The Best Graphic Tees & Sweatshirts

I love writing blog posts, but I have to say, this was my all-time favorite wishlist to write since 90% of my wardrobe includes jeans (here’s my favorite pair) with a colorful T-shirt, blouse, or sweatshirt.

Oh, and since Christmas is coming up, I had to (really wanted to) share a couple of seasonal options. Ready to do a little window shopping with me?

Griswold Family Christmas

If you haven’t watched the classic ’80s movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, add it to your list this year. My family loves it so much that we watch it every year.

All Dressed Up Nowhere to Go

I bought this shirt during the covid lockdown, but I still wear it all the time. It’s from one of my favorite Etsy shops— how fun are these custom ink portraits?

Wake Me When It’s The Weekend

To whom it may concern, please wake me up when it’s the weekend. Thanks!

Boston Terrier Tee

As a “crazy Boston terrier lady” it’s important to own at least a few shirts, socks, and maybe even a coffee mug. I said I was crazy … haha.

Continental Breakfast

I’m a sucker for quirky food shirts, and this one takes the cake (cake for breakfast, of course).

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Here’s another seasonal favorite that I plan to wear on Christmas Day. Does anyone else love pink and red together as much as I do?

Virgo Zodiac Tee

I am a true Virgo, and I’m all about the mix of tie-dye and zodiac signs on these shirts. This is from a cute shop in my hometown, so if you want to “shop local,” I highly recommend their goods!

Après Ski Sweatshirt

I love thrifting and finding old sweatshirts with cool fonts and designs. This one happens to be new, but it totally has that vintage vibe.

Crystal Chart Tee

I’ll admit, I have a pretty big collection of crystals and gems, but they’re mainly for decoration on my coffee table. I have a few friends who would love this shirt (I’m thinking out loud for Christmas gift ideas).

Cheese Please Tee

Two (very important) words of wisdom: cheese please! Such a cute shirt for any cheese lover.

Griswold / Zodiac / Weekend / Crystals / Breakfast / Dressed Up / Wonderful Time / Boston Terrier / Ski / Cheese

Speaking of graphic tees and sweatshirts, Elsie and Emma launched a charity shop with some really cute designs (coffee mugs, too!). All proceeds go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

xo, Jacki

  • My favorite sweatshirts are the 4 Things Collection at The Shop Forward – You can get several styles pre-made or you can choose your own 4 Things! 🙂 These shirts (and many other items on the site) benefit an orphanage in Haiti as well as other charities.

  • Great list!

    Still hoping you’ll bring the old font size back – this new, big one is horrible on an iPhone. With the advertisements (which I support and have no problem with) it means that to read a coherent text there is just so much scrolling. Pleeeease change it back!

  • These are grrreat. I love graphic Ts and sweatshirts, too. My current uniform is just a pair of Uniqlo’s black stretch denim jeans with one of Stay Home Club’s tops ( I luv their stuff. Oh, and Doug the Pug shirts are my FAVES. You two are pug-lovers, am I right? I wish I had the PUG-WICH T ( LOL.

  • Sweatshirts and tees weren’t really my thing until this last year. Funny how we can change our style. Thank you for sharing!

  • Excellent picks and they look so versatile and comfortable. I have to admit what really caught my eye was your adorable Boston Terrier! Any chance you are dressing them up for Halloween? Ours has Ben sporting a ghost print scarf lately.

    • She would be flattered to know that! Haha. I have a few costumes that I’ve held onto— now I just need to pick one for this year 🙂

  • I would recommend checking out Moody and Peachy’s Fall Vibes design. It is real cute.

  • Girl, I freaking love this post. Our wardrobes are very similar. My husband is the same way; he has on Duck Tales, and I have on The Goonies today. We, too, are in our 30s 😛 Graphic tees for life.

  • I love these! My current favorite graphic tees are from Parks Project – they’re really cute and purchasing supports our National Parks!

      • Very cute! I was never a big jeans and t-shirt person, but since I started staying home with my kiddos I’ve grown to love a good graphic tee. If you haven’t already, definitely check out The Bee and The Fox. All their shirts are amazing.

    • I second this!! Also, not to sound like a drugstore perfume box, buuuut: If you like Parks Project, you’ll love United by Blue. Outdoors-oriented graphics, soft, sustainable–and CUTE!

  • This collection is so cute and perfect for this season! Label shirts never go out of style!

  • My December outfit is that Merry Christmas Filthy Animal sweatshirt!!! Wear it to all the pawties :).

    Woof Xo,
    Michelle & Watson

  • Wonderful selection! The green sweater is my fav 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • These are so cute! I haven’t worn a graphic tee or sweatshirt in a while, but these make me want to start wearing them again! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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