My Son’s Nursery Tour

Hi friends! I’m sharing a full tour of my son’s nursery today. You may have already seen a peek when I shared what wallpaper I chose for this space (which is the hero of the room, if you ask me). Originally this room was a hybrid of a playroom and guest room with a trundle bed (see the room tour here). I choose this room for our nursery because it’s on the same floor as my bedroom. The other bedrooms in the home are upstairs and I just didn’t see sleep-deprived Emma doing well with those stairs and late night feedings. I’m pretty clumsy even when I’m fully awake, ha.

His nursery is fairly simple, although since these photos were taken I’ve had two baby showers and now there is a LOT more gear/stuff in his room. It’s a little nuts how much gear babies need (also, why are infant car seats so confusing?!). I’m still trying to keep things to a minimum/to products we will really use. But as a first-time mom, I’ll be honest, I don’t totally know. Just doing my best over here. 🙂

Anyway, we’ve got his crib put together (although I was still waiting for crib sheets before these photos were done) and a little shelf nearby for his monitor, and eventually a sound machine. I love the green rocking chair I found, and also the golden velvet blackout curtains for the windows and the glass doors. As you can see from the drawer in his changing table, we’re planning to give cloth diapers a try—aiming to use them the majority of the time but not necessarily 100%. I’d say that’s generally kind of my mindset, as I try to give myself some space to figure this parenting thing out without feeling like I need to be perfect (since I won’t be!) or have everything figured out with no room for flexibility.

Oh, also the wooden horse rocking chair was mine (and my siblings) when we grew up. So he’s already seen a lot of love and I’m excited for my son to enjoy him too (maybe in a year or two though).

I shared this DIY felt flower mobile I made for his room. Eventually, I may hang it over his changing table instead, but we’ll see. Overall, his nursery is a botanical theme with lots of greens, yellows, oranges, and reds.

And if you’re wondering if I will be one of those moms that dresses their child in matching outfits sometimes … well, no, of course not. I’m not that cheesy at all. I’m very chill and certainly didn’t cry when I thrifted these tiny overalls for him. JK. -Emma

Room Details: Wallpaper / Crib / Changing Table / Chandelier / Rug / Rocking Chair / Curtains / Rolling Cart / and the artwork above his changing table is from my mom (aka grandma!).

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Emma! Did you get a new dog? I love how he is looking at you in the photo! What a good boy!
    The nursery is amazing, you look incredible and I’m loving following along on your new journey! Thank you for posting! All the best from Australia!

  • If our kiddos grow up feeling loved and treat their fellow humans with kindness then we’ve done the important stuff right. You’re going to be great!

  • I am so happy for you, Emma! You’re going to be such a great mommy!!!

  • So so pretty!! One thing I’d add that soooo contributed to my rocking comfort is a pouf to rest both feet on when you’re feeding!

  • This nursery is so adorable!! Love the color scheme and I’m echoing a few other’s sentiments here that while I also love pink that it’s nice to see something else too! ?

    Also wondering who the dog is, haha…

    • I was wondering about the dog as well, what a cutie!

      The nursery is beautiful, Emma. So excited for you.

  • Thing that I wished that I knew when I had my first boy.
    1. Babies like to pee when you remove the diaper. Release diaper, lift, (blow a bit of air) let them do their thing THEN remove!
    2. The difference between Eh and Neh sounds (before they cry) Baby language on youtube will give you the details on that
    3. If you stress he will stress. If you are calm the baby will be calm. You cant FAKE! Baby knows. So relax. For real!
    4. Babies are used to sound in the stomach. So dont do the absolute silence thing when he should sleep. Keep your life going. Dishwasher, vaccum, talk, tv etc… Makes life a lot easier!
    5. For the first month you will need a nursing-bra that is considerably bigger than your usual size.
    6. Not everyone falls in love with their baby spontaneously. Sometimes it takes a bit of work and effort. It is normal. It happens. Talk to someone. GET HELP!
    Oh and the 10day crying (baby blues) is totally normal too!!! Scares the crap out of everyone including you (if it happens to you) but is totally normal 🙂

    There are about 10 000 things that you will not ever need that sales people insist that you need. And you will buy a lot of them. And that is ok.

    Take care and enjoy your little one! And enjoy the process!!!

  • That room is wonderful!! Can i move in?
    Just kidding. But going back to being a mom. I think the best advice i ever got was to trustbyour gut.
    We did cloth diapers most of the time and started around 4 months with both boys.
    Its wonderful how much you save- trash, money, always shopping for diapers. But we were not 100% and that’s fine.
    About 1st time moms- you will figure it out. Shout out to loved ones when you need help, take a million pictures and save some outfits if you plan/wish to have more than 1. My favorite pics are the “who wore it best” type of my boys 🙂

  • Oh my gosh this nursery is beautiful! I love the botanical theme! We did greenery for my sons nursery but that wallpaper is incredible, I’m jealous! And I wish I had found colorful curtains, I just ended up with some basic beige color ones. Congrats on your growing family! ?

    • LOVE love love this room! ? Old houses are so charming and that wallpaper is just perfect!

      I was wondering how is your dog with babies and kids? We have two dogs and when my first child was born, it felt like my dogs wanted to hurt my son (he looked like a prey animal?). We had lots of gates everywhere, but it was very stressful and scary. So when I saw the picture with your dog, I was wondering of you have been thinking about this? I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you guys! When my second child was born my dogs didn’t get crazy like that and they seemed to understand right away it was a human being.

  • Love this! So cute! And congratulations! I especially love the mobile – so cool! (if you are going to be using cloth diapers, check out – they have awesome designs =))

  • I hear you on the confusing car seats. Check out “Safe in the Seat” for tips!

  • How beautiful! You can do it with cloth diapers! It looks like all-in-ones, which I really liked using. The best advice we got was wait to start with cloth diapers until after the first month or so to give you time to adjust to all of the huge newborn changes you’ll experience right away. (Plus they are so teeny.) My main learning curve was figuring out laundering (Stripping then using a laundry powder… really liked having a sprayer on the toilet!) And as my daughter got bigger (like 1.5) I think we would’ve benefited from adding extra padding to stop leaks once she was drinking and peeing a lot more. Sorry for the unsolicited diaper advice, but I’ve found people can be dismissive of cloth diapering so I just wanted to say you can do it! Or not do it if you find it’s not an option that works for your family! (We stopped around 1.5 bc of the leaking issue that I think I understand more now.) Congrats!

  • hi emma! the nursery is beautiful! i never cloth diapered but my best friend did all four of her kids and the one thing she told me she wished she would’ve gotten with the first one that she bought with the last baby was a diaper cleaning sprayer that you hook up to a toilet in the house. she said it changed her cloth diapering so much!! in fact as the baby got older and the ummm, poops got larger and more solid she added another one to the other bathroom. and maybe you already have one but just in case i’m passing it along. 🙂

    Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit by Easy Giggles – Handheld Bidet Spray for Toilet with Brushed Nickel Finish and Complete Accessories

  • Ahhhh! So madly happy for you & so excited for you trying cloth bums <3 can't wait to "meet" the little man x

  • What a beautiful room! So lovely and spacious.
    It’s great to see a blogger/ content creator planning to use cloth diapers!

  • Emma you look SO beautiful! Love seeing this room after hearing your plans on the podcast. It looks amazing and so fun. Happy for you!

  • SO cute! I love the colors and got so excited when I saw the cloth diapers. I did cloth with my first babies, then we moved to a house with weird plumbing (drywell) and I couldn’t use them anymore and I was so sad. I hope you love them!! I love the rocking horse too – I never had one like that as a kid, but I did find one at Goodwill a few years ago and it is my favorite (luckily the kids love it too haha). Congrats Emma!!!

  • Oh Emma! That third photo of you in the nursery made me so teary! You are GLOWING! My “baby” boy will be two in August and the bond between mamas and baby boys is so special – I had no idea until I experienced it! You are in for a very special, beautiful experience! xoxoxo in Indiana!

  • Gorgeous, Emma! Both you and the room. Can’t get over how cute you and those overalls are!
    I just had baby number 2 and noticed it might be helpful for you to have a side table next to the lovely green rocking chair. That way you have a spot for your phone and water and other things while you sit and rock or feed him.

  • Oh, wow, the nursery looks so cozy. I love the wallpaper! And you look amazing, so cute and glowing! 🙂

  • Loved this post! So happy for you. His room looks so good! Good for you for having a mind set of giving things a try. Giving yourself the headspace to change your mind (once he’s here) is wonderful. As my sister-in-law once said “I was the perfect mom until I had a kid!” Ha!

  • So lovely!!! It looks so much more complete with the wallpaper and curtains and it has such a happy vibe 🙂 You’ve totally got the pregnancy glow going on too!

  • Wow, I love this SO much! So excited for you on this journey, thank you for giving us a little peek into this part of your world. From purely just a design blog perspective, it’s also fun to see a bit of a different style and color scheme on ABM! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pink, white, and champagne bronze, but this is closer to the style I would actually try to use in my own home, and it’s fun to get a different flavor!

  • I love your nursery and the wallpaper is beautiful!
    Maybe it is different in real life vs the photo, but your mom’s art piece is hard to see/appreciate over the wallpaper. Just from the photo I would suggest adding wide white framing/matting to set off her art from the background. So lovely that you guys have such a special piece to enjoy!

    • Hard agree on the suggestion of somehow matting that amazing picture to do it justice! Also, you.look.stunning and your come-what-may-but-be-prepared attitude will get you very far in motherhood. Best wishes, Emma!

  • Hellllooo old friends! (One way friendship, I’ve followed since pretty much the beginning, but you don’t know who I am, haha!)

    Love the nursery, so perfect. Emma, you look radiant. Just listened to the newest podcast and looked up the author you mention at the end. I was so confused by the Google results that I typed it in again, hahaha. That’s amazing.

    And Elsie, I was a Girl Scout leader, and there was so much red tape (sounds funny but I’m serious). My friends and I ended up forming our own “Girl Sprout” troop, which worked wonderfully for us and we did it for almost ten years! We even had a friend design a logo and we made different color button “badges” for the girls to earn. We had to make our own cookies, though. They were not as good but we had a lot of fun together making them.

    Love following along with you both. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

    • Hi Kelly!
      I’d love to hear more about your girl scout experience. What did you find frustrating or that you weren’t able to do? I love that you made it work for you in a creative way! :))

    • Did you know that germans (and i guess its even an european thing, since ive seen it in other countries as well) change diapers with the babys feet directed to their parents bodies :D? When i first saw a nursery at your blog i didnt spot the changing table because i didnt realize that obviously in America you change diapers sidewards! How clever ist that, changed my world and gave our kids some extra space in their room. Besides from that this is truely one of then most beautiful rooms on the blog and im sure you wont regret having your sons room on the same level as yours :)!

  • You’re whole team always does such a beautiful job with room makeovers, but I have to say this one was a breath of fresh air after so much PINK. Not hating on pink but I do find this room particularly inspiring! Happy baby, Emma!

  • Extremely cute. I love that rocker, too. It seems like so many of the “nursery” ones are cheesy looking, you know? I looked high & low for a chic rocker to no avail! Even though my kids are past the little teeny stage, I’m gonna save that rocker.

    Also, man, I feel for new parents in general but I really feel for new parents under the unhelpful gaze of the internet! I’ve noticed moms on blogs qualifying about choices to hedge against comments from dummies (lol). So, I just wanted to say from one mom to another that I see you’re doing your best, you’re a smart person who makes thoughtful decisions and it’s really none of our business. Thank you for sharing all that you do. It’s very fun to read and a bright spot in my day.

  • I love this! The nursery is so beautiful and I am so happy and excited for you!

  • The nursery looks so bright and inviting and chill at the same time. Just like nature itself. Love it and happy for you! Those tiny overalls are too cute.

  • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cuter nursery. The wallpaper is fabu. I love that everything isn’t pastel. And you look positively radiant!

  • What a beautiful peaceful space!! Your love for your little man comes through in every little detail. I was hoping the artwork was by your mom – and it is!!! So precious.

    • I love it so much! And if it doesn’t make sense in his room one day (like if he wants all Monster trucks when he’s five or something, who knows) I will steal it back from him and just put it other places in the house bc it’s so pretty. 🙂

  • I love this so much!!
    Also, you look absolutely fabulous, and I’m so excited to continue following you on this exciting journey ☺
    No doubt you will be an amazing mom!

    • I really love the way the yellow curtains ground the wallpaper. It makes such a difference! I’m definitely one who worries wallpaper prints can be too busy but now I know what to do. Happy nesting 🙂

  • This is such a cute nursery, Emma! I’m super excited to follow along on this chapter in your life : )

  • Emma, you and the nursery look amazing! Am so happy and excited for you. : )

  • Absolutely beautiful! Also you look amazing Emma! I hope you are feeling good!! 🙂

  • Oh Emma!!! This has been my favorite room tour EVER. I shave so much I want to say, but here is my nutshell:
    1) I had that same rocking horse too!
    2) you’ll figure it out! Babies don’t *actually need all that much haha but first time motherhood is tough to navigate!
    3) cloth diapers yay! It does not have to be 200% I did maybe 60% and felt good about it 🙂
    4) I am also not cheesy at all. Nor am I sarcastic. HA! I loved your last picture and sentiment. I wish I could give you a happy hug

  • Everything is beautiful Emma! I especially love the wallpaper and the saffron curtains, and honed right in on the cloth diapers. Cloth diapering my 5 month old boy and we like the pocket diapers from Mama Koala and Alvababy. Good luck, you’re going to be a terrific mom

    • I haven’t heard of those! So far we have Charlie Banana and I think it’s called Baby Genius… a lot of mine are second hand from a friend whose son just finished with them. I got lucky there. 🙂

      • Don’t be afraid to pick up some newborn size diapers if you come across them. We decided that we didn’t need them for our little dude when he was a newborn and the one size diapers worked out alright but it really wasn’t until the 3 month mark that they really fit well enough to prevent leaks. If the diapers become too much to figure out it’s completely alright to give your self a break here and there! Just because you decide not to use cloth diapers for a week or a month doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate into your routine again later on. Best of luck!

        • Agreed, and newborn disposables are also good to have until the cord heals 🙂 They have the little cutout for it whereas cloth diapers can rub up against the little belly button.

  • Beautiful, Emma! Wishing you huge congrats on your baby boy. Love what you said about cloth diapers and how you plan to approach parenthood– really appreciate you sharing how you’re giving yourself space to be intentional but also flexible.

    • I am going to mess SO many things ups. And that’s OK, I am going to do my best, love him, and enjoy every moment as much as possible. I don’t see any other way to do this. Plus, doing something new that you’ve never done before should never be a time to expect perfection—because even things I’ve done 1000x I sometimes mess up. Ha

  • This is so gorgeous!
    We cloth diapered with my son and loved it! But we chose to use disposables at night just to make it easier. We also used disposables when traveling. Cloth diapering definitely doesn’t have to be “ALL OR NOTHING” (same with breast feeding, btw). You are going to be such a great mom!

    • Glad you agree! That’s kind of how I see it going. We likely will also lean a little more on disposable the first few weeks / month and then also as needed for travel, visits to grandparents’ houses, etc. Our daycare will do them though, so that’s nice. But yeah, I don’t think we have to do it 100% to still see some of the cost and environmental benefits (plus they are cute 🙂

      • we did the same, but my son was skinny so he didnt actually fit the cloth diapers until about 3 months of age. Also…when your son starts crawling and walking he may be like mine and loooove yanking on curtains. Just a heads up, that you may have to tie them up for a period, instead of letting them hang down.

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