Our Wedding Rehearsal: Dress Up (part 1)



Hello there! This night was such a fun and special one. I’ll never forget it. I decided to split the photos into several posts because there are so many and I don’t want to trim them down very much. So, first I thought I’d share our outfits. After all, this is the kind of evening where you plan out what you’re wearing… right?






I wore a dress from my spring collection with black bow shoes c/o ModCloth. Jeremy wore a Forage Bow Tie and suspenders. We felt fancy… but not too fancy, since our dinner of choice was pizza that night. We had a few butterflies, but more than anything we were just so happy to be hanging out with the people we love. Our wedding weekend felt like one big, never ending party and we enjoyed every last bit of it. I remember the rehearsal as very surreal. XO!

Photographs courtesy of Arrow and Apple Photography.


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