Make Your Own Paint-By-Numbers Pillow

Paint-by-numbers Pillow DIYToday Rubyellen is here to share a gorgeous paint-by-number pillow project. This project is equally beautiful and fun to make. Enjoy….

SuppliesSupplies Needed: 1. Paintbrushes 2. Fabric marker/pen 3. Paint pot strips 4. Masking tape. 5. Paint-by-number guide 6. Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Craft Paint (or fabric paint) 7. Heavy weight cotton for pillow back 8. Plain, light colored utility fabric for pillow front 9. Poly-fil 10. Scissors 11. Coordinating thread 12. Hand sewing needle

1 + 21. Download and print out the paint-by-number guide. (download these files- Download Rightside/Download Leftside)

Line up the two sheets and tape the back together. NOTE: When you print, make sure the print settings are set to no scaling (or if asked for scaling, set to none). When you tape it together, depending how your printer prints it, there may be slight gaps between the picture, if so, just connect the lines with a pen.

2. Lay paint-by-number guide on top of your front fabric and cut out to exact size.

3 + 4 + 5 + 63. Tape paint-by-number guide on a bright window. NOTE: The more light the better, so that you can see the lines when tracing onto your fabric. 4. Tape the utility front fabric on top of the guide. 5. Using your fabric marker/pen, trace the picture onto the fabric. NOTE: Don’t mark the numbers, while tracing on the window, save that for the next step. 6. Using the guide, mark the numbers in its corresponding area. NOTE: I found it easier to write the numbers in at this step just looking at the guide, rather than try to find it while tracing on the window.

777. Designate your paints to its corresponding number by putting them into little containers and number them.

8 + 98. Start painting your picture. To get the look of the pillow pictured, the key is in the blending. Keep in mind, this will become your work of art and no two will be the same, so this will make it even more special! Feel free to play around with colors while painting. If you like, you can keep the colors more separate instead of blending or blend to your heart’s content.

Blend Tip9. Allow at least four hours to let your painting dry completely.

10 + 11 + 12 +1310. Place your painting on top of the heavy weight fabric for the pillow back and cut to exact measurement of painting, so that both pieces are exactly the same. 11. Place right sides together and pin in place. 12. Stitch using a 1/2” seam allowance, making sure to leave a 3.5” opening so you can turn the fabric right side out. Trim corners at a 45 degree angle to reduce the bulk. Make sure you don’t clip your stitching. 13. Turn your fabric right side out.

1414. Fill your pillow with poly-fil and hand sew opening close.Place your pretty scenic pillow somewhere it can be enjoyed! The paint does make the fabric a bit more stiff, so I don’t think you will be using this to lay your head on at night, nevertheless, it is a pretty pillow and a real work of art! When choosing your fabric for the back, I suggest something simple, but with a little bit of punch. The front of the pillow is the show stealer, but you will want something to really compliment it. I thought black and white stripes where a good way to make the back of this funky, decorative pillow bold and classic. If you ever get tired of the front, but I don’t think you will, flip it over and showcase the back! This pillow is spot clean only. Paint By Number Pillow

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