Elsie’s Wedding Reception: Dancing


Here I am on the morning of the wedding tossing confetti on the dance floor. I was just a little excited…




Jeremy chose Brian Wilson for our first dance. We listen to this song all the time when driving for coffee. If we had ‘an official song’ this would be one of them! We have a very strong affection for Brian Wilson. There were plenty of Beach Boys songs on the dinner playlist too.






For the father/daughter dance we chose Harvest Moon by Neil Young. It’s one of our all time favorite songs for a slow dance. It’s so charming and adorable! Jeremy covered it at a show a few years ago and everyone in the crowd was dancing. It’s one of our favorite memories.




And here’s one more song from our dance playlist, our favorite Beach House song. So pretty! We had the most magical time…. xo. Elsie

Credits: The dance floor was designed by Sharon and Kendra. I’ll be sharing a DIY for that project soon. I loved the bunting they made! It was really fun. Photography by Arrow & Apple.

  • – Wow!Samantha, you did a wonderful job. The pucitres are amazing! It was a pleasure meeting you. We’re already making plans to return to New York and spend some time with old and new friends.And to Tony and Rachel, Congrats again! I’m so glad that Zuri and I got to be apart of that day. I wish you success, happiness and love for the rest of your lives.

  • – Sam, you know I’m into photojournalism. So that means I am ablutosely in love with that last picture. ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It looks like it should be up in a book. The processing is perfect, and you have captured the emotions so well. This is such a gorgeous place I love how old the building is! I’ll have to say, though, after taking Jon and Sarah out to NYC for a few hours last week, I’m not sure if I can do NYC weddings. It’s WAY too hot and humid for my liking. You, on the other hand, are born and made to do this! Keep it up, I love to see your work!

  • What a sweet blog!!?! I can’t wait to hang out again! Hope to see you soon . Sorry Cassie and I were all over the place at Sarah’s wedding .some of our piterucs just screamed: “I’m right here Renee, take my picture!”Hilarious.

  • I just discovered your blog about a month ago – and I am thrilled to now discover that you used a Beach House song at your wedding! Beach House holds a special place in my heart and life. Victoria and Alex are such good people that I can’t help but think using one of their songs is a little extra good juju for you and Jeremy.

  • Very beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures. You are very lucky.

  • Hmm where to start on the comments- first, I love how you had specific drinks on the menu (& that sound delicious), breakfast food is such an original idea & cupcakes, how perfect to take later! & gelato, so cool you could find a local place. I love the tutorial for the garner, that’s such a great idea to make your own & actually looks really simple. great idea on the library cards also & I LOVE that you wore pink tights! Basically I just love everything about it! You look so happy and beautiful and looks like everyone had a blast too. Thanks for sharing this all.

  • Awww.. That is super sweet! I’ve always dreamt of a wedding that is simple and yet romantic and intimate. I don’t want to have too many guests, but I want my closest friends and family around. And the best wedding is not complete without your one true love. =)

  • Wow! This is quite exciting. I’m sure you gals will do great — your work is always so inspiring. 😀

  • Your wedding was so perfect and adorable! And I’m absolutely in love with the headband you wore! Where on earth did you get something so beautiful?

  • You are absolutely gorgeous and your blog is awesome! I’ve just come across and been trying to catch up with all your posts 🙂

    These photos are some of my favorites!

  • the picture shows the happy moments. Beautiful and happy couple!

  • this is the most adorable wedding i’ve ever seen! i love that it’s not all lavender and white like everyone else’s!

  • The picture shows all the happy moments a wedding should be. Beautiful and lovely couple!

  • I think yours is just the most beutiaufl wedding dress ever!! love your blog x best wishes for the week 🙂

  • your wedding looked absolutely dreamy. nothing about it felt produced, it was just so very personalized and fun! i love you blog, it brightens my day. i’d love to return the favor!

    sierra kelly

  • I am so happy you’ve been posting all of the magical details of the wedding. it’s like i was there! you can see all of the love and joy that went into this wedding. this blog is my favorite morning read (don’t tell my boss).

  • I love this Elsie!

    And don’t think I’m creepy, but I really love the song The Leave Behind by Fort Christmas! So much so, that I posted about it on my blog. It’s really catchy!

  • congratulations it looks like the cutest wedding ever!!


  • It looks like your wedding was so much fun! From your pictures, all your guests had an awesome time!

  • Take Care is my favorite too! I put on that record every morning and skip to that song 🙂

  • I absolutely love the banner and confetti! Lovely and amazing. These wedding posts are so inspirational!


  • I love this series of posts! I wish I could have had a wedding party at all, but unfortunately, we couldn’t afford it. Who knows? Maybe we can have a big anniversary party one day to make it up :).

    Have a fun evening! ;D


  • so sweet, and lovely music.

    I wrote about how I love your blog on this post:



  • The pictures of you two guys dancing in the cutest thing ever!

    Congrats Elsie!!

  • Never ever have I wanted to get married so badly since watching your beautiful pictures of you special day! I´m very new to your blog but I love every post, thank you so much for brighten up my days!

    Best regards

  • you’re wedding was perfection! how did you do your music? dj or just a very well stocked ipod? we’re trying to decide between ipod, a dj friend, and a live band…

  • The dance floor looks beautiful and the songs are amazing, especially Beach House!

  • This whole week has been filled with such beautiful and creative inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Such great pictures! It makes me so antsy for my wedding day in several months.


  • Oh man! I wish I would have thought of confetti for the dance floor at my wedding! Your reception looks like it was a blast. I love these posts, thanks for sharing!

  • Everything you’ve shown us from your wedding has been wonderful…..I’m so happy for you…don’t know you but I like to think if I’d had a daughter (have 4 sons) she’d be like you. Marriage is an wonderful thing when two people love each other as much as you and Jeremy obviously do.

  • So beautiful. I have loved viewing your wedding pictures. Your photographer was stellar. Loved the music too. Going to add Beach House to my collection when I get some funds in. Love that song “Take Care” Beautiful. 🙂 I am really happy for you and Jeremy. Even though I don’t know you very well, it’s always great to see people in love.

  • Such sweet memories and what an ADORABLE wedding!!! Really love all of the decorating. And you looked so pretty. 😀

  • Aww so sweet! Those songs are beautiful, and I loved looking at all of the photos. <3

  • i have so enjoyed all of your wedding posts! your wedding was so sweet, charming and beautiful! thank u for sharing all about it. 🙂

  • one of my favorite parts of weddings, the dancing!

  • I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is that you chose Brian Wilson. I’m dying. AND that Neil Young is one of my favorites, too. Yay for soul sisters! 🙂

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