Mini Cotton + Leather Clutch DIY

We are big fans of homemade accessories! It's fun to customize items to fit your aesthetic or show off your personality. Last summer we made these cute cotton & leather DIY clutches. We thought it would be fun to create a mini version, for carrying pocket change, sunglasses, chap stick and other summer essentials.Mini cotton and leather clutch DIYThis is another project from our Canon USA collaboration. We used the MG6320 to print photos onto fabric paper so we could add a photo element to our clutches. We used this kind of paper and ironed the design onto our cotton fabric. The touchscreen on the MG6320 makes it super easy to play around with settings and get the best print for your iron-on paper.How to sew a mini clutchYou could use photos from a recent vacation, of scenery from your favorite getaway or photos of friends and family members. Have fun customizing this project with your personal photos and whatever color leather, lining fabric and zipper suits you. The supplies you will need include: zipper, iron-on transfer sheets, white cotton canvas, printed cotton for lining, and leather.

1. Print your 4×6-inch photo onto your iron-on transfer sheet.
2. Iron your image onto the white canvas per product instructions.
3. Cut out your photo leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance on all sides. Cut another piece of white canvas 6.5×4.5 inches (this piece will serve as the back top of the clutch). Cut two strips of leather that are 6.5×3.5 inches and sew each of your canvas pieces to one of the leather strips (right side facing each other). Now you have a front and back piece for your clutch.
4. Face the front and back pieces with their right sides facing each other and pin together. Leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew the two pices together leaving the top area (where the zipper will go) open. How to add lining5. Pull your clutch inside out so that the right sides are facing out.

6. Cut your two lining pieces to 6.5×7.5 inches and pin the pieces facing right side in. Leaving the top open, sew both pieces together, but make sure also to leave a 2-to-3-inch opening in the bottom of the lining (you'll use this later to turn your lining inside out).

7. Leave the lining shell inside out and place your right-side-out outer shell inside your lining, so the correct sides of each are facing each other.How to sew a zipper8. Zip open the zipper and position the end of the zipper on one side of the clutch opening. Pin the zipper between the inner lining and the outer shell on either side. The zipper pull should be facing up, and the teeth of the zipper should be facing down between the two layers of fabric once in place. Use a zipper foot to sew zipper in place and shorten zipper length per zipper package instructions if needed. 

9. Remember that 2-to-3-inch hole that we left in the lining? Well, now use that hole to pull the outer shell of the clutch through the lining until the both sides are facing right side out. Once it's pulled through, you can use a hidden stitch to hand stich your lining hole shut.How to sew a leather clutchFor more information check out the video tutorial above or check here. Now we are ready to carry our mini clutches everywhere this summer! What will you put in yours? xo. Elsie

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