Our Favorite Graphic Tees & Sweatshirts

I love making wishlists for the blog, but I have to say—this was my all-time favorite one to make. 90% of my wardrobe is some kind of colorful T-shirt + jeans situation. Oh, and since Halloween is coming up, I had to (really wanted to) share a few sPoOkY finds like this sweatshirt (it comes in three colors) and this “momster’ tee. Pretty please let me know in the comments if you have any favorites I should know about!

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Credits // Author: Jacki Moseley. Photography: Ana Elliott.
  • My favorite sweatshirts are the 4 Things Collection at The Shop Forward – https://www.theshopforward.com/collections/4-things. You can get several styles pre-made or you can choose your own 4 Things! 🙂 These shirts (and many other items on the site) benefit an orphanage in Haiti as well as other charities.

  • Great list!

    Still hoping you’ll bring the old font size back – this new, big one is horrible on an iPhone. With the advertisements (which I support and have no problem with) it means that to read a coherent text there is just so much scrolling. Pleeeease change it back!

  • These are grrreat. I love graphic Ts and sweatshirts, too. My current uniform is just a pair of Uniqlo’s black stretch denim jeans with one of Stay Home Club’s tops (http://stayhomeclub.com). I luv their stuff. Oh, and Doug the Pug shirts are my FAVES. You two are pug-lovers, am I right? I wish I had the PUG-WICH T (https://www.dougthepugstore.com/112496/Pugwich-Tee-Black). LOL.

  • Sweatshirts and tees weren’t really my thing until this last year. Funny how we can change our style. Thank you for sharing!

  • Excellent picks and they look so versatile and comfortable. I have to admit what really caught my eye was your adorable Boston Terrier! Any chance you are dressing them up for Halloween? Ours has Ben sporting a ghost print scarf lately.

    • She would be flattered to know that! Haha. I have a few costumes that I’ve held onto— now I just need to pick one for this year 🙂

  • I would recommend checking out Moody and Peachy’s Fall Vibes design. It is real cute. https://moodyandpeachy.com/collections/fall-collection/products/your-new-favorite-sweatshirt

  • Girl, I freaking love this post. Our wardrobes are very similar. My husband is the same way; he has on Duck Tales, and I have on The Goonies today. We, too, are in our 30s 😛 Graphic tees for life.

  • I love these! My current favorite graphic tees are from Parks Project – they’re really cute and purchasing supports our National Parks!

      • Very cute! I was never a big jeans and t-shirt person, but since I started staying home with my kiddos I’ve grown to love a good graphic tee. If you haven’t already, definitely check out The Bee and The Fox. All their shirts are amazing.

    • I second this!! Also, not to sound like a drugstore perfume box, buuuut: If you like Parks Project, you’ll love United by Blue. Outdoors-oriented graphics, soft, sustainable–and CUTE!

  • This collection is so cute and perfect for this season! Label shirts never go out of style!

  • My December outfit is that Merry Christmas Filthy Animal sweatshirt!!! Wear it to all the pawties :).

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson


  • Wonderful selection! The green sweater is my fav 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • These are so cute! I haven’t worn a graphic tee or sweatshirt in a while, but these make me want to start wearing them again! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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