Wooden O-Ring Headband DIY

I’m a gal who LOVES headbands and hair scarves. They can take an outfit from good to great by adding a little bit of extra pizazz. They also cover those roots when you’re on day one-too-many of dry shampoo, but you don’t have the time (or let’s be honest, energy) to wash your hair. When you pair my big appreciation for headbands with my love of projects that use up fabric scraps (I loathe scrap waste, but that’s a conversation for a different day), well, you’re speaking straight to my heart. I found these wooden circles while I was browsing craft supplies online recently and this little fabric scrap headband was born.

wooden rings
-scrap fabric
-needle and thread
-sewing machine (optional)
-elastic (for method 2 only)

I’ll be sharing two different ways to make this headband because who doesn’t love options? The first method will be a tie-back headband and it’s the simpler of the two, in my opinion.

To begin, cut two strips of fabric 4″x 23″-26″, depending on how long you like your ties. Taper the ends as shown above.

Fold one strip of fabric in half with the right sides (the sides of the fabric you want showing in the end) together. Start with the tip of the tapered end and stitch all the way down the strip, leaving the blunt end open. If you are using a stretch fabric, make sure to use a zigzag stitch so the tube remains stretchy. Use a chopstick to push the tube right-side out.

Next, press the fabric tube flat with an iron.

Depending on your type of fabric, you will next either fold the ends of the fabric inside the tube and press flat to create an edge that won’t fray, or if you are using polyester or jersey, you can get away with skipping that step. As you can see, I totally skipped. You can’t tell once the headband is finished, but I understand if you like a more professional looking edge … especially if you’re giving these as gifts. This also gives me a little insight into your Enneagram number. Wink.

Flip the non-tapered end around the wooden ring and hand stitch it into to place. Repeat with the other side and you’re all done!

*Note: I didn’t sew all the way through to the outer-most layer with my sturdier fabrics, but I did go through all the layers with my stretchy fabric. OK, let’s get on with the second method! Sometimes I just don’t feel like having a knot on the underside of my hair (I’m moody—sue me), so that’s why I decided to make some of these headbands with elastic.

We’ll begin almost the same way as the first headband, but our fabric cut will be somewhere around 4 1/2″x 12″, depending on the size of your head. I used a very sturdy fabric for this headband, so I folded my edges and pressed before I ever took my pieces to the sewing machine. Once that’s done, straight stitch along the outer edge, leaving the ends both open. Flip right-side out and press with an iron. Repeat. Pin 1-2 elastic strips into place and straight stitch along the end. Repeat for other side.

Hand sew the remaining two ends around the wooden ring and you’re all finished! Like I said before, I LOVE using up bits of fabric from other projects and these check that box! If you give these a try, you’ll soon be making them for everyone you know because they are A) so cute and B) stitch up so fast. I have a few doorstep packages to drop off to friends this week, and you’d better believe they will include some of these headbands! Happy sewing, friends! xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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