Make Your Own Pom Pom Basket

Make your own pom pom basketI, Kara, am pretty sure there is no end to my pom pom obsession. The fluffy balls of yarn have adorned my ears and my pillows, but with fall approaching I wanted to bring in a little more warmth to my decor, and this pom pom storage basket was just the DIY I needed. It was a quick afternoon project that only took a few hours to complete, and is the perfect way to store all my fall throw blankets!


Make your own pom pom basketSupplies:
Yarn in colors of your choice
Pom pom makers in medium and large
-Wire basket (I found this one at Home Goods)

Make your own pom pom basket

Step One: Make your pom poms. Begin by wrapping the yarn around each side of the pom pom maker. Once one side is full, fold it in and wrap the other side. Fold that in and cut the yarn down the middle on both sides. The final step is to tie a piece of yarn around the center with a double knot and then open the sides and pull the pom pom maker apart to release your pom pom.

Make your own pom pom basketStep Two: Repeat, repeat, repeat. For my basket, I wanted to create a flowing ombre effect, so I only needed about 24-30 pom poms. If you choose to cover your entire basket with pom poms, you will likely need about 100 pom poms. I realize that may seem intimidating, but 8 skeins of yarn should yield that many pom poms and with the pom pom makers, they come together really quickly.

Step Three: Use the long ends of the yarn that you used to tie your pom pom to attach the pom poms to your basket and then trim off the extra yarn.

Make your own pom pom basket

Make your own pom pom basketMake your own pom pom basketStep Four: Keep adding pom poms to your basket until it is full or until you have it just the way you like. Then your basket is ready to hold all your cozy throw blankets and extra pillows.

Make your own pom pom basket

Make your own pom pom basketAs I mentioned, the basket came together in a few hours, so it’s an easy project to complete while watching a movie at home. I love the ombre effect of the basket, and that some of the gold wire was still exposed, but I think a basket completely covered in pom poms would be amazing too! Have you all started to look forward to the cooler temps of fall and all the warm and cozy crafts, or are you still holding on to summer for as long as you can? xoxo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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