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Yesterday my sister hosted a wedding shower for Jeremy and I. It was fun and casual. We played Beach House and had plenty of chit-chat and yummy honey flavored treats. Our family and friends are so warm and generous. They gave us some pretty unbelievable gifts… so heartwarming. We can't wait to turn or little house into a home! We feel really really loved.  Elsie 

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  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much


  • you and jeremy are seriously a match made in Heaven and brought down to earth. the end. bless you guys forever!!!!!!!!!

  • I recently discovered your blog. I love it! Looks like you’re getting married. Congrats! You’re shower looked fun. Hope you’re enjoying planning your wedding!

  • Great pictures! your ring is beautiful…congrats!! Such a fun exciting time

  • So precious! You and your sister are both so good at putting on parties.

    Hope you and Jeremy are enjoying this time of anticipation before the wedding. You must be getting so excited! 🙂

  • what a sweet day! i see you got your sailboat dress. 😉 looks so darling on ya.

  • I am very happy, I guarantee it will be wonderful!
    I loved the photos, the food seems to be delicious. A lovely family:)



  • Well, it’s official. I absolutely need your hair. Feel free to send that on over to replace my crazy everywhere blonde mess! 🙂

  • Looks such fun! Glad you got the dress you were loving a few weeks ago!


  • gorgeous..down to earth pictures!! i love them..congrats from Wales !
    x hugs dawn

  • Cute!! Looks like it was lots of fun!

    PS – I finally did a project restyle!! So excited about it – http://michelleelford.blogspot.com/2011/04/project-restyle.html

  • it looks so cozy and relaxed! and beach house? what a perfect addition. they are one of my favorites 🙂

  • Isn’t it great to have such talented friends?!? You have and attend the BEST parties!!

  • it’s cute you guys had a shower together instead of just a bridal shower 🙂 everything looks lovely and perfect for springtime!

  • OMG your fiance looks like an actor I’m trying to find his name! ill remember and tell you!!! aaah drives me nuts i cant remember.

  • I love the photos and your sisters hair is beautiful! so happy for you both.

  • What a lovely group of people! Everything looks perfect, so happy for you two! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  • how wonderful!
    also, i need the recipe for the peanut butter honey cupcakes! yum!

  • OME How cute!!! I love it and you look so happy and pretty! The past few months you have you have had a warm glow about you. 🙂 Can’t wait for the wedding pics I know it is going to magical.

  • Is a wedding shower the same as an engagement party?

    All the little cakes look great!

    And I adore the saleboat print of your dress with the mustard cardigan 🙂


  • A honey theme? That is incredibly wonderful. And now, I am introducing myself to Beach House. Thank you.

  • This article is very interesting, I like it. I will always come to visit after.I would recommend to friends more.

  • So lovely! And great dress…I have it too and it’s fast becoming one of my favourites 🙂

  • Looks like such a fun and beautiful event! Lucky you! 😀


  • such wonderful photos. you are a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful family and support system around you!

  • so many beautiful people. and all look so happy! its so great to see that you can enjoy every step leading to your wedding.

  • having so much fun following your wedding as it plays out ….all the way from LA!


  • Everything looks yummy and everybody looks happy!
    Seems like you had a great time, congrats!!!

  • aawww, is that bear honey? cutest thing ever 🙂 looks like you had an amazing shower, best wishes for the future!

  • thanks for the kind words!

    Lee Ann, yep. I’ll post photos from our wedding and events, for sure! XXO!

  • I hope you both had wonderful time. I’m sure it’s just another good memory to go with all the millions you’ll have with one another 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • Oh, you beautiful girl. Your love is so inspiring to me. You look absolutely beautiful in your dress. He is truly your “half” and I am so happy for you! This is just one of many beautiful memories you will have together. So many hugs!

  • lovely photos!
    p.s. beach house is a band!
    check them out: http://www.myspace.com/beachhousemusic

  • What LOVELY photos! You are LOVED!!!!!! So excited for you, my friend. Can’t even wait to see the images from your wedding…..it will magical, indeed! XOXO

  • Super sweet! I’m only six months out from my wedding day and all the jazz that went with it. I’m loving following your own steps to marriage and remembering each of those premarital milestones that flew by too quickly!

  • What beautiful photos! Your party looks like it was everything and more.

  • Wonderful! Congrats on everything! And your dress was adorable!

  • Aww, looks like you guys had such a wonderful time – you are glowing with happiness! Glad your shower was so special and fun! The cupcakes sound/look delish, too (good job, Emma!)

    xo. Amy

  • are you planning on giving us the run down of the wedding fun and festivites by showing us lots of photos?

    hey, when is the BIG DAY?

  • Lovely photos, Els! I am so happy for you two. Your wedding shower was beautiful, and yay for Beach House! xo.

  • these pictures are so adorable! it looks like such a fun time, and i love your dress with the little cute bow across the middle!!

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  • Aw, that looks like such a fun day! Nothing better than having friends and family around celebrating such a magical event. ♥

    Emma’s cupcakes look SO GOOD. Yum.

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