Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIY

Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIYI made my own set of oven mitts and hot pads after Sebastian was born, but they were looking pretty worn out. A new year, a new set of hot pads. That's what I say. These aren't quite as basic as the pillow cases but they're still simple enough for a beginner. Also, pretty prints in coordinating colors cover a multitude of crooked seams.Color ComboLet's tackle the trickier of the two first, the oven mitt.

Oven Mitt Steps1. Supplies: One oven mitt needs 2 cuts of outer fabric, 2 cuts of inner fabric, and 2 cuts of insulated lining (similar to this) measuring about 14" x 8" each. You'll also need a cut of fabric for the bottom hem that measures about 3" x 17", straight pins, iron, ironing board, sewing machine, thread, and shears. 2. Place one outer fabric facing the table, layer on a piece of insulated lining, then add your inner fabric face up. Pin together. Start stitching from the middle of the fabric sandwich diagonally to the outer edge and then stitch from the middle again going the opposite way so that you finish a straight line. Starting from the center will keep things from bunching and getting pushed down. Don't worry about your lines being super straight, but you could use chalk and measure things out if you'd like. Once you finish all your lines on one fabric sandwich, pin your other one together and repeat. 3. Next, place an oven mitt you already have (or use your hand as a guide) on top of one of your fabric sandwiches and trace around it adding an extra 1" if you're just using your hand. 4. Place your cut piece on top of your uncut piece with the inner fabrics facing each other as shown. Pin in place. 5. Stitch along the inside edge of your cut piece to connect your two sides together. Then trim around the edges. Turn right side out. 6. Fold your long bottom hem in half lengthwise and iron and then fold each long side in towards the center and iron again. 7. Sandwich that piece over the bottom edge of your oven mitt and pin. 8. Stitch around the top edge of your hem. And as you get to where the end meets the beginning, fold the end under and match it up with the beginning and finish stitching. Ta-da!IMG_5155aThis hot pad is pretty basic and quick enough that you could make a drawer full in an afternoon. 

Hot Pad Steps1. Supplies: Pick out two coordinating fabrics (or three if you want one fabric on each side of your hot pad). I used one long piece of fabric and insulated liner but I suggest not folding it over but rather cutting it in half so as not to get a little pucker in the fold. Your front and back pieces of fabric should measure as large or small as you'd like, but I cut mine about 8" x 10". I also used two pieces of insulated liner measuring the same. I cut a piece of fabric for the hanger that measured about 3" x 6". 3. Next make another fabric sandwich, but this time place an insulated liner down first, then one cut of fabric facing you, then the other cut of fabric facing down, and finally your other layer of insulated fabric as shown. Pin together. 4. Fold your hanger fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing together and iron. Stitch along the long edge. Turn right side out and iron again. 5. Starting near one corner, stitch around the inside edge of your fabric sandwich until you get back around to the same side but leave about a hand-width opening. Trim the corners. 6. Turn your hot pad right side out and iron flat. Fold your hanger in half and place it inside the opening and pin. Finish your hot pad by stitching all the way around the inside of your hot pad about 1/4" from the edge. Be sure your hanger is in far enough that it gets stitched in as well.IMG_5163aThey make great house-warming gifts and are another way to customize your space to make it feel more like you. –Rachel


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