Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish!

Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! (click through for tutorial I love a good ring dish. Especially if you love to do thin stacking rings like I do, it’s a really good idea to have a ring dish at strategic locations in your house (next to the bed, in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink) so you always have a spot nearby when you take off your rings.

To make the dish extra special, we’re teaming up with our long time friends at Canon USA to help personalize these with your own photos and images using water-activated decal paper. Here’s how:

waterslide decal paper
-water-based polyurethane
foam craft brushes
-white ring dish (I used small appetizer plates)
Canon PIXMA MG7720 photo printer

Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! (click through for tutorial)First, you’ll want to choose the photo(s) you want to put on your ring dish. Resize your image to fit the bottom of whatever ring dish you choose and print your image onto the decal paper.

The PIXMA MG7720 printer works great for this type of project because the printing quality and color is great, and the images look amazing on the dish. 

Cut out your image and submerge in room temperature water until the decal slides off the backing. Cover the bottom of your dish with a thin layer of turpentine and place your decal on top.

Allow decal to completely dry. Seal your plate with a coat of water-based polyurethane, and once the poly is dry, it’s time to add your rings!

Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! (click through for tutorial Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! (click through for tutorial Aren’t they so cute?! Since this is a small craft and relatively inexpensive to make, these ring dishes would be perfect presents or favors at a small party (or maybe use a photo of you and your besties and make one for each girl in the group).

I wouldn’t wash these in the dishwasher, so just wipe out with a damp cloth as needed. Now that I have a bunch of new ring dishes, I guess i’s time to go ring shopping to fill them up with goodies! xo. Laura

Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.

  • They are so much adorable. I never think that this type of thing can be made so easily and I can also gift it to my loved ones. Looking forward to making these. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great idea.

  • Very nice.

    What does the turpentine do?

    Do you think I can use the process to make a soap dish?

    Thank you.

  • Great Creativity!!

    Thanks for sharing lovely tutorial for Photo Ring Dish.

  • Great idea. This Process We can done on the other subjects….

  • Such a neat idea! I can’t wait to try this! I just discovered your blog and I can tell I’m going to have my hands full with new craft projects for quite some time. 🙂

  • Great idea and I shall be passing this pages link onto my 16 year old daughter as she loves any crafts that are linked to memories and is really enjoying learning to cook. Great blog page! Thanks

  • I love this blog so much! This project is so cute but those rings! I have to ask where you got those gold twisted rings?! I have one that my mom gave me year ago but it broke from wear ?

  • So pretty! I make all my Christmas gifts for my husband’s family, so I have to get started by the end of summer to get it all done. I just know some of the women in his family would love this as a gift. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • These are so cute!! I’m such a sucker for little home decor items like these. Thanks for sharing! Customized coasters would work perfectly with this as well! 🙂

  • Awesome project! I’m going to give this a try very soon!


  • I’m just working on a DIY coffee table from Ikea, this could be a fun addition!

  • How neat! I would have never thought of making something like this as a gift for someone, but totally agree that this would make a perfect personalised present! 🙂

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