Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIY

Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIYI made my own set of oven mitts and hot pads after Sebastian was born, but they were looking pretty worn out. A new year, a new set of hot pads. That's what I say. These aren't quite as basic as the pillow cases but they're still simple enough for a beginner. Also, pretty prints in coordinating colors cover a multitude of crooked seams.Color ComboLet's tackle the trickier of the two first, the oven mitt.

Oven Mitt Steps1. Supplies: One oven mitt needs 2 cuts of outer fabric, 2 cuts of inner fabric, and 2 cuts of insulated lining (similar to this) measuring about 14" x 8" each. You'll also need a cut of fabric for the bottom hem that measures about 3" x 17", straight pins, iron, ironing board, sewing machine, thread, and shears. 2. Place one outer fabric facing the table, layer on a piece of insulated lining, then add your inner fabric face up. Pin together. Start stitching from the middle of the fabric sandwich diagonally to the outer edge and then stitch from the middle again going the opposite way so that you finish a straight line. Starting from the center will keep things from bunching and getting pushed down. Don't worry about your lines being super straight, but you could use chalk and measure things out if you'd like. Once you finish all your lines on one fabric sandwich, pin your other one together and repeat. 3. Next, place an oven mitt you already have (or use your hand as a guide) on top of one of your fabric sandwiches and trace around it adding an extra 1" if you're just using your hand. 4. Place your cut piece on top of your uncut piece with the inner fabrics facing each other as shown. Pin in place. 5. Stitch along the inside edge of your cut piece to connect your two sides together. Then trim around the edges. Turn right side out. 6. Fold your long bottom hem in half lengthwise and iron and then fold each long side in towards the center and iron again. 7. Sandwich that piece over the bottom edge of your oven mitt and pin. 8. Stitch around the top edge of your hem. And as you get to where the end meets the beginning, fold the end under and match it up with the beginning and finish stitching. Ta-da!IMG_5155aThis hot pad is pretty basic and quick enough that you could make a drawer full in an afternoon. 

Hot Pad Steps1. Supplies: Pick out two coordinating fabrics (or three if you want one fabric on each side of your hot pad). I used one long piece of fabric and insulated liner but I suggest not folding it over but rather cutting it in half so as not to get a little pucker in the fold. Your front and back pieces of fabric should measure as large or small as you'd like, but I cut mine about 8" x 10". I also used two pieces of insulated liner measuring the same. I cut a piece of fabric for the hanger that measured about 3" x 6". 3. Next make another fabric sandwich, but this time place an insulated liner down first, then one cut of fabric facing you, then the other cut of fabric facing down, and finally your other layer of insulated fabric as shown. Pin together. 4. Fold your hanger fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing together and iron. Stitch along the long edge. Turn right side out and iron again. 5. Starting near one corner, stitch around the inside edge of your fabric sandwich until you get back around to the same side but leave about a hand-width opening. Trim the corners. 6. Turn your hot pad right side out and iron flat. Fold your hanger in half and place it inside the opening and pin. Finish your hot pad by stitching all the way around the inside of your hot pad about 1/4" from the edge. Be sure your hanger is in far enough that it gets stitched in as well.IMG_5163aThey make great house-warming gifts and are another way to customize your space to make it feel more like you. –Rachel


  • Which side of the Insul-Bright should be facing the hand, once completed? The silver side or the wide side?

  • Is there any possible fabric to use, other than cotton? I have a pile of oven mitts and pot holders that have been scorched by the flame…I’m not a fan of cotton. (The price of my kids helping me cook.) What else has been developed that is heat proof and washable?
    Thanks, Janice

  • Very nice and easy project Rachel! I love those pretty prints in coordinating colors on your fabrics!

  • Totally agree with Ruby- You can’t find over mitts this beautiful anywhere! I’ve been on the hunt for cute ones like these for awhile now, so thrilled you made a tutorial! Definitely on the to do list for this weekend! Thanks 🙂

  • Great tutorial, I’ve never considered making my own oven gloves or heat pads and now I can in styles to match my kitchen and dining room! I love the use of contrasting fabrics too, so cute!

  • oh wow!!! these are so pretty. can you tell me by any chance, where the black and white pencil-look checkered fabric is from/who makes them? I’ve been looking for fabric like this FOREVER! Would be so so so grateful 🙂

  • Aww this is a brilliant idea! i can pick colours that go with my kitchen too instead of looking for ones that mite 🙂

    Pipp xx

  • These are just so adorable!


  • They’re cute but I don’t know if I would use homemade oven mitts – don’t store-bought products use heat-resistant materials so that they’re safe?

  • adorable idea! Really creative choice of fabric too. So fun.


  • These are fantastic! I have some relatively new oven mitts and hot pads (wedding gifts a little over a year ago), but they aren’t holding up well. Perhaps I’ll have to make some! 🙂

  • Wow, thanks for this DIY. I know my mum would like this as a present this year.
    Katie xx

  • So cute! I love these! I love the different fabrics! I feel most oven mitts in the stores are being made to sell to 40 year old women. x.x

  • Your fabrics for these are really cool! Sometimes I feel like hot pads are so old and boring, but these are new and fun!

  • Great ideas! Loving the floral fabrics 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • I might suggest to let everyone know they should use a wool and cotton blend or 100% cotton to prevent the fabric from melting. Same with the batting, if you can’t find the insulated batting.

    Love your fabric choices

  • I love those prints! Where do you buy your fabric? I started sewing recently and am looking for the best places to find cute prints. Thanks!

  • My Granny used to make oven mitts and hot pads. I still have (and use) a couple of hers. It’s such a great gift idea!


  • This is such a wonderful idea! I’m definitely going to try this out! xx


  • Last year my kids and I made some for Christmass gifts with one side of the hot pad being a solid color, while the other side was a print. I gave them fabric makers and they drew pictures on the solid color! Then they signed their names! They were very cute!

  • Adorable !! thanks for the tutorial !
    Have a look at my new post: http://www.thestilettoholic.com/2013/02/01/autumn-smoothness/

  • Ah! So typical! I’m searching for new ones, and here is the perfect idea^^ My actual mittens are kind of special, because they are longer to protect the forearm when handling stuff in the oven. I love them because of their length, and now I can replace them 🙂
    You are fantastic^^ Thanks alot:)

  • these are a great gift to make for my siter! she is moving this weekend and still need a lot of stuff and she loves cooking 🙂

  • Great! I can never find oven mitts that I like, so much better to make them yourself with fabric you like! Thanks.

  • Very cute! This is a great way to further customize your kitchen decor.


  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! I’m in a desperate need for new hot pads ~ burned my hand tonight, actually. Thanks for this!

  • oooohhh! such a great idea to brighten up a kitchen 🙂 love!

  • Wonderful! Never thought of making my own set of oven mitts. Thanks Rachel!

  • This is a great tutorial, you cannot buy oven mitts this beautiful anywhere!

  • Hey great tutorial! These would be perfect to make to nest my wood burned spoon’s in for gift’s!! Thankyou mucho!xox

  • Wow thanks for this! This is great 😀

    xo alysa from

  • Love them Rachel! I’ll definitely try making my own hot pads. Megan, you should check out her Home-Ec eCourse @ http://homeeconline.blogspot.ca/

    xx Allison

  • such a functional DIY! So cute!

    Juliette Laura

  • I think this idea is amazing. I wanted new oven mitts a while back and I could not find anything interesting at all. I like kitchen stuff to be cheerful and thus motivating. Anything that helps you want to cook is good! I will have to hunt for some cool fabric. Thanks!


  • LOVE! I was just thinking today how ugly mine are – heading to pull out my sewing machine from the closet. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cute Rachel!! i’ve never thought of making my own oven mits!! i’ll have to try it one day. maybe when i’m a stronger sewer. haha

    Thanks for sharing!! your posts and blogs always bring color and happiness to my life daily!!


  • I’ll try it soon!!!!

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  • I can’t sew, but I LOVE these! Do you have an etsy store or anywhere I can purchase them? I prefer shopping for my stuff from smaller businesses!

  • I will definitely be trying this out soon! Love the fabrics you chose. We will just have to make it to the fabric store to pick out some cute prints and we’ll be set! Great tutorial. 🙂

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