Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table!

Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) If you’ve ever had to furnish a new space, then you know all about the hours it takes searching stores, vintage shops, thrift stores, online deal sites, all trying to find the perfect pieces for your home that won’t completely break your bank. It’s always hard when you have a specific idea in mind but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. I wanted a small breakfast table to put next to one of our big windows that looks into our backyard, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I kept thinking, “I wish I could put that top with that bottom,” until I realized I could just search for the top and bottom separately, and then put whichever ones I wanted together. YES!

Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!)For the body, I decided to do a simple 36″ round table top (it comes in a couple of different sizes), and I clamped the table to the legs first so I could make sure I liked it in the space before painting and attaching the legs. Looks good to me!

Since I was planning on painting the table (I chose Crystal Coral by Valspar), I bought a cheaper pine top, but if you would rather stain yours or let the wood grain come through, you would probably want to get something a little nicer like one of these hardwood tops instead (they have round and rectangle). You can even buy glass tabletops, but you’ll have to use a table base that is one unit rather than 4 individual legs since you can’t screw them into the glass. Even Ikea sells table tops if you are looking for more of a dining room table option, or you can make your own table top like Elsie and Emma did. I made the same one Elsie did for our dining room table after I saw how good hers looked (and how easy it was to make!).Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table (click through for more!)
Once you have your table top picked out, it’s time to customize the legs! There are lots of options online, but these are a few of my favorites that I found as I looked around. I ended up picking these hairpin legs with a gold finish since I wanted something light that would match the gold fixture I planned to put above the table. A lot of the legs have different color choices and heights, so you can really get what you want for your project.

1. Hairpin pedestal 
2. Alfred 700
3. Otto 700
4. Hilver
5. Lerberg
6. Traditional Tapered Leg
7. Estelle 700
8. Hairpin Leg
9. Fold Leg
10. Siri 700
11. Original Leg

Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) Most legs can be attached with just a drill and a few screws. Since mine is a circle, I just marked the circle into four even parts and attached the legs on the lines so I knew they were evenly spaced.

Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table! (click through for more!) I love that this project was pretty minimal work for getting the look I wanted, and the subtle gold legs I chose look great with the beautiful brass pendant light above the table. Just a quick coat of paint (or stain) for your top (or nothing at all if it comes exactly how you want it), and you’re ready to attach your legs with a drill and a few screws—it’s definitely taken me longer to put together furniture that came in a box! The table is a perfect size for the space and has just the right feel since I was able to pick all the elements. So next time you need a table, desk, or even coffee table, don’t forget that you can be the boss and pick your own details! I’m so glad that I did! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photo edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I’m after those #11 table legs in 620mm height in satin chrome or stainless steel type finish but can’t find where to obtain them. any help you can give me will be MUCH appreciated. I’m in Sydney Australia.
    Mark Boudib

  • This is so cool! Would love to try, but I have to admit I’m so bad at DIY things.


  • Hi Becky! It looks like that shop is no longer there, but we added in a similar one. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Hello! Thank you so much for this I’ve been in the hunt for a perfect size table. I can’t wait to make this. However the link for “nicer” wood isn’t working. By any chance do you remember the name of the etsy store?

    Thank you.

  • Love the table! I want something similar for my sun room. But seriously, WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE B&W MUGS???


  • Thanks for the great ideas! This is so fun, I have a mix and match table right now, but there are so many cool options to change things up. Love the the table legs.

  • Is there a specific kind of Rustoleum paint that you used? (Clear or mirror finish?) I’m trying to search it up and am curious to know. Would really like to try this out! Thanks!

  • Brilliant idea! And I love the way you styled the space with the rug and chairs!

    ♥ Heather

  • That is a beautiful shade of pink… Is it true to color in the photos? I’m hoping one day my husband will allow us to have a pink table in our kitchen or breakfast nook.

    Rosalyn | Love, Rosalyn

  • Hi Peta! For the glossiest look, use a high gloss oil based paint (like Rustoluem). It holds up better on surfaces you place items on and it looks shinier too!

    Laura 🙂

  • wow, such a cozy place in the house, and so good advice for cutomising table 🙂 thank you for sharing sweeie 🙂
    xo xo from Paris

  • Beautiful option, we love this mix of gold and pink, nice!


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  • That looks so wonderful, especially with the chairs! I love the colour combination of pink and gold!

  • I love that you can create everything to be so custom to you!

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • Love the table, but I can’t get over how impractical a sheepskin rug is for a breakfast nook! As soon as someone knocks a glass of orange juice or a bowl of cereal you’ve got a nightmare cleaning job! Regardless, love the table and the colour is amazing! Wish I was brave enough for a pink table 🙂

  • I love this table and all the light the window lets in. A great place to sit and chat over coffee!

  • This is so brilliant! I’ve been searching high and low for a side table that I like and struggling to find something I like. This may be the perfect solution.

  • Amazing post.I adore your blog,definetely my fav.:)


  • I never knew you could essentially design your own table! It looks amazing great choice!


  • Gah I love the look of those gold hairpin legs! I have been cruising craigslist for a desk for the home office I’m putting together…if nothing comes up soon, I may have to do this!

  • This is beautiful! We’re planning on building a table in our (very tiny) kitchen nook, so this will be a great resource. Thanks!

  • Another awesome project Laura, and it’s styled so beautifully too. It’s always inspiring to see how you make DIY projects seem so achievable – thank you! Also, just one quick question – the tabletop you painted has a lovely sheen – is that simply a gloss paint you’ve used or would I need to add some other kind of coating? Thanks again.

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