Maternity Lace Top DIY

Maternity Top DIYThis next Maternity DIY is one of my favorites. Not only is it super easy to stitch up on an afternoon, but it's also a great transitional piece that you can wear post pregnancy. It's a super easy fit! 

Maternity Top StepsYou'll need: 1.5 yards lace fabric, a lace collar applique (you can find these at some fabric stores and in the supplies section of Etsy), Rope, lace and jersey to braid for the belt, Fray Check, Pins and a sewing machine. 1. Measure from the bottom of one hip, over the top of your shoulders down to the front of your hip. This will be the length. The width is two feet. Hem all 4 edges of your rectangle. 2. Fold the rectangle in half and make the front half 1-2 inches longer. (belly room) Pin the collar applique to the lace, allowing the back edges to hand over the back of the fold. 3. Cut a hole for the head, try it on with a belt and make any adjustments needed. 4. Stitch down the applique with a machine (or hand stitch) on all outer edges. Note: If you want to attach your belt and are using a large applique similar to ours, leave the bottom part of the applique un-sewn so that you can add your belt in a bit! Tack down the inside details with a few extra hand stitches. Cut around the front of the applique and use a little bit of Fray Check on the edges if you need to. 5. Cut the back of the neckline at a curve and hem it. Note: You may need to adjust these instructions to fit the shape your applique. You can do it! 

Maternity Top DetailsNext, Use jersey, rope, lace or other textiles to braid a long rope. Make sure it's long enough to fit around the small part of the waist and tie in the back. Stitch your belt down under your applique or keep them separate and you can also use your own belts. 

That's it! Your new apron top will be super cute layered over tank tops and dresses. Here's how Stacy styled hers…

Maternity Smock DIYMaternity Apron Top DIYMaternity Top TieStacy loves this piece. It will adjust into her third trimester and is easy to layer over jeans and a tank or a maxi dress. Imagine all the pretty color combinations you could stitch up in a weekend! XO. elsie 

  • You looked so fine, and your wonderful clogs only added to the perfection; I wish every one of your readers could have seen how great you looked!

  • So beautiful. I’m hoping that you’ll share more maternity DIY’s. Maybe you could make DIY’s for children, too? Baby clothing? I’m sure you all would come up with wonderful pieces!

    XO Krystin

  • Very cute and easy! You did a great job : )

    xoxo aley

  • Loving all of these great Maternity DIY ideas- thank you!

  • So pretty, she looks just lovely in it.


  • Estou amando esses posts sobre roupas para grávidas. Esta me ajudando muito.

    Abraços do Brasil.

  • OH MY GOD. I’m not pregnant, but that top is absolutely amazing!!! I may in fact make it for myself! I’ll just make the back side longer instead of the front, but other than that O.O!

  • This is so nice, love this maternity DIY and I’ve not pregnant! but really feeling like becoming one with these! 😀

    Stacy looks so peaceful and beautiful!

  • so cute! love it. And she looks really pretty.


  • Lovingh your maternity series, girls. What a brilliant idea!
    Ronnie xo

  • L-L-Love this idea. I’ve made something similar before but this is on my list to try soon. The two different types of lace are beautifully eclectic. And, being the hair girl that I am, I L-L-Love the hair too!


  • L-L-Love this idea. I’ve made something similar before but this is on my list to try soon. The two different types of lace are beautifully eclectic. And, being the hair girl that I am, I L-L-Love the hair too!


  • Stacy, you are so pretty!

    And what a lovely top – will try this.

    Thank you ~


  • Super cute!
    I may have to try this out one day! When I have a baby..

  • Love these maternity outfits! So cute, I want one for myself!

  • Ok, she is just the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen! She glows!

  • These DIYs almost make me want to have a baby…almost. 😛


  • you’re creativity is mind blowing!

  • is that stacy from eisley? i had no idea she was expecting! she looks great and super happy 🙂

  • That top is adorable, I want to make the belt just because and wear it with other stuff, and Stacy is a delight to behold. So pretty!

  • Stacy is a lovely pregnant woman. I wish I can be almost as pretty if I ever get pregnant. I hope her all the best for her baby girl (and I love the name – I always thought Stacy looks a bit like Scarlett Johannson).

  • Too cute for words! I love it.

  • Stacy looks so beautiful and glowing!

    This is my favorite out of the DIY maternity!

  • This is so cute! I might even try if even though I’m not in the need for maternity wear! 😉

  • Wow, she looks so much like Scarlet Johansson! Which is to say, she is absolutely beautiful, and so is this top!


  • So adorable! I <3 lace!

    Savannah Marie

  • Stacy is absolutely lovely!! Just glowing!

    I need to remember these posts for the inevitable day when I realize I’m about to have a little accident (I obviously mean child lol)

    Great DIY

    Much Love


  • What a beautiful top! I can’t wait to try this out for my pregnant girlfriends!


  • I’m quite a new reader and in the beginning of my first pregnancy – so happy to see all of these lovely DIY’s.

    Thank you!
    Elsa (from Sweden)

  • Oh my goodness I LOVE that lace fabric braid belt. I will definitely be making one of those. 🙂

    Thanks ladies!


  • I love this – this is beautiful material.

  • So lovely. I’ll have to show my neighbor all these projects, I’m sure she’d love them.

  • This is lovely! Again, I would wear it even though I’m not pregnant! LOL

  • I LOVE that rope belt! I could make it now + I’m not pregnant 😉 Very cute Elsie ♥

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