    I love your blog and follow it everyday. My comment is directed to you, because I see that you feel down and I want to make you feel better, if I can. Maybe you won’t post this comment, but that’s fine. I just want you to read it.
    I can understand how being so close with your sister for such a long time might make the prospect of her moving somewhere else frightening. But, I think it’s mostly in your head, meaning you can choose the attitude with which you see things. I think that you just focus more on the negative side than the positive. But, you can always choose how to focus. I’m sure that you can find the positive side of the situation and when you do I know you will feel better. And in time I’sure you will see that it is all for the better. Maybe this will bring you closer than you’ve ever imagined. After all it is not the physical distances that matter, it is how close you hold some one in you thoughts and in your heart. I know you will be fine. Keep the happy thoughts and always be the great gal you are.

    Lots of love,

  • Love this side dish! Our family uses cream of chicken soup and tops with corn flakes – so good!

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