• I don’t got your point. But thank you all the same.

    i love all the things on your page
    and the studio and your style !
    with love ;*

  • OMG! What I’d give just to have a moment in your studio!! I just want a studio so bad!!!

  • I dream of a place like this. You are truly inspiring Elsie. Would love to visit you in my lifetime.

    xoxo from Malaysia,


  • What an awesome space — so jealous! Love all the colors there and you’ve got a fantastic smirk :]

  • Oh Elsie!!! Can I come live in your studio and just stare? Pleeeeeease! So beautiful and fun!

  • I love the pictures! Your studio is so inspiring! and you ALWAYS dress so cute! 🙂

  • Your studio is so colourful and inspiring. I really, really like what I see on the photos! 🙂

  • Every girl deserves her own studio, and I never tire of viewing the studios of others. Yours is fabulous! I love the vintage/modern vibe. Congratulations on your photo spread in Studios magazine!

  • wow, these photos radiate pure lust for life and creativity! Very inspiring! I love it!

  • These photo’s are gorgeous! I love the colours you’ve used in your studio, so pretty! XxX

  • Your studio is so pretty!!!!!

  • Elsie i love your studio. so bright and pretty. i can see how you come up with all your creations. you are stunning. thanks for sharing these pretty images with us.


  • Hello Elsie,
    I know this has nothing to do with you post but I stumbled upon this while looking at etsy and it made me think of you! I think it’s adorable!


  • So…… Awesome! Keep up! with the cute colors. Thx! for sharing the other side of your photos.

  • Such a fantastic space Elsie! Your studio is delightful! So much to look at. 🙂

    I made a little love playlist on my blog if you need something to listen to…you are always making them for us.


  • So super fun! Love the hoops on the wall, I have a collection in the living room…i need to have eye candy everywhere 🙂

  • Congrats! That is one of my favorite publications of all time! Your studio is simply delightful 🙂

  • beautiful photos!

    turquoise + red = my latest color crush. i am crazy about the combo and cannot seem to get enough of it! a fabulous choice for your outfit.


  • woo, I love everything!! Especially the dress/belt combo. And the colour of your walls… I’ve always wanted a room painted duck egg blue!

    leanna x

  • hi! i’ll take some messy photos soon! my studio is actually really messy now (and most of the time). i did clean it up for this photoshoot! these are from September. :))

    Maria, I have an etsy shop.. but i rarely use it anymore! I primarily sell on my website: redvelvetart.com

    Thanks, everyone!!! XO. e

  • Wow! Holy neat and organized studio, batman!
    I wish you would teach a class on that. My artspace is… cluttered, to put it nicely.

    Beautiful pics 🙂

  • Wow that is the tydiest studio I’ve ever seen!:) Lovely lovely! I love your blog and your work. I’m an illustrator as well and have just started my own blog. I was wondering if you could link to my blog? I have a link to yours already!
    Anyway thanks for a great blog, it’s very inspiring!

  • Your studio is so cute! I love your pegboard! I think i may use that in my new apartment to hold supplies!!! It’s SUCH a great idea.

  • Your studio is amazing! Are you a pretty neat artist or does it take some effort to make it look this good? Just wondering, b/c it’s a real challenge for me to keep my space organized!

  • Really pretty pics. When you said ‘outtakes’ in the previous post, in my mind, I thought ‘bloopers’. So I was expecting all these shots of you with your eyes closed or some big yarn/paint/fox explosion… Not really, but these pics just look really awesome to me. I wonder why they weren’t used.

  • Oh Elsie, I love your studio!!!

    Everything is in its place… And well I love your outfit. Really love it 😉

  • congrats on the photo spread!
    i like the picture of your fabric…it was funny to go “i have a piece of that one and that one and that one” from the recipe card kit i got from RVA!!

  • Do you have ANY idea how much I love seeing your studio? No, you don’t, but please keep posting about it! 😀

  • wow, this just makes me want a studio of my very own too! It’s lushness on a bun 🙂

  • yum



    love that little bit of heather ross vw fabric…ok, all of your fabrics!

    cute outtakes!!

  • You need to share it with like…a ton of design blogs!


  • I love how colourful your studio is. It makes me want to splash some paint on a canvas right now! Cups full of pencils and pens are my absolute favourite. I have lots and lots of cups of pens, pencil and paint brushes in my studio. X

  • Do you rent? I am dying to paint a wall chalkboard but I rent. Great studio! Any crafters dream for sure!!! I absolutely love your dress as well.

  • Love it, now I have to show these pics to my hubby so that he can get to work making my studio more efficient!


  • You have the prettiest studio ever! I wish I had enough room to put a big table in the middle of my craft room!

  • Your studio is so pretty! I’m slowly trying to get my craft room exactly the way I want it. It takes some time, but is worth it in the end.:-)

  • I love love *love* these photos! Your studio is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    (ps: I have that Charley Harper book as well – love it).

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