Elsie’s Rehearsal Dinner




Last week, I shared photos from our wedding rehearsal (part 1, part 2, part 3). After the rehearsal we all headed over to Pizza House on Commercial Street. It’s our favorite local pizza spot and it’s on the street where Red Velvet is. We decided early on that we wanted all of our wedding events to be hosted on our street. It was fun to support the other businesses that surround us and we just really love the vibe! It was casual, sentimental and perfectly simple.






Phillip gave a toast. I can’t really describe how adorable it was, but we’ll never forget it!












Next, our dads gave toasts. There were tears. A lot of tears….






We gave everyone in our wedding party gifts. It was fun because I really really like to give gifts. The girls got dipped amethyst necklaces from Sadie Designs, my favorite wine and other pretty things. Also, sentimental notes. They were really fun to write…


Here’s Jeremy and I watching a funny video from the bachelor party…. OH MY.

night-night! elsie

photographs snapped by Sarah of Arrow & Apple

  • Hehe! You look quite shocked over the video! I wouldn’t want to guess the content, but it does get a lot crazy sometimes! Anyway, that’s a cool pre-wedding reception you held. It makes both families more solid.

  • I just love that you guys kept your festivities local! So many couples try to make their wedding all fancy and stuff and not at all “them”. I think your way is much better.

  • Hi again and thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to the autumn collection and I’ll try to be quicker next time 🙂 (And I really hope you ship to Sweden as well)

    Good luck with the new collection and thanks for a great blog.

  • Hi Ida,
    the Spring collection dresses are completely sold out! Thanks so much for asking (still makes me smile every time someone asks!) The Autumn collection will launch on September 1st! XO.

  • What amazing photos!

    We were so fortunate that my husband’s best man wrote his toast, so we have a copy of it — it was so amazing. And we didn’t have a video so we’d have completely lost all the nuances of it.


  • I have a question completely unrelated to this post, but is there anywhere online where you can buy any of the dresses from the Red Velvet Spring Collection? I started reading your blog recently and I completely love it, and the dresses are wonderful.

    Very beautiful wedding pictures.

  • LA looks gorgeous in that photo! all the photos are great. i’m sure they will be fun to look back at in the coming years.



  • Aw all these pictures are so so sweet. Thanks for sharing this special time with all of us! Congrats!!

  • Looks so wonderful! Congrats again! and I love your headpiece!

  • Wow what an awesome time you had. Love that you gave the gals such great gifts.

  • So sweet! I’m loving how you’ve spread all of the wedding posts out, we get to enjoy the lovlies that much longer, hehe!

  • Gorgeous photos … can’t wait to see the wedding ones. These are such a tease 🙂

  • Emily, my favorite wine is Jam Jar. super girly, but so delish (AND the cutest branding i’ve ever seen on a bottle of wine…)

    Thanks, everyone!

  • Looks like a great night. I love that you supported your local businesses and kept your wedding close to home. So sweet.

  • You can really feel the laid back family vibe in the photos you’ve been posting from your rehearsal and wedding. It’s a real breath of fresh air and I’m loving it.

    ♥ sécia

  • We ate at Pizza House based on your recommendation – it was SO good! Thanks! Do spill – what’s your favorite wine?

  • awesome! lol you look kind of surprised while watching the bachelor party video 😛

  • Very very cute! I’m extra inspired looking at your wedding posts since I recently became engaged and have around 6 months to plan a wedding!

  • Aww this is such a sweet post! I loved looking through all of the photos. Your hair was so cute! xx

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