Painted Eye Statement Wall DIY

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) When I was planning to give our guest bathroom a makeover, there were tons of things I wanted to do with that space, but since we were redoing every room in the house, I mostly knew it had to be budget friendly. I liked the thought of wallpapering the room, but I know that wallpaper isn’t great for a bathroom with a shower (all that steam over time), and wallpaper can also get expensive depending on what you choose. What’s the solution? A painted statement wall! It holds up much better with the shower situation and is way cheaper since I only had to buy a little paint and print some stencils. The eye trend has been so fun and I love all the pillows, clothing, and housewares that feature it so I decided a bold eye print (inspired by this and this pattern) would be just the thing!

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) I first printed my eye design (the size I wanted it to be on the wall) onto a bunch of pages so I could used them to map out my design on the wall. Since I wanted to be able to transfer the design directly onto the wall, I used a pencil to rub over the lines of the design on the back of the paper.

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) I taped up the eyes all around the room so I could use a level and measuring tape to get the placement just right and know each one was in line with all the others. This part took a bit to get just right, but it’s definitely an important step with this sort of pattern.

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) Once I had all the papers in place, I took my pencil and traced over the lines on the front of the paper which in turn transferred the lines onto the wall behind it.

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) See? It totally works! Once I had the design stenciled all over the walls, I just had to use some black craft paint and a brush to trace the lines, and I was DONE SON!

Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) Love this eye pattern statement wall! (click through for tutorial) I. LOVE. THIS. PATTERN! The black and white makes a really bold statement, and it really feels like it’s a wallpaper rather than a painted on design. While it does take a bit of time to paint each design by hand with a brush, it really only cost me some craft paint and whatever ink I used up printing out the eyes to mock up the design – not too bad!! I knew I wanted something bold but still fun and quirky for our guests to see, and this eye print fits the bill perfectly! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Hi Laura! Love this post, pinned! I have such a thing for the Eye decals lately 🙂 I have a ??? for you however, it isn’t relevant to this post. I am recreating the Palm Springs Cat House you made and wanted to ask you a question. You guys were no longer taking comments on that post so I hope you don’t mind me popping it here. I headed to Home Depot and bought all the wood I needed. But when I got home I noticed there weren’t any measurements for the roof! Do you know what your roofs measurements are by any chance?? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!! BTW, I am in LOVEEE with the cat house! 🙂

  • i was wondering on how you had made done the eye statement wall in your last post about your guest bathroom make over. thanks for sharing how you did it =o)

  • Laura – I went to a Mutemath concert last night and your husband was in the lobby when I walked in. I only recognized him because of this blog, but I wanted to go up to him and say “you’re Laura’s husband!”

  • Laura, I just wanted to say I followed you on snapchat (do you follow on snapchat? What’s the verb? I don’t know I can’t keep up with the kids) and instantly want to be your friend you are HILARIOUS. Keep it up buddy!! Lots of love, your new British internet friend/stalker who luckily for you lives too far away xoxoxo

  • omgomgomg this is a game changer. Thanks for sharing! This is perfection!!

  • Good question! It’s tiled to the ceiling, so I just left the tile alone and only painted the drywall parts 🙂


  • It’s hard to say without seeing the room, but white is always a good idea if you don’t find anything else you love! All mine are white at the moment 🙂


  • I’m curious how you handled the shower situation. Like the area above the tile near the ceiling? Did you also stencil there or did you leave out that little nook where the shower is?

  • That statement wall is amazing! I love that it’s a subtle, but really fun pattern. It’s also perfect for a bathroom because, like you said, wallpaper just doesn’t hold up in this space.


  • It’s very cute! Any project that can be done with one of those sample-sized things of paint (especially when you can use a coupon to get them for $1) I’m a fan of. At very first glance I also thought they were spiders, but I enjoy how simple and graphic they are!

  • I hope this doesn’t come off wrong, but to me this looks so creepy cool! I think I’d love having it in a powder room or some kind of studio space. Very nice job with the spacing. I dig!

    x //

  • “and I was DONE SON!”

    ….and thats when i knew that i loved Laura.
    love this!

  • I really loved this room the first time you featured it on the blog! Those eye details really make for a great pop of quirkiness and style. It’s so good.

  • To me the design just looks like spiders. But I appreciate the ease (and cost efficiency) of the DIY!

  • Very cool! Reminds me of an aztec feel almost! I am wondering if you guys could possibly give me tips on curtains. I just bought a home and I’m still figuring out my style. What do you reccommend as far as curtains go? Is it best to go with white? Thanks! Love your work!!

  • I really like all DIY project. Sooo nice and creative. xa

  • Such a fun, quirky design…perfect for a bathroom. Love it! I’ve been inspired…thanks!

  • I thought this was just a brilliant wallpaper! But the love and care and effort that you put into these details are so precious.

  • Wow this is a great idea! Love these they are so cute and unique.


  • But you can very easily make a sticker version that fits on a tile, can’t you?

  • Very cute!

    I’ve been admiring your wallpaper in earlier pix of your bathroom.

    (also reminded me of a little pub from my college days where the bathroom wallpaper was of a crowd of people–people felt ‘watched’ when using the toilet!)

  • I totally love the design, and it’s so easy and cheap! Awesome DIY!

  • Love this DIY! And the use of ‘DONE SON’ one of my favorite phrases 🙂

  • WOW! This came out so neat. I’ll give it a go on one of our bedroom walls 🙂

  • WOW! This came out so neat. May be I’ll give it a go in one of the walls in my bedroom 🙂

  • This turned your bathroom into the most amazing bathroom ever! I loved. I really wanna try!
    But my bathroom is covered in tile. I’m not sure if it’s going to work on it. =/

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