Make Your Own Lion Hoodie

Lion Hoodie Costume Project (A Beautiful Mess)Halloween is one of my favorite childhood memories! I loved choosing my costume, picking out candy at the grocery store, decorating our porch and of course trick-or-treating. Growing up, most of our costumes were homemade, usually from items we already had at home. I love the memories of helping my mom craft costumes for us to wear! Looking back, the memories of making the costumes are even stronger than the actual holiday. With that sentiment in mind, we created these lion hoodies:Lion Hoodie Supplies + Steps 1Supplies: jacket with a hood (both for you and your little one), yarn, cotton fabric, felt, sewing machine, stuffing, embroidery thread + needle, and scissors. 1. Begin by cutting a strip of fabric the circumference of the hood on your jacket. 2. Then, take the yarn and lay it down onto the fabric, back and forth, creating loops all along the fabric. Stitch it in place as you go. 3. Once the yarn is stitched on, cut each end so that the yarn is no longer in loops. If you want the mane to be fuller at the top, simply repeat this step in the middle of the fabric, leaving the ends of the fabric with still only one layer of yarn. 4-5. Attach the fabric by sewing it all the way around the hood of your jacket. 

Lion Hoodie Steps 26. To make the ears, cut out four identical pieces of fabric. 7. On two of these pieces, hand stitch with enbroidery thread felt pieces, creating the inside of the ear. Then, with the other two pieces and the insides facing each other, sew the ears together and turn them inside out. 8. Lastly, fill them with stuffing and hand stitch them onto the hoodie. This project took us only one afternoon, so it's perfect for those last minute costume parties! Lion Costume Project (A Beautiful Mess)Lion Costume Project (A Beautiful Mess)Lion Costume Project (A Beautiful Mess)I hope that some of you get to enjoy making homemade costumes for the kiddos in your life! You get to have fun crafting and, best of all, creating a memory they will keep forever. After we snapped these photos, my neice and my mom went out shopping wearing these hoodies. How cute is that? XO. elsie 

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