Elsie’s Wedding Rehearsal: Dress Up (part 1)



Hello there! This night was such a fun and special one. I’ll never forget it. I decided to split the photos into several posts because there are so many and I don’t want to trim them down very much. So, first I thought I’d share our outfits. After all, this is the kind of evening where you plan out what you’re wearing… right?






I wore a dress from my spring collection with black bow shoes c/o ModCloth. Jeremy wore a Forage Bow Tie and suspenders. We felt fancy… but not too fancy, since our dinner of choice was pizza that night. We had a few butterflies, but more than anything we were just so happy to be hanging out with the people we love. Our wedding weekend felt like one big, never ending party and we enjoyed every last bit of it. I remember the rehearsal as very surreal. XO!

Photographs courtesy of Arrow and Apple Photography.

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  • wow. I think that might be the prettiest tissue paper background ever. those pictures are oh so gorgeous!


  • Love your style. Especially this funky dress with the colour stockings. Hmm have to benchmark your style here in Edinburgh 🙂

  • Lovely pictures. p.s. that dress is freakin’ awesome.


  • The black and white picture of you two and the last one are just beautiful, love them!

  • Love that backdrop! Your dress is gorgeous and that last picture of the both of you is my favorite! 🙂

  • Awwww too cute! Love your dress 🙂

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  • i love the local and the pictures!!! really nice pictures!
    it fits all together somehow, people, clothes and ambient.
    really nice post!

  • i love the paper decor and that bow tie is adorable 🙂


  • Lovely. Love that bow tie!

    ♥ sécia

  • Thanks so much everyone!! Your kind words make my day!

    Camila, that’s So sweet!

    Meagan, I’d love to someday, but right now we’re focused on creating an Autumn collection. I hope we can re-create a lot of our past pieces someday soon, though!

    XXOOO… elsie

  • Beautiful pictures!

    On a side note, can you pleeeeeeease bring back the record store jumper in your next collection as back by popular demand? (I realize one person asking doesn’t make it popular but I bet you’d sell out of them again!)

  • The backdrop is so perfect, fun, and exciting! Ps… I included you in my blog post today 🙂 Your FAQ page was too helpful to me to not pass it on..


  • Awesome dress up…I cant wait for 2nd part of rehearsal…

  • Happy and so content….just beautiful.

    xx Molly


  • Gorgeous girl and gorgeous guy!!


  • As if I wasn’t excited enough about my sister’s wedding, I’m fit to burst after reading your posts!!! XXX

  • I love the colours in the background and you both look great!

  • you both look so cute! Very cool background as well, I guess it was your doing, Elsie!? The dress looks like a perfect choice, as you are the perfect model for it as well! LOVE

  • you two… so perfect! our bow ties have never looked so good!
    congrats again.
    xoxo, shauna

  • Love love love it. I just got married last October and felt like ours was a weekend long party with friends and family, too. It was so special. I’m SO glad yours felt the same. Congrats! ♥

  • great. I liked it a lot.



  • You look so happy <3 Congratulations! A girl’s wedding day is one of the best in her life!

  • pretty colors! jeremy’s bow tie is awesome and i want your dress! haha.

  • Wow I love this post because I can see how happy you both are. You’re outfits are cute as a button for the eve of your big day. I also love the backdrop how fun and cute and colourful.

  • Oh wow Elsie, these pictures are so magical! You both look amazing, and I love your backdrop for the first photo! <3

  • Wow, love this! I always love Jeremy’s expressions in your photos too, he looks a little surprised or caught off guard! I feel so privileged to have little peeks into your world.

  • Aww you two look so happy and satisfied. Love the backdrop, it’s so colorful and it makes me smile 🙂


  • And…then the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Larson stepped into a fairytale to have their wedding weekend! Seriously..you both look so in love and just perfectly attired. 🙂 I can’t wait till you show us the rest of the story! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • You guys are just beautiful. I love that dress, too. It looks amazing on you.

  • love these! arrow and apple do such a great job! you two look perfect for the occasion!

    xo shannon

  • Mr Larson’s bow tie is so cool! I love mustard yellow.

    Those paper flowers are the prettiest backdrop! I think you two may have had the lovliest wedding ever <3

  • We had pizza after our rehearsal too.
    Every picture the two of you take together is amazing.

  • You look gorgeous. I love your dress, and that backdrop is fabulous.


  • Oh so sweet! I think Wedding rehersals must be a very Us thing because I have never known anyone to have one here (apart from Kate Middleton but she had a bit of an audience!)

    You guys look great, that is my favourite dress from your collection

  • Oh my goodness, Elsie you look so GORGEOUS! What a special time!

    Talia Christine

  • I can’t wait to see all of your photos! I think I might explode with happiness:) You both look great, and I am really jealous of the Forage bow tie!


  • You were radiant Elsie! I´ve never seen you more beautiful! 🙂 Can´t wait to see the rest! 😀


  • I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  • So beautiful, you both look radiant. And I amtotally loving the creative and colourful backdrop, hope we’ll be hearing more about how that came together!! X

  • Who made the backdrop and how? It is beautiful and would make a great window display.

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