Make Your Own Crochet Cowl

Make this crocheted cowl!This cowl is the perfect first crochet project  if you’ve been practicing the stitches and you’re ready to make something! You can easily start and finish this project in one day or one weekend. It would be a great cozy accessory for this fall weather! The fun thing about it is that it mostly uses DC (double crochet), so you don’t need to think very much while you’re crocheting, making it the perfect project to bring with you to the coffee shop. I chose to make it striped by using two different colors of yarn, but feel free to keep it even more simple by just using one color of yarn.

Make this crocheted cowl!Materials:
-worsted weight or bulky yarn in your choice of colour
-appropriate size of crochet hook, according to the label on your skein of yarn (for the cowl that Laura is wearing, I used worsted weight yarn and a 4mm crochet hook)


Slip knot onto your hook and chain 120.

Method One (1 color)

Row 1: Sl St into the very first chain on your foundation chain, creating a big loop. Dc into each ch around.

Row 2: When you come to the first stitch of Row 1, dc in each stitch around, and continue to stitch around and around, making sure not to increase (you can use a stitch marker if you want to keep track of rows), until the desired width of the cowl is achieved! Easy as pie!

Method Two (2 colors/striped)

Row 1: Sl St into the very first chain on your foundation chain, creating a big loop. Ch 3 (this acts as your first dc stitch in this row), then dc in each stitch around.

Row 2: Insert hook into top of first st (the 3rd ch), drop color 1 and pull color 2 through the loops to make a sl st. (Do not snip the yarn. Leave it hanging out of the way for now; you’ll be picking it up again for the next row.) Ch 3 with color 2, then dc in each stitch around.

Row 3: Drop color 2 to the right of the color 1 yarn, and sl st into the top of the first st with color 1 yarn. Ch 3 with color 1, and dc in each stitch around.

Repeat Rows 2 + 3 until desired width of cowl is achieved. Weave in the ends with a yarn needle to finish.

Make this crocheted cowl!This pattern comes just in time for cold weather and easy DIY gift-giving ideas! If it’s your first crochet project, congrats on learning the basics of this craft, and keep at it!! You’ll love toting your yarn around and working on projects. -xo Holly

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Credits // Author: Holly Neufeld. Photography: Sarah Rhodes

  • Can you tell me the length of the chain after 120 sc? I am using a different weight yarn and larger crochet hook and am not sure how long it should be. Thx!

  • I have a great foundation chain, but I am having trouble seeing where I should put my needle when doing the 2nd row. My grandma recommended using light colored yarn. Any tips?

  • Thank you, I like the black/white and didn’t realize you could switch colors and not have to cut your yarn. I’ll be trying one of these.

  • I made this yesterday with a nice cozy bulky yarn and am wearing it now! This was my first ever crochet project so I feel super proud. One thing I didn’t know about crochet was to make sure that my chain wasn’t twisted when I slip stitched back into my first loop to create the circle, so my scarf is twisted a couple times instead of being a smooth tunnel-like circle. Oh well. Any other 1st time crochet crafters, you may want to check your chain for twists before making your slip stitch to join.

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  • such a great idea! looks great 🙂 i am planning on learning how to knit socks this winter!

    rae of love from berlin

  • My friends made cowls for a bunch of friends for Christmas last year. They were a greatly appreciated gift!

  • Gorgeous!!! I have a big, dark green cowl that I crocheted last winter and I wear it whenever I can! I love the black and white, though!

  • This looks similar to the one I am wearing at the moment 🙂


  • Oh man, this would be perfect for my friend for Christmas, only I’m kinda busy knitting/crocheting stuff for my sister’s baby who’s arriving in January. Why are there not enough hours in the day? Especially around christmas!

  • Love this! Although living on the pacific northwest coast, I prefer to knit mine because you can do the big needle + thick wool combo to get a gorgeous thick cowl.

  • Hi Freidy,

    I was wondering the same thing and I managed to find something similar on Search “Neon Rose Leather Look Jacket With Embossed Stud Detail.”

    I hope that helps!

  • I used black yarn for the foundation chain, as well as the first row, then switched to white for row 2. And so on. -Holly

  • Gorgeous! These would make awesome holiday gifts.

    Warm Regards,

  • I really need to learn to knit and crochet so I can try all these gorgeous crafts you post!

  • Nice 🙂 and love the jacket….where from?

  • This is a great DIY! My best friend made one of theses for me and gave it as a present for me on my birthsday.

  • Do you know how many rows your cowl is? I’m notorious for messing up lengths, so it would be great to know as a guide. 🙂

  • I love this, so cute! I don’t know how to crochet, although I’d love to learn

  • So classic!

  • So cute! Now that you’ve taught me crochet, I feel like I can actually attempt this! Thanks!

  • So pretty! I would have never thought that sewing your own clothes can actually look chic and fashionable and not like our sweet nana made them for us (although I do have the warmest scarf ever from my nan hee hee).

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