My Summer Poshmark Haul

Hey there! I’ve never done a “haul” before, but thought this would be a fun one!

I’m still going strong (and loving!) my challenge to shop for pre-owned clothing only in 2019. Over the past six months I’ve found some great stuff on Poshmark and I thought it would be fun to share a haul with you. This post is not sponsored, but you can use my code to get a $10 credit for your first order—install the free app here! Use the code ELSIELARSON

I’ve also been selling some of my clothing on Poshmark, so a lot of these things I bought were purchased with those credits. It’s like trading in clothing I’m not using for stuff other people aren’t using. I love that!

(dress above) The first dress I picked up is from J.Crew (a few years back, I believe). I thought I might take the sleeves off for a more summery dress, but when I got it I loved it as-is. It’s not super heavy so I still feel like I could wear it most of the year. It’s a perfect little mom dress and I know I will wear it a LOT. I paid $21 for it!

This next dress is from Reformation, which is probably my favorite brand for dresses. It came new with tags. It’s more of a date night dress and I love it. I’ve been trying to add more green to my closet.

Next is another date night dress from the Faithfull The Brand. It was my first time to try something from this brand. I really like it.

Madewell skirt. I have a bunch of Madewell denim skirts and they’re like a little family in my closet. Paid $30 and I will probably wear it 100 times. Yay!

The top is from Ace & Jig. (c/o)

Free People dress. Paid $28. It’s easy and I love it. I will pack this for China (with a cami underneath). I find SO many good Free People and Anthropologie dresses for under $30. It’s the best!

Reformation linen dress (imagine how good this will look with a spray tan—lol). I paid a little more for this—$85 … but that’s down from almost $200 retail. I will pay more for brands like Reformation and Sezané because I used to pay full price before this challenge, so it’s still a good deal to me and I know I will wear them a lot.

Cotton Madewell dress. Snagged this for $16. What a deal and it’s 100% cotton. It’s a good summery mom-dress. If I can wear it with Converse, I call it a “good mom-dress”… that’s my qualifier.

Faithfull The Brand kimono dress. Could have used one size up on this, but I can still squeeze into it, so oh well. My one micro-complaint about my challenge is that it sucks not being able to return. But I like that I can almost always resell something for what I paid and since I usually buy brands I “know,” I don’t have fit issues that often.

I’m really into this green color, though, and wrap dresses. I always thought wrap dresses were unflattering, but lately I wear them a lot.

Reformation denim mini dress. I can never have too many denim dresses or jumpsuits. I wear them a lot. I will wear this with a lace top underneath or a sweater over in the fall and winter. And it’s really comfy.

Orla Kiely dress. I LOVE browsing designers from my past who I was never able to afford (Orla, Kate Spade, BHLDN, etc.) just to see if any of the styles still appeal to me. My wedding dress was Orla Kiely and she’s definitely an icon to me.

I paid $50 for this. I’m sure original retail was $150 or more. It’s so high quality. Definitely more of a fall/winter dress once I tried it on though … so I’m saving it for now.

J.Crew utility dress (sorry for the wrinkles—please ignore them if you can). You’ve probably seen me wear this in other photos by now … I have been wearing this dress like it’s my uniform. It’s so flattering and comfortable. I paid $30 for it … and I just saw it comes in red too. So into my cart that goes—red is one of my favorite colors for all seasons.

OG Dear Creatures dress. Like I said above, I love searching my old favorite brands. Dear Creatures was one of my favorites for a long time (it’s since closed, sadly). This dress is so easy to wear and perfect for travel. I have these really short running shorts (I call them my mom shorts) and I wear them under dresses like this if they’re a little short. I paid $28.

Madewell below-the-knees dress (again apologies for the wrinkles). OK, so I already have the mini-version of this dress, but I always wanted the longer one. They’re good for different occasions. Definitely a four season staple for me.

Reformation sundress. This dress was a little more formal than I was expecting. I guess it’s the spaghetti straps or the cut, but it’s not as casual as my other Reformation dresses. I love the length. Honestly, in all my years with Jeremy (before kids), we went out all the time and I never appreciated it … you can’t when it’s all the time. Now that we have children I’ve never needed a date night more … I’m like, WHO WANTS TO GO OUT?

Thanks for reading my haul. Again, this post is not sponsored, but you can use my code to get a $10 credit for your first order—you can install the app here. Use the code ELSIELARSON

Would you like to see more posts like this in the future (it won’t hurt my feelings if you say no!)? xx! Elsie

  • You look so cute! yes to more posts like this. (now I need a dress like that first one too!)

  • this post is why I love you. One thing that weighs on me is the amount of waste I create. I am so inspired by your dedication to buying used clothes. I loved thrifting but now I’m a mama and don’t have the time to sift for the gems. Poshmark is a great alternative even if the a lot of the clothes aren’t vintage. Thanks for inspiring me as a mama.

    As an aside, I really wish I had more friends like you in real life. I feel like it’s hard to meet people in Kansas City but I’m going to put the vibe out and make an effort.

  • I just got that JCrew utility dress off ThredUp! I love it as much as you love yours!

  • O my goodness! Those are very cute dresses, and I am seriously overwhelmed with how many there are! I’m so glad that you’re trying used! Think of the work that went into them all!
    I am in the middle of a “no-buy” three months myself! I had to break it and get two new bathing suits though.… But so far, that’s my only transgression!
    I also love that utility dress, I’ve basi got the same one from Banana Republic. I never thought of it as a mom dress though! Maybe I’ll try it out today!

  • Yes, please more posts like this! I love the green direction and tips you have been including in your blogs lately. It’s very inspiring and much more on my price point!

  • Thanks for sharing this, so many cute outfits!! Love them all!


  • I’d much prefer this to amazon round ups! Much more personality 🙂

  • I would love to see a guide to selling on Poshmark. I have some stuff I’d like to offload but find it a bit overwhelming!

  • Loved seeing what brands and styles you search for! Poshmark is a little overwhelming to me so I’ve hesitated to buy things but I found this so helpful and inspiring!

  • I love this post! It’s so helpful to hear what brands you look for and what you pay for things. Helps narrow my search!

  • I get overwhelmed with Poshmark (but I’m a huge thrift shopper). Do you have any tips and tricks to find great items at good prices?

    • Use the filters! You can filter by size, color, item type. And you can search for specific brands. I sometimes browse brands I like or I search a term like “black sweater” then filter by brand, size, etc.

  • The Orla Kiely dress reminds me of some of your designs. I can see why you love it. It has that Elsie feel I think a lot of us associate with you. It has a shape that is very flattering.

  • I enjoy seeing a well-put-together style post! Which yours always are. My favorite dress is the Madewell mom dress. So cute!

  • Yes, more posts like this please!

    I love seeing women who are empowered in their clothing choices and who rock being a mom (or in my case a grandma) and keep themselves put together in style and function…and these thrifted pieces speak so much to the hoarding of clothes so many do…sell it and let it be loved and lived in by another…such a good influence to have on your tribe 🙂

  • I would love to see more posts like this! It’s such a great way to save money, be stylish AND help the planet!!!

  • Oh. My. Gosh! You picked the cutest dresses ever! I don’t even like polka dots but I’m in love with the green dress from Reformation and the orange-brown dress from Faithfull The Brand! Love the youthful vibe! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Yes! I love seeing all the clothes that you’ve found second hand in one place 😀

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