Overnight No Heat Curls

Easy no heat curls, try this style overnight for beautiful curls in the morning (click-through for the tutorial) Like so many straight-haired ladies before me—I love curling my hair. I know my curling iron is *so bad* for my hair, but I can’t resist using it. Thankfully, in addition to curling irons, there are a number of wet-set or no-heat methods that help you achieve full, luscious curls without damaging your hair.

My favorite is a twist on a vintage rolled up do that dries overnight and gives me great, natural looking curls in the morning.

Easy no heat curls, try this style overnight for beautiful curls in the morning (click-through for the tutorial)Step One: Start with damp (not soaking wet!) hair. Gently brush it free of tangles and place a headband on top of your hair. You can pin the headband in place with a few bobby pins towards the front to keep it from moving.

Step Two: Take a small section of hair and pull it up then down the inside of the headband; basically wrapping it around the headband.

Step Three: Continue wrapping this section of hair around the headband to the ends.

Step Four: Repeat this step with the rest of your hair. Use a few bobby pins to hold things in place if any of your hair feels loose.

Step Five: Go to sleep!

Step Six: Wake up! Your hair should look something like the bottom left picture above (a little disheveled but dry). Pull out the pins and start unwrapping your new curls.

Easy no heat curls, try this style overnight for beautiful curls in the morning (click-through for the tutorial) So easy, right? I love this no-heat curl method because it doesn’t damage your hair, the curls are pretty natural, and it looks cute while it’s drying! You could even wear the wet style out during the day if your hair takes a long time to dry—although wait until it’s warm where you live! Wet hair outside in the winter sounds like a pretty terrible idea…

I hope you like trying out this curling style; you can also mix it up with thicker or thinner headbands for different curl widths. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

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  • Love this method 🙂 I’ve tried it before and loved the results.
    | Jas Poole Blog | photography + lifestyle

  • Great tutorial. I am going to try this over the weekend and see if I can get it to work with my super fine hair.

  • Brilliant idea! I love the way it looks all rolled up too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I’ve never seen or heard of this process before but it looks great! I’ll definitely be trying it myself.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • where was this post when i had long hair!?!!?!? HAHAHAH I just cut 22inches off of mine! How long do you think it has to be to make this look work? Much love!

  • I’ve literally ‘tricked’ people into thinking my hair is naturally curly via this method 🙂 It’s great!

  • I love your hair color. Its so gorgeous and red!! And coming from a girl whose hair is always pin straight, I totally need to try this method out. 🙂

  • Oh my are these some of the prettiest curls ever!

    x // http://eliseandthomas.com

  • I so want to do this, but my acupuncturist forbid me to go to bed with wet hair!
    So I guess I could just do the same but finish by using a blow dryer rather than letting my hair dry during the night.
    Did you try it?

  • Ooh, yes, I am so doing this. I have dyed bright orange and some pink hair that I only wash once a week and never blow dry to help maintain the color, so this would really help in making sure it looks good in the morning vs my usual lions mane mess that I wake up too.

  • Ok this sound so easy!! I definitely have to try this!
    xx Caroline


  • Woah, so much easier than rag curling!!!

  • Genius! I love curling my hair but it takes forever, and I worry about the heat damage.


  • I always LOVE the hair tutorials on this site. Unfortunately, this gal has short hair problems that won’t grow out. Could you maybe post something to help me out with my boring do?? 🙂

  • Ah I wish this would work for my crazy hair! Mine is thick and naturally wavy and a little frizzy. I’ve tried this once before but it was such a fail, I might try and give it another go as the look is stunning on you. Wish me luck!

    Emma Xx

  • I have to try this! My hair has wavy spots & straight spots. I’d love if this could make it more cohesive 🙂

  • I have done this to my daughter’s hair and it turns out amazing every time! You have such pretty red hair! Looks great!
    xo dré


  • Wow your hair looks amazing! I always do pin curls but this is just so much easier! Going to give it a go sometimes soon!


  • Your hair is such a beautiful red. I’ll definitely have to do this soon since my hair has been damaged from my recent perm.

  • My friend showed me this way of doing my hair last year and I love it! It’s so easy, and looks so fabulous in the morning!


  • This tutorial is great and will save me so much time getting ready in the morning, especially on days where I have to leave really early. Thanks for sharing!


  • I always use this method! Curls end up beign like curled with curling wand, but without any damage to the hair. Love that!

    Victoria ♥

  • So pretty and looks easy to do! I’ll be trying this out on my and my little girls hair tonight!!! Random nothing to do with this post, but I was super happy to see the Color Story app get a great shout out on OhJoy blog:)

  • That is absolutely fantastic! I will totally give a try!
    Nazlıgül | http://www.onmyownway.com

  • So I’ll be honest… At first I saw this (being a naturally curly person) and thought, this can’t really be beneficial for me.. I clicked exit. But something I saw made me re-open. I saw the process and was like “whoa. that’s cool!” lol . So , thanks for sharing. I may try this one day if I straighten or blow my hair out.

  • That is absolutely fantastic! I will totally give a try!
    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  • Delightful post! I remember my mother doing this with my hair when I was a little girl, loved it then, love it now. Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories of my childhood.

  • Your hair is beautiful! Such a great idea, I’m defiantly going to try this <3


  • This is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to try this, curling my hair using no heat sounds brilliant!

  • Lovely Blog post….I would love try this one on my extra extra straight asian hair

    The Daily Weekly Blog 🙂

  • I’m very lucky to have naturally curly hair, but this tutorial sounds nonetheless awesome!

  • This is genius! My hair is so damaged right now (thanks, winter) so I’ve been trying to stay away from heated tools, so this is perfect!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Ok…I am definitely going to have to try this! I feel like my hair is soooo much work in the morning with the curling iron, etc. Can’t wait to see if this works for me. Thanks!

  • I love this method but I have a Velcro Aurora Headband which actually really hurts and tangles my hair/head so I may have to try a plain headband instead! Thanks for sharing x

  • i used to do this years ago when i used to go to school! saves loads of time in the mornings!

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