Nesting: Hand Stamped Cloth Napkins

Hand Stamped Cloth NapkinLately I've been addicted to collecting cute tea towels and cloth napkins, mostly from They are fun to collect and useful for food photography and entertaining! They're also really easy to make at home. Here's how I made two cute cloth napkins:Hand Stamped Cloth Napkin 1The stamping process is simple. I use the same method from this DIY project. I simply cut shapes from craft foam, brush paint on and stamp it onto the cloth napkins. The larger the shape, the quicker the process!Hand Stamped Cloth Napkin 2Since I use fabric paint these napkins are totally washing machine friendly. They are reusable, so they save paper towels too.

I can't wait to share my new kitchen with you. It's about halfway finished. Yesterday we had a new countertop installed, and it's so pretty! I'm anxiously awaiting a mint green fridge… it should be here soon! I'm having fun putting all the details together. xoxo. Elsie 

  • Kelly, I used premade cloth napkins from Target. I would guess them to be around 12×12 inches, though.
    Good luck with your project- sounds like a lot of fun!

  • hi. just wondering what size fabric you used to make the napkins? I’m hoping to make a bunch for my wedding and wondering on what size. Thanks!

  • These are so cute! I definitely want to try that!


  • I can’t wait to see your kitchen! I know it is going to be adorable!

  • I’ve never tried fabric stamping! I’ll keep it in mind for a craft night.
    The salad is beautiful too!

  • Great idea! Now I can the ones that are plain but more absorbent and make those cute! You think it will work for the waffle-ish ones?

  • Love the napkins. I have been itching for some lately. I don’t know why because I hate doing laundry, but they are just precious. I am inspired once more to have some! And Probably make my own. Thanks

  • Great idea! When I get my “real kitchen” I want to start using tons of cute tea towels to cut back on paper towels too.

    Strive to Thrive,

  • Looks great! I’m wondering how the stamped portions feel. Does the fabric paint soak in to the fabric? Or, does it feel like paint on the towel? Thanks 🙂

  • I have been wanting to try this for some time now. What a great idea to use craft foam. So going to try this over the weekend for some possible holiday gifts (if all goes according to plan). Thanks for sharing

  • I love stamped fabric because it adds the personal touch that you made it. Very pretty! Best wishes on finishing up your new kitchen! =)

  • I love the hand stamping you guys have been featuring! It looks so simple and so adorable – I have to try it soon!
    a ray of sun

  • I love how your fabrics always have such bold and geometric prints 🙂 I have some linen fabric that I could easily use like this if I hemmed them. <3

  • Can’t wait to see the kitchen! I could use a little inspiration for mine. Also, thanks for the fabric stamp DIY. I have a dress that I am planning to make that will be subjected to such stamping!

  • This is great! I agree with Jerrell on this being perfect for Christmas gifts.

  • Love that you stick to geometric and black and white. This will look good if you have dinner in the living room!

  • Love them, what fabric are they made out of?

    we always use fabric napkins since we were wee. paper ones are such a waste of trees and money!


  • Love this so much!
    I’m putting neon pink christmas trees on a tablecloth as we speak ^^

  • I just found some blue cloth napkins I’ve never used and this seems like the perfect fix for them! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I’m curious as to how long the fabric paint lasts after washes? I am vamping up my kitchen so may give this a go.


  • I seriously love the stamping items you make. I tried it too but I still haven’t found the right fabric paint! x

  • These are awesome, so simple but makes such a statement! xo

  • Stamp and fabric paint are always a nice to create own fabric pattern. Those cloth napkin are added some personal touch. Great idea!

  • Love this idea and they turned out really great! Like all of your projects.

  • What a great idea! I can feel some gardening inspired ones coming up. I might try using half an onion as the stamp!!?? What do you reckon? X

  • Those are so cute, and would make a wonderful hostess gift.

  • What a great idea, I have a mild flamingo obsession at the moment so would be great to do my own Flamingo tea towels!! Black on dusty pink of course!!
    Cant wait to see the kitchen, Tres exciting!

  • How lovely!
    Best ideas here…


  • Mint green is my absolute favorite color! So jealous. These are great, can’t wait to make a cool stamp for them.

  • I love the polka dots! I’m definitely going to try this soon. I think they’d make a great Christmas gift too.

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