Mocha Mint Frappe

How to make a mint mocha frappe  The weather has all the way turned cold. It's full-on coat weather, ya'll! So, why in the world am I all of a sudden interested in ice cream treats? I don't know exactly. But it all started last Sunday morning. You see Elsie and I ran our first half marathon last weekend. Humble brag, but if you heard our time, you'd realize it's not much of a brag. But hey, we did it. Anyway, during the race, when we would feel like quitting (which was often) we'd talk about what kind of treat we wanted to get later that day. Elsie had her mind set on a donut, while I was leaning toward a hot fudge sundae. (you better believe I got that sundae)Mocha mint frappeAnd thus, the ice cream obsession began. This time of year I really love the combination of mint and mocha. It just seems very holiday-ish to me. I decided to try and create my own version of a mocha mint frappe. There's about a million different ways you could make this, but here's what I did:Coffee ice cubesFirst you gotta make coffee ice cubes. Brew some strong coffee and freeze overnight in an ice cube tray. I happen to have an ice cube tray that makes diamond shaped ice. It was an awesome wedding gift from my friend Margot. The shape of the ice cubes doesn't matter at all, I just thought these were sort of pretty so I thought I'd share. But it would be pretty funny if for some reason this recipe required diamond-shaped ice cubes. AnywayHow to make a mint mocha frappe    Mocha Mint Frappe, makes 2.

12-15 coffee ice cubes
1/2 pint mint ice cream (or peppermint)
1/2 pint chocolate ice cream
2 cups milk
York Peppermint chocolate syrup
whipped cream
chocolate mint candy canes

Place the first four ingredients listed above in a blender and puree until smooth. Line the inside of two glasses with the chocolate syrup. Pour the frappe into the prepared glasses. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle on a few crushed candy cane crumbs. Or…How to make a mint mocha frappe… is it too soon to garnish with candy canes? Too soon? Ok, then forget I said anything. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography by: Emma Chapman

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