Nesting: Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Adding a color pop in the kitchen!We’ve been living in full renovation mode around here. Every day there is a new project going on around here. I’m not gonna lie. I love this phase! It’s fun to see dramatic “before & after” moments happening almost every day! This past week we decided to add a pop of color inside the kitchen cabinets.

Sea Swell by ValsparThe color we chose is Sea Swell by Valspar. I wanted something crazy bright. We chose a pretty bright/white color scheme for this home, so when I find ways to work in intense, saturated color it’s extra exciting. I love that now I will see a cheerful splash of color every time I reach for a coffee mug.

Kitchen inspiration!You’ll have to forgive the piece of trim that’s missing from the tops of the cabinets. I’ll be sure to share photos of the entire kitchen after our renovations are wrapped up. What do you think? Is a bright color inside your kitchen cabinets something you would try? Elsie

PS – My wire baskets are from here.

  • Wow! Looks absolutely stunning. So fresh. Great job.

  • I *love* that paint color, and it looks so good nestled inside the white cabinet!

  • It’s awesome. I love colors. My kitchen is aqua and dreamsicle orange. I would love to paint the inside of my cabinets. Any special kind of paint?

  • E & E,
    I think is a fabulous idea!
    What a sweet color.

    Pinned…and highlighted on our Facebook Page.
    ~ Dana

  • Jeanette,
    I haven’t filled the baskets yet because we are still renovating in the kitchen. :)) I plan to store extra food and appliances up there.
    XO- elsie

  • Love the paint inside the cabinets! A. Dor. A. Balllll!!

    But I’m curious – do the little baskets stay atop the cabinets? What do you use them for?

  • I recently repainted a baby wardrobe to use as a laundry cupboard. I painted the outside white and the inside a bright sky blue. Such a fun way to add some colour while keeping with a white theme!

  • I also think it brightens up plain crockery as well. Looks beautiful. Now, I just need a house to do this in!

  • This looks fabulous! It’s a really imaginative way to add bright colour to the kitchen and I love it against the fresh white. Unexpected uses of bright, bright paint is definitely my favourite trend of 2013.

  • I absolutely looovvveee this color. 🙂 Makes me happy as I’m a big fan of color. I would so do this, makes me more anxious to move.

  • I love it !!! That look could be fabulous in a book case too. So bright ! The backsplash is beautiful too !

  • Love it! I almost chose that color for my secretary restoration project.

    Where did you get the adorable white ceramic berry baskets?

  • Wow, that is gorgeous! I can’t wait to purchase a house! This is something I’ll definitely be doing!

  • Oh my goodness, I literally just did the same thing with my kitchen cabinets last week! Well, except that my pop of color is coral. It’s such a nice brightness every time I open a drawer or cabinet.

  • Love it!! I have white dishes too (because they’re so easily replaceable when broken) and I feel a bit ho hum opening the cabinets and not seeing any color. This would be a wonderful way to brighten everything up without losing my white dish sensibility! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Yes and yes!
    This color is just perfect!I`m already thinking,where I could use this color!
    Looks amazing and I love the pop up effect the color has with the white!


  • Hi Elsie, what a good idea! My cabinets are covered in formica, I know of no appropriate ink to paint formica … you have any suggestions?
    Tks 🙂

  • Have you written about painting the cabinets? We are getting ready to do the same thing and I was hoping to find some tips on here since I know painting cabinets can be sketchy sometimes, and yours look fabulous! xo

  • I would love to add maybe a yellow or a light green in mine. With maybe chalkboard paint on the inside of some of the doors.


  • this is so cool….i wish i had white kitchen so i could paint it like this!! 🙂

  • I love the pop of color! We have white dishes as well and I think the contrast would be so fun! Your wire baskets are great too. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


  • I love this! Where are your baskets on top from? I’ve been looking for some like that.

  • I love what this looks like! I just found out that we are going to be staying in our house a lot longer now (there was a possibility of job relocation) and I can’t wait to do this to my cabinets! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Oh my, I wish, I wish, I wish I could have a tour of your house in person!

  • It’s a really good idea to painting the inside of cupboard… it’s like a little surprise when you open it. I confirm I really like your blog and your ideas!!!

  • I adore this – it adds a little something interesting to the kitchen! Very cool styling… as always!

    xo Emily @

  • I love this! I wonder if my dishes are too colorful to give it a shot? Project!!!

  • Bright coloured paint in my cabinets, yes please!!! We renovated our kitchen a couple of years ago and it went from wooden chipboard cupboards and teal benches (ugh!) to being a bunch of shades of white, from the tiles on the floor to the splashback to the bench top to the cupboards. All my top cupboards have french window-style doors, if they were a bright colour inside they would look insanely amazing!

  • It looks wonderful! I have a very similar color on my living room walls – it always puts a smile on my face!

  • What an excellent idea! I (normally) live in NZ, so we can never have open shelving because of the earthquake risk. This is a great idea to add some fun to closed in shelving…

  • I saw a pantry makeover on Apartment Therapy that used a very similar color. I fell in love with it then and i LOVE your version too! My kitchen is a very pale butter yellow- i’d love to do this in an apple or grass green.

  • I love the pop of color! It is just what your kitchen needed. 🙂


  • I really like this idea for our kitchen. It’s small so the all white decor would help to lighten it up, and the pop of color inside the cabinets gives that spice I like to add.

  • I love this! I just hope I can remember this idea when I have a house of my own.

  • My husband and I did the same thing! We painted the inside of our cabinets pink! It’s a really fun unexpected pop of color/pop of happiness in our kitchen.

  • Fabulous! I love how the pop of color brightens up the cabinets in the most unexpected of places!


  • Elsie,

    I know exactly what you mean about the reno-mode. It is such a great feeling to get so many things done and to have lots of ideas and success making things better and prettier.

    Don’t forget to enjoy this stage. I remember moving into our flat and wishing everything was done and ready tomorrow. But I didn’t take much time to appreciate what we were doing and how make prettier we were making the place.

    Thank for sharing these peeks into your life. It is a always a pleasure to visit your blog.


  • What a simple and striking idea, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise dull space. I love this, there should be more ideas like this. I love that you girls create a more colourful World, Thank you! x

  • Oh I just love it. Bright colors are great, but I prefer “white canvas” that I can fill with colorful details, i.e. that kind of project would be perfect for me. 🙂


  • Just did this to our linen closet last weekend! Chose a very similar colour “Waikiki” by dulux. Love the pop of colour!

  • We have a very similar colour on the inside of our cabinets as well! We were lucky enough to inherit the fun paint job from my sister-in-law who lived in our place before us.

  • Great choice of color! I really like how it adds a pretty, vibrant hue to an otherwise monochrome kitchen. Definitely keeping this in mind. It looks fun and simple to do.

  • Hi there! The results are so great, that is gonna be a pretty kitchen indeed!

    Olive xox

  • Leah- they are from Amazon. I bought a whole bunch. 🙂 There’s a link at the bottom of this post! XO

  • Where are these wire baskets coming from? I see them in a lot of your posts and they look great for storage, but I’m haven’t seen them anywhere.

  • I painted my kitchen walls a similar color and it made it way too small and was super intense. I had to go back to white but this, this is the best of both worlds. Brilliant!

  • Such a pretty touch of color. The home is coming together so beautifully. Can’t wait to see the final!

    Xo Inna

  • LOVE! Its so pretty, have you thought of just removing the doors and having the dishes and pop of paint be the stars of the room? I HAVE to do this in our next apartment!

  • That’s a genius idea! I’m going to send it to my mother because she’s decorating our new basement back home, and it’s looking so funky and fresh.

  • ooh i love that color! it is so gorgeous! valspar is really great paint for those bright saturated colors. I used “cosmic pink” by valspar for an accent wall in my daughter’s room and it’s so bright and hot pink. she love’s it. it’s pricier paint but it’s very good paint and a little of it seems to go a long way.

  • Love the pop of color and wire baskets! 😀

  • I love teal colors in general. But I really love how it pops against the white. Beautiful.

  • I’m obsessed with turquoise these days; I love this look! I adore your home posts. They’re my fave. 😉

  • Hi- the knife is Martha Stewart for Macy’s (part of a set) XO!

  • This is beautiful Elsie! I love that bright pop of color, and turquoise blue is one of my favorite brights!

  • Looks great! So much work though – taking everything out and painting… Hmmmm but such a doable renovation. I’m loving the white in the general scheme as well. What a great accent colour to see every time you open a cabinet 🙂

  • that first photo looks like it’s straight out of a design magazine. Love the colour choice, looks great!!

  • Adding a pop of color to cabinets. You open them and BAM! there you go, full of colors!

  • yes!!! i love jewel tones, but am pretty neutral in my decorating taste – this is the best of both worlds!! Love it.

  • I’m wondering where the knife that is resting on the cutting board is from? I love aqua colored kitchen utensils.

  • To be honest, the wood strip at the top of the cabinets looks intentional! Almost like how a butcher block countertop looks above bright white cabinets.

  • When I get a house, I will do this for sure! I LOVE IT! It might be fun to do a different color in each cabinet.

  • This is such a good idea I love white walls and white everything because it looks so clean and adding little color splashes here and there is such a good idea! And I’m sure it will wake you up a little more when you reach for that mug! 🙂

  • White kitchens are my favorite because they are so refreshing, but pops of color inside the cabinets is such a great idea – especially in that gorgeous ‘Sea Swell’ shade!


  • This is the exact same color we chose for one of our living room walls. It’s crazy bright but it adds a lot of life to the room! The idea of painting the insides of the kitchen cabinets is so tempting right now 🙂
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  • Does anybody know where I can buy those fruit bowls (on the middle rack to the very right)?

  • I actually did the same thing {only with a lush purple velvety color} for my glass cupboard & ended up loving it so much I took off the doors to show it off all the time! But then, I’m a color junkie– definitely not too into subtlety or white interiors lol

  • Love this look so much! I’ve been planning to paint the interiors of my built-ins midnight blue for a while but life keeps interfering. Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  • This is such a good idea! It can be a little sad to pass up all the beautiful bright colors, even if you know you don’t really want them on your walls. I also love how the dish ware looks against that color too, it makes the white color of your dishes look so intentional too 🙂

  • absolutely love them! i love a good bright pop of color-makes me instantly happy!

  • Love this. Such a nice touch. Can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal 🙂

  • Lovely idea! But I think that when I;m going to paint our new kitchen my husband isn;t going to be so happy with me for a while 😉 xx

  • LOVE this! what a genius way to make a white kitchen a bit more exciting without loosing that light feeling!

  • Love this idea – so clover! Also really liking your blog – keep up the good work!

    Have a wonderful day,

  • I absolutely love the pop of color! Rather than having busy/colorful dishware, the color is perfect with the white dishware. Great idea.

  • What a great idea!! I really love it, and that colour you chose! I do love pops of colour, but I could never decide on painting a whole wall in a really strong colour, afraid that I might get sick of it soon after. But this is a really great idea!

  • They are absolutely beautiful! I have white plates/bowls with deep purple insides. I think I could pull this off in my (future) kitchen!

    I also (like everyone else) absolutely love the baskets!

  • The white and sea green go fantastic together. I absolutely love your kitchen. I’ve always wanted a white kitchen!

  • It’s amazing how much “pop” that paint gives the kitchen, especially against the white aesthetic of everything. I’m in love!

  • I absolutely love this!! This is a perfect way to add color without being to in your face over all. I also love the color that you choose.

  • That color is stunning!!! I wish I didn’t rent, or I’d be painting the crap out of my apartment and its cabinets…


  • awesome! i saw this on your photography blog and couldn’t wait to see the final result:)

  • That is such a fantastic color to paint the inside of your cabinets! How fun! I think I have this color in my new house, I could use it for my cabinets! Woohoo!

  • Love , love , love the idea !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog :: featuring my new DvF bag

  • Love this idea! Keeping it on my to-do list. That teal color would be perfect for my kitchen too!

  • So great! Love the pop of color.

    Juliette Laura

  • Brilliant. I would enjoy adding color in this fashion, but I live in an apartment and we’re not allowed to customize our space like what you have done. Ah well, there are always creative and subtle ways to personalize a space. =)

  • That color is gorgeous! I could definitely use a bright color in my cabinets as a pick me up! The plain is definitely boring ;)You could even add a fun print on the inside of your cabinet doors using wrapping paper or vinyl! <3

  • I love this look! It’s so bright and cheerful and inviting! I painted my kitchen cabinets black last year (am now wondering if I should have done white) and have been thinking about whether I should paint a pop of color on the inside. This may push me more towards a “YES!” answer. 🙂

  • June- I didn’t seal them, but I did let the paint cure for 48 hours before putting dishes in. If it starts to scratch I will probably add shelf liners. 🙂

  • This is really beautiful! I love the white and the pop that color adds is so unexpected. I’d love a white kitchen.


  • This is EXACTLY what I wish my kitchen could look like, down to the blue/teal color you chose for inside the cabinets!!

  • Looks lovely! Did you seal the painted shelves with anything? Are you worried about scratching the paint when you grab items and put them back?

  • This is a really fun idea! I’m an all white kind of girl but I love unexpected pops of color!

  • If we had plain white dishes I would totally do this! Great color!

  • Love this idea and love the colour against the white!

  • gorgeous! i painted the exterior of three out of the eight drawers in a cabinet bright coral. it makes such a huge difference in the room, and i can change around the arrangement of the accent drawers.

  • I NEED TO DO THIS. We have the most beautiful brand new cabinets in our house that we just bought. They are white, and I love them. But I’ve been thinking they needed some color somehow, and this might be the perfect solution!! Oh now I’m excited 🙂

  • When Phil and I lived with my brother, he painted the inside of his cabinets bright yellow. I wrote about his kitchen transformation back in my Apartment Therapy days (, though I never included the inside of his cabinets! Silly me. His makeover was basically just paint. But still, dramatic. I miss those days when we were constantly working on his house!

  • Very inspiration, I like that color. Great friday.

  • Lovely! If we didn’t rent I would do it! Where did you get those baskets? I just started looking for something like that to go on top of a locker we bought for storage.

  • i love the color! you should just take the cabinet doors off so it’s always visible!

  • I love it! It is seriously so cute! I love your cutting board too:)

  • Ahhh, I love this so much!!! Turquoise is my colour. I would never dare paint it in a room, but inside cabinets- GENIUS.

  • i would definitely do this. can’t wait to have a place where i can just go crazy!

  • Hi! That looks really great! I’m in the middle of a kitchen renovation myself, and not really up for yet another project, but maybe I can’t resist copying this one, we’ll see… tanks for another inspiring post! 🙂

  • That is soooooo cool! Love all the white and then a pop of color. Totaly my style!


  • I love this idea and wanted to try it in my last kitchen but didn’t get to it. I was thinking of a bright grapefruitey colour. Thanks for reminding me of this great idea!

  • This is such a great idea for adding some color. We have yet to reno our kitchen but I am definitely keeping it white (with small hints of a very light grey) but I would love some color somewhere, and this would be perfect.

  • Looks incredible, would love that colour for a bathroom actually! 🙂

  • Definitely love it!!!! The idea and the color, I’d do the same if I had cabinets but my kitchen is just bottom cabinets and big Kitchenn hood 😉

  • Really nice-original color! And i agree it is fun when you see big changes ”before&after” 🙂

  • Your taste in colors is impeccable elsie! This is such a gorgeous shade!

  • This is amazing! Great way to get some colour into a white/grey kitchen! I love it!

  • I actually really like it with the unpainted piece of trim up there – I think white, teal and that oaky color are really pretty together! Those bins are amazing and that color pop definitely makes a bright, fun statement in the kitchen.

  • They look gorgeous I really wish the inside of my cupboards would look that good!

  • Ah! I would LOVE to try this! That emerald color is so perfect, especially for complementing the white!

  • I absolutely love painting the inside of cabinets. It gives the room an extra pop of unexpected but lovely color!

    And you picked such a wonderful color! Love!

  • Lovely colour! Such a good idea to bring a pop of color into the kitchen!

  • I love it! I never would have thought of something like this, it is really beautiful and I LOVE the contrast of the white 🙂

  • Oh my. I have some white cabinets with little glass windows in it. I now am thinking that some colour in those would look astonishing! I have to start baking cake for a birthday tomorrow, but now all I want to do is get some paint 😀

  • Beautiful cabinets Elsie! I love the contrast of the white dishes against the bright blue.

  • Such a good idea to add some subtle color to your interior! Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

  • I love the pop of color–and what a lovely color to choose, too! I’m a huge fan of white dishes/bowls so I’ll definitely put this project on my to-do list. 🙂

    p.s. I really love those wire baskets, too!

  • Omg! that is amazing! yes I would def do this. love the choice of color. can’t wait to see the finished renovations! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Love it! I did this in my kitchen as well with a lime green color. It adds some brightness to my otherwise neutral kitchen.

  • those look so, so great! my husband & i are moving in to our new home in 2 weeks, and it has a white kitchen that could use some pops of color just like this.

  • I love the color and the added storage space on top of the cabinets…are you going to try and work in any chalkboard paint back into your kitchen this time?

  • I love it! Looks great. I would totally try it. I ordered some baskets like that too for my studio that I’m in the process of organizing. ♥

  • So beautiful! My kitchen is also all white, really brightens up the whole space. I did the same thing to my vintage display side cabinet, painted the inside a very similar colour. It made all the vintage items like toys and crockery etc I displayed inside really pop visually! I don’t have a blog but wish I knew how to share a picture of it.. Anyway great job once again 😉

  • I cannot wait to see your home tour! It looks so great from these little snippets!

  • I love the color! I just wear a pullover in that color today 😉 If my kitchen wasn’t yellow I would give it a try.

  • It is absolutely fantastic! I love the pairing contrast of the bright color and the white cabinets!!

  • These are so lovely! I just used this exact color to paint the inside of a little shelf I found on the side of the road! So fresh.

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