Mocha Mint Frappe

How to make a mint mocha frappe  The weather has all the way turned cold. It's full-on coat weather, ya'll! So, why in the world am I all of a sudden interested in ice cream treats? I don't know exactly. But it all started last Sunday morning. You see Elsie and I ran our first half marathon last weekend. Humble brag, but if you heard our time, you'd realize it's not much of a brag. But hey, we did it. Anyway, during the race, when we would feel like quitting (which was often) we'd talk about what kind of treat we wanted to get later that day. Elsie had her mind set on a donut, while I was leaning toward a hot fudge sundae. (you better believe I got that sundae)Mocha mint frappeAnd thus, the ice cream obsession began. This time of year I really love the combination of mint and mocha. It just seems very holiday-ish to me. I decided to try and create my own version of a mocha mint frappe. There's about a million different ways you could make this, but here's what I did:Coffee ice cubesFirst you gotta make coffee ice cubes. Brew some strong coffee and freeze overnight in an ice cube tray. I happen to have an ice cube tray that makes diamond shaped ice. It was an awesome wedding gift from my friend Margot. The shape of the ice cubes doesn't matter at all, I just thought these were sort of pretty so I thought I'd share. But it would be pretty funny if for some reason this recipe required diamond-shaped ice cubes. AnywayHow to make a mint mocha frappe    Mocha Mint Frappe, makes 2.

12-15 coffee ice cubes
1/2 pint mint ice cream (or peppermint)
1/2 pint chocolate ice cream
2 cups milk
York Peppermint chocolate syrup
whipped cream
chocolate mint candy canes

Place the first four ingredients listed above in a blender and puree until smooth. Line the inside of two glasses with the chocolate syrup. Pour the frappe into the prepared glasses. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle on a few crushed candy cane crumbs. Or…How to make a mint mocha frappe… is it too soon to garnish with candy canes? Too soon? Ok, then forget I said anything. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography by: Emma Chapman

  • We thought you might like to know that your recipe and picture are being used by a woman on Justapinch. I personally think someone should ask before using.

  • This is all of my favorite things blended into one glass. Noms a go-go!!!!!! 🙂


  • Oh My Gosh they look absolutely amazing :). I definitely have to give these a go 🙂 x

    Mhairi x

  • ooohhhh this looks so yummy! I am going to have to try it, except a dairy free version! I think coconut milk would be delish!


  • I tried this, it was great and all but i can’t stand mint anywhere near chocolate. i feel like toothpaste snuck into my food. But then i gave it to my boyfriend and his sister and they gobbled it all up! so yay i can make it for everyone but me hahah

    with love from malaysia <3

  • I’m craving this so bad right now! And I usually don’t like cold drinks this time of year.. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Those looks so good. I love how you did the chocolate swirl.

  • I completely agree! And it’s definitely never too soon for chocolate peppermint candy canes!

  • I didn’t even know there was a York Peppermint Syrup until I saw this post. Yum! Definitely pinning this one. Thx.

  • I don’t even like coffee & these look delicious!!! And Candy Canes too!!! Yay!
    I love love love those diamond ice cubes, how fun are they!

  • These sound and look great!! I will be trying them ASAP (once I have a kitchen again….)
    But it is never too soon for candy canes! I wanna watch Elf and sing Christmas songs… too soon for that?

  • Ohhh yayaya YUM this looks wonderful! So festive. I am so ready for the Holiday season!!!

  • O yum, this looks really good. But feels like a lot of work tho… haha no, will try it in the weekend for sure, thanks! O and I have skull & dentures ice cubes, cool no? 🙂

  • Funny–my boyfriend and I used to treat ourselves to fancy sundaes at Fentons in Oakland, CA* after every race, from 1/2 marathons all the way down to 5k’s! We haven’t ran a race in quite some time…maybe it’s time to bring that tradition back. 😉

    *a favorite ice creamery

  • Oh wow these looks amazing! Definitely should make these! Will be a hit in my house!

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  • Mocha and mint are such comforting flavors. Even though this drink is cold, the flavors are warm for the cool weather outside. Nope, it’s not too late for candy cane decorations! I could use one right now, actually! 🙂


  • oh yum! i tried a milkshake with frozen greek yogurt and it turned out fantastic. cut a little of the fat and calories but still decadent. wonder how it would work here?

    pumpkin pie milkshake:

    just for fun:

  • Oh my god Blue Bell ice cream! Makes me miss living in Texas so much! None up here in Washington. 🙁 As a child, my favourite treat was the blue bell banana fudge bar!

  • What I would do for one of these NOW!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes you post.

  • Oh my gosh – I am pregnant, and I can smell mint chocolate when I see these photos! So yum!

  • Never too soon for Candy Canes. I’ve wrapped some Christmas gifts for my nieces/nephew already! Shhh! Don’t tell 🙂

  • Wowza! These look marvelous! You two might run Starbucks out of busines with easy recipes like these! Geez louise. YUM!

  • You ladies need to tour the Blue Bell Farm here in Brenham, Texas! I think you’d love it! It’s best to go in the springtime so it’s not summer Hot and Winter Wet. I go every spring with my family and now fiance! It’s the best place to go. In the fall, I’m back in Brenham for pumpkins and haystacks!

  • I could start to hate you guys…LOL, but no, not too soon for the candy canes. Too cute to be too soon.

  • That looks absolutely scrummylicious. I was inspired by how you push your creativity to constantly come up with these yummy shakes/ cocktails/ cake batter shakes -you-name-it. I tried making my own protein pancakes and they ended up tasting amazing. My challenge was to make them as nutritious as possible and at the same time delish. I think I did well: there’s about 16g of protein in a portion! I’ve shared the link below if any one wants to give them a go too 🙂

    Caterina x

  • It looks delicious and I wouldn’t mind taste it, even in a cold weather. I like the way you’re enjoying every project you make. And I’d love to have a diamond ice cube tray… just because! 😉

  • Oh Emma! I luuuurve your sense of humor! 🙂 Pretty sure the diamond coffee ice cubes should be a requirement… I need that tray! And congrats on the half marathon! Kudos to you and Elsie!

  • Totally agree, but I’ve never had a chocolate mint candy-cane! Must look for those:)

  • Coffee ice cubes are the best!

  • Oh I love chocolate and mint together! Will be doing this tomorrow I think! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • These look delicious! I hardly ever make fancy drinks, but these will be on my to do list 🙂


  • Neither do I have a current obsession with ice cream, nor do I know where to get chocolate mint candy canes (though I would like to know…in Germany..Frankfurt..anyone?)
    BUT I really like your style of writing and enjoy every post of you! Thank you!

  • There’s very few things I enjoy as much as I enjoy mint chocolate things. My favorite Starbucks drink ever is the peppermint mocha. So I will definitely be making this ASAP!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  • uh…yum! i also love anything mint and chocolate flavored combined, even better when they come in the form of ice cream!
    xo jac

  • These looks delicious!! and it´s fine to me that they are cold drinks as far as in Spain we still have summer weather

  • My two favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavors! I moved to LA this year, so sadly the only place I can get Blue Bell is at ONE ice cream shop (and it isn’t cheap!)

  • These look so delicious! I work at an Ice Cream Parlor in the summertime, and we have mocha chocolate frappes and black and white frappes, but have failed to create a successful chocolate-mint frappe. I love this idea and I’ll be sure to share it! My boss is always looking for creative ways to re-invent the classics. Love the candy-cane, by the way – a great touch! Xo

  • I love chocolate and I love mint ! I think I’m going to love so much this frape !!
    your diamond shaped ice is just amazing!!

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