DIY Felt Holiday Banner

DIY Felt Banner for ChristmasVintage inspired Christmas decor is my favorite. This banner mimics one I found at a thrift store recently, in that it was made of felt and dowel rods. But it had been painted on and had images of bells and candles. I wanted something a little more fitting with our decor, so I settled on something graphic but simple. The hardest part was settling on lyrics that would fit the alloted space but once I had it was a piece of cake.Felt Banner Steps1. Supplies: You'll need about 1/3 of a yard of felt (found at chain fabric stores) for the banner, 2-3 squares of felt for the letters, two dowel rods about 12" long), a bit of yarn to hang it (12-15"), clear tacky glue, scissors, and this pdf Download Felt Banner. 2. Cut your banner to measure about 11.5" x 36" and tie your yarn or twine to each end of one dowel. Place the dowel at the top and glue the top edge over it as shown. Repeat with the bottom dowel minus the yarn. 3. Cut out your PDF letters, place them wrong side down on the felt, trace, and cut. If you're doing a different set of lyrics, I suggest cutting strips of felt as wide and tall as you want each row to help you get consistent sizes. Place them on your banner until you get it just right. 4. Glue each letter down one row at a time to keep things in line. Allow about 10 minutes or more dry time before hanging. Note: If your felt is wrinkled, place a tea towel or t-shirt over your felt and iron on a low heat setting.Christmas BannerAdorable Christmas Banner DIYDarling Christmas Banner DIYIt's an inexpensive way to add some holiday cheer to your walls no matter what the sentiment but could easily be styled in black and white with something inspirational or used as a felt board with alphabet cut outs for kids to make their own words or picture stories. Felt is kind of the best. Enjoy! – Rachel

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