Make Your Own Nail Polish Shelves

Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via I'm a sucker for open storage. I've said it a million times before on this blog, but if I can't see my things, I don't use them. No matter how many bottles of nail polish I have stored away in my cabinets, I'll always end up using the one that got left on my nightstand or makeup table. This project earns bonus points in my book because it's an organization solution that looks cute at the same time!

We made these shelves from triangle shadow boxes that flags are stored in. Here's how we did it: 

How to make a nail polish organizerSupplies: triangle (flag) shadow boxes, small wooden board (about 3 inches wide a 1/4 inch thick), balsa wood and paint. 1. Remove the back, inside lining and the front glass from the shadow box. Be careful when disposing of the glass! 2. Measure and cut shelves to fit inside the box. Use your nail polish to measure how far apart the shelves should be. Some nail polish bottles are taller than others, so use the tallest brand you collect as a guide. To cut the wood, use a jigsaw (that's what I used) or circular saw. 3. Prime the box and shelf pieces. 4. Line the box and back panel with balsa wood. Paint any accents you want and glue the shelf pieces inside. Once it's all dry you're ready to hang the shelves and display your nail polish collection.

Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via  Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via  I'm so happy with the end result. If you have a lot more polish bottles I can envision a display using more triangles- the possibilities are endless! This tutorial could also be even easier (and would hold more bottles) if you used a larger square shadow box. Choose the size and shapes that fit your space. xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Emma Chapman.

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